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    Come unto Me all who are weary and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest, for I AM gentle in nature, and My yoke is light and My burden is easy to bear. Cast off all that has been sent from the evil one to weigh you down. Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, that is full of grace and truth. and have keen discernment in all things for the enemy is coming in as a flood in ways you least suspect.

    You need to be watchful at all times, because when you let your guard down, he moves in to try to steal, kill and destroy your joy and the anointing you have upon your life. For the enemy is always watchful and waiting for that slip up, that chink in the armor, that careless move. Be on guard at all times for yes, you are in a war zone, and there is constant battle going on around you that involves you and your loved ones.

    Be sure that I have angels round about watching out for your safe keeping, but you have to live at all times covered with the power of the blood of the Lamb and seeking to walk in the perfect will of the Lord at all times. Be consistently watching and praying that you will stay fit for the battle, a watchman at all times. For this is the time and the hour where I will pour out My power with abundance of signs and wonders to draw in the lost and to restore those are backslidden. For I will move through you in the market place, as you visit with your families, as you live side by side with your neighbors in every day life.

    For I will use you mightily, but you must be ready. You need to be covered with your armor at all times and alert to the tactics to divide you from the Body and to diminish your credibility as one who I will move through to bless the Body. For the enemy wants to bombard you at every move, and he wants to sidetrack you from your highest calling which is to minister to Me with your worship and your praise. He wants to distract you so that you will not be nurtured and strengthened by My fresh manna and meat coming forth through the minister of My word. Please be aware. Do not be careless of his tactics to separate you from others I have called to lift you up and support you in your faith and vision I have given you to press in for.

    Resist the devil and he will flee. Repent of your carelessness. Pick up the pieces and go on for you are not broken to the point of no repair. Humble yourself before Me, and I will lift you up and restore you. For even your mistakes work for your good if you remain humble and teachable. For this is the day of salvation, for repentance, for restoration. Lift up the hands that hang down. Raise your head high for you are children of the King.

    You are mighty warriors. Today is a new day for the old is passed away. New mercies await you daily. Cheer up for the best is yet to come. The enemy is under your feet. And you will stand and make it to the end victoriously because I say so. A mighty conqueror you are, and you will take the land. You will thrive, you will soar, you will overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of your testimony if you love not your life unto death.

    If I AM for you, who can ever come against you and overcome you? Resume your position and move in on the enemy. Be aggressive with head set like flint. Move in and take the land and do not leave the spoils. Reap all the fruit of the land. Fear not for I AM with you. I AM your rear guard. I AM your Captain leading you on, and My glory is round about you. Be sure for you have ample cover. There are many more who are for you than those against you.

    So prepare your gear, armor up, and move in on your enemy, and take back what the enemy has tried to steal from you. Take it all back and much more. Let out a victory shout, join ranks, and move on in for this is the day of Jubilee, a time of great rejoicing. Yes, shout and rejoice for you have the victory, says your Lord and King.


    Yolanda Ballard




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