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    There is a shift rising up in the land and many do not know how to adapt to it. They say that Your ways are not our ways for they are so much higher.

    I say to you that if you listen closely to what I have to say and not waver in unbelief, I will lift you up higher that your own personal beliefs and allow you to tap into what is Mine.

    This day I say to you that you have the mind of Christ. You can think as I think and you can do as I do for you and I are one. We are to move as the Father directs. I AM the Captain of the hosts of heaven and I lead you in the battle.

    You are My troops and you follow My leading alone. I direct your steps that you may align correctly in the company that I have placed you. You must know your position and be aligned up in it in order to move forward in My plans and purposes.

    These are the latter days and many are losing contact with what is real, what is true, and what is of Me and are mixing up with that of the enemy. Many are infiltrating into the camp with false doctrines and heresies and are causing division.

    Beware! Watch over your heart. Guard what is true and follow Me. Do not follow the multitudes that follow those that entice and seduce them.

    Walk by faith discerning the true from the counterfeit for many are falling astray into that which is evil, the occult, giving the enemy entrance into the camp.

    You must be under My lordship to be able to use My authority over the evil one. The enemy knows that if he has legal right, he can invade to steal, kill and destroy.

    Check your heart to see if there be any wicked way within you. Repent and get back on the straight and narrow way. Few are chosen but multitudes have been called. Keep your position, as a righteous one, and I will do the battle through you.


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