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    Ron McGatlin

    “Angels on Assignment Bringing Supernatural Abundance”
    Joshua Mills, London, ON

         The Lord says, “I am releasing and dispatching My angels over your life right now. Some of you have been praying and praying and praying, but you must know that I have heard your prayers. They have not fallen on deaf ears, for I AM the Lord that hears you. I have heard My Word on the lips of My people and I am responding to your prayers in this day.

    Dispatching Angels

         “And even right now, during this season of My glory-covering, angels with supernatural abundance are being assigned upon the prayers that you have prayed. In the same way that I sent an angel to Daniel after he prayed, and I sent an angel to visit Cornelius after he prayed, and I sent My angel to deliver Peter when the early Church prayed, and I sent an angel to minister strength to Jesus while He prayed in the garden, so I AM sending angels to you now in response to your prayers.

    There are angels of deliverance that are being released into the middle of your situation. Angels of healing are coming now to minister to areas of need. Many angels are being released, for I have commanded My angels concerning you, and they shall work with those who are open and ready to work with them.

    “In the days ahead you must discern what I am doing, and how I am moving, so that you may open up the door to let My angels, with miracles, flow into your life. Open your spirit-eyes to see. Open your spirit-ears to hear. Open your spiritual senses fully and prepare to see My Spirit moving in your midst in a new way. Angels are being dispatched for My purposes.

    “Spirit winds are beginning to blow once again and you may even feel the brush of their wings. Wingtip to wingtip they are gathering all around you. I am sheltering you within My divine protection as My angels are hovering over you. Breakthrough is being loosed upon you. Prepare to receive the answers to your intercession as My heavenly host are dispatched into your areas of need.

    Miracles, Miracles and More Miracles

         Oh yes, in areas where you’ve struggled for a long time, the Lord says, “There shall be no more struggle as you find yourself coming into a rest and an ease of My presence that you have not known in days gone by. Oh yes, there shall be a new rest that shall overtake your spirit, your soul and even your physical well-being. You shall enter into a new ease of My presence and a new ease of My glory where My Word is your lamp and your voice decrees loose that light.

    “You shall see miracles, miracles, and more miracles. Some miracles that you’ve been praying for are right around the corner, but coming with them are a multiplication of miracles that you haven’t even asked for, but I am sending them in this day,” says the Lord. “For My goodness shall overwhelm you, and My glory shall overtake you, for My purposes to be fulfilled in your life. As you lift Me up, so shall I lift you up and I will do it through the ministry service of My angels,” says the Lord.

    Joshua Mills
    New Wine International
    Email: click here
    Website: http://www.newwineinternational.org

    Joshua Mills is an internationally recognized ordained minister of the Gospel, a visionary, recording artist, keynote conference speaker and best-selling author. Wherever he goes the Lord confirms His Word with miraculous signs and wonders that testify of Jesus Christ. He has traveled to more than seventy-five nations around the world with a clear message that “praise changes the atmosphere.” Joshua and his wife, Janet, have ministered to millions around the world through radio, television and online webcasts. They currently reside in London, Ontario, Canada along with their children; Lincoln, Liberty and Legacy.


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