Abortion – Living waters

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    David Hood

    Abortion – living waters.

    While praying, regarding the verdict, the outcome of the November meeting of America’s Supreme Court, on the issue of abortion. I was given a picture.

    I saw a snake slithering through undergrowth, leaving in it’s wake a path , a slake of its own secretions. This pathway represented death. In particular the death brought through unrighteous abortions. I understood as well the snake was shedding its skin, that then was left laid with it’s trail of secretions.

    I then saw these deposits, sink through the ground, till deep underground. Where they fell into a darkened earth chamber. In there, the secretions fell upon an old misshapen altar, that lay in darkness, dust, dirt and decay. They represented the offerings unto death, darkness and evil that these ungodly abortions were part of and party to.

    The snake’s skin represents continued death and not continued life. But I felt the death process has been interrupted and it’s process is being curtailed … the stopping of abortion and the procedure leading to death.

    Snakes periodically shed their skin, their skin does not grow as the snake itself grows. Unlike humans, snakes outgrow their skin. As a snake grows, its skin becomes stretched and breaks. The old skin is shed, so that parasites that may have attached to their old skin leave with it.

    Human skin is fitted for life and grows uninterrupted, continuously with life. As it does it sheds millions of cells every day. Everyday it grows because it’s fitted for life and not shed for death. Many consider the skin to be the bodies largest organ and as a result … receives a substantial supply of blood.

    I feel that further growth of death by abortion is to be arrested.

    The shedding of the snake skin represented a shedding for death . Whereas there is already – a natural predetermined skin inherent in the birth process itself. That is continually present for life – it’s known as the amniotic sac. This skin of this sac, helps contain the foetal contents and is s supported by the placenta and umbilical cord. The sac protects the baby from injury and helps prevent infections and regulates the temperature of the foetus.

    So just as our outer skin protects us in many ways from the outside world. The amniotic sac and it’s skin protects us from and helps us maintain our internal world

    I watched and saw a developing embryo and foetus, as it lay couched and protected in and by the amniotic sac. The skin of which naturally breaks, tears, is broken and pierced – on time – just before the labour process begins. I saw the skin of the embryonic sac break. Thus beginning its own shedding by a natural internal processes – timed by birth and not birthed by death.

    I saw the skin of the amoeba’s sac punctured from within, not from withoutexternally, but by a natural process occurring from within. The opposite, that occurs from intrusion from the outside, in the abortion procedure.

    It told me the death shedding process was now interrupted and spoke to me that the process by abortion would be stopped and not continued. But that life would continue, naturally and normally, timed from within and not from without. As a result releasing living waters and not waters of death. Hallelujah, praise be to the Living God.

    So I was led to pray concerning the offerings unto death as well as the blood deposited on the altar. Also for the destruction of the altar itself and the process of death. As represented by the falling deposits, from the trail of secretions left by the snake. As well as for the outcome and decision making process of the Supreme Court of America. A continuation and calling forth unto life.

    A decision in the case is expected by Summer 2022.

    David Hood
    2nd November 2021.

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