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    A Year of Shock Therapy Is Coming Upon the Earth” – Andy Sanders

    Without a doubt, 2016 was a most amazing year in many respects, but I must say that with of all the good and bad events that occurred there was one that will potentially stand out for a very long time. Though I am not a baseball enthusiast, my family comes from a long history of the Chicago Cubs fans, and so when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years it grabbed my attention, along with many around the world. The fact that so many have come and gone over the years waiting for that historic moment—undeniably, it was a delight (and shock) in so many ways.

    With a lot of recent historical events happening in the world, it is apparent that the earth has given birth to something new in the coming years. So many changes in such a short time points to a global revolution. I sense that the earth is about to be impacted with some of the most unique “shockers” many of us have ever seen—from political realms and economic shifts, to Church history being made, all the way to natural unplanned events coming on the earth. The globe we trod on every day is about to be given some shock therapy in this year, and the treatment plans are prescribed by the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.

    “As you know, we count as blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job’s perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.” (James 5:11 NIV)

    Brace For Impact

    Moving forward this year, the words “Brace for impact” seem so surreal. Unlike a plane crash, where the captain says “brace for impact” because disaster is imminent, the impact is more about the power of Christ bringing life back to where death has reigned. This is what I’m calling “shock therapy.” This year will bring a full year of shock therapy where God is bringing back to life the dead of our lands across the earth.

    Being brief, there are many areas that this will affect. It is like a water dam that has been illegally built to stop the flow of good water, a source of life, to those in dire need. God is breaking open the dams of life this coming year, and it will be done through profound ways in order to shock the earth. This reminds me of when someone is having back trouble and they trip over a rock on the sidewalk, suddenly bracing themselves only to discover that the abrupt jolt to the body was exactly what was needed to pop their back into alignment.

    There are many unpredicted blessings (sudden jolts) coming across our paths in 2017. These are events and occurrences that will be a shocker to the world, nations, America, and to individuals all over. But in the end, it will be like God’s gentle chiropractic care, working the kinks out while massaging the healing oils in.

    “Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.” (Psalm 34:5 NIV)

    Do not be alarmed if the enemy attempts to entangle and ensnare at higher levels than normal because what is coming upon the earth will cause the enemy to steadily flounder. When the enemy raises its head, it is out of fear and in an attempt to scare us. It is like a big blowfish that puffs up in order to intimidate its enemy. There are a lot of events getting ready to happen that will roll the heads right off of the enemy’s shoulders.

    Shock Therapy – Come Back to Life!

    Many unremembered and long forgotten prayers will be answers in this coming year. I am referring to the ones that you stopped praying about years ago because the hope faded after too many moons to count. The prayers and dreams that we tucked away a long time ago, God is shocking them back to life again in 2017.

    There are two explicit areas I want to address for this coming year. Before addressing each, let’s learn a little about an automated external defibrillator (AED). The defibrillator device checks the heart, and if it is out of normal rhythm or has stopped beating it will send an electrical shock right into the heart in order to bring it back in sync with the body again. Equally, 2017 is like God checking the heart of the matter on the earth, shocking it back into place to have a proper pulse that beats for Him and nothing else.

    Here are the two realms:

    1. Shockwaves will Move throughout the Political World System

    There will be indescribable shock waves moving throughout the global political system this coming year; the occurrences will be one event after the next. In many ways this has already begun as listed here:

    • Trump’s Presidential Win
    • Harry Reed Retiring
    • Fidel Castro’s Death
    • South Korea’s Presidential Impeachment

    If I can describe what I am a seeing, I liken it to one beat after the next, each pulse resonating through 2017. The global-political realm is on God’s patient list for a consistent dose of AED treatments.
    ElijahList Prophetic Resources

    2. I Hear the Lord Say over 2017, “I Am Shocking My Church Back to Life Again.”

    Have you ever tried to remove baked-on grime? It doesn’t come off through soapy water; it is removed through intense pressure, heat, and/or concentrated chemicals. Chemicals strong enough to sometimes burn the skin. The cleaning process might be difficult, but the end result is that the cookware is cleaner than before and is usable once again. Just like cleaning a dish—if it doesn’t need to be cleaned then don’t clean it.

    Similarly, something doesn’t need to be shocked with an AED if it is already alive and well. It must be shocked if it is dead or dying. Dreams and visions once set aside because of timing concerns will be shocked into sync right before our eyes.

    “And provide for those who grieve in Zion—to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.” (Isaiah 61:3 NIV)

    Let’s take a look at another form of shock treatment. This is an ECT or electro-convulsive therapy (brain shock therapy). Like all parts of the body, the brain can sometimes malfunction due to various reasons, which include traumatic, unforgettable events in life. One common treatment for severe depression is ECT. Under some circumstances, mental shock therapy is needed. This is where ECT treatment is applied to the brain and seizures are induced under a doctor’s care while the patient is under anesthesia.

    There are several theories as to what exactly ECT does to the brain. In simplistic terminology, it radically and quickly alters chemicals and the way information is transmitted (hormones, neurotransmitters) within the brain in order to remove/alter/replace the bad areas (memories, depression, schizophrenia, etc.) with better sequences of energy, sleep, eating habits, thoughts, mood, and outlook of life. If done properly, you have the same brain but different thinking patterns.

    God will both shock the way we think and the way our hearts beat for Him in this new season. He will consistently apply both the AED to the heart and the ECT to the brain of the Body of Christ this year. Same heart, more consistent pulse for Him and same brain, supernatural understanding! This isn’t a spanking from the Father; instead, it’s a resurrection into life!

    God Will Restore Your Life!

    The end result of 2017 is that He is awakening our being to a greater understanding of Him. He is also removing the hindering thoughts of fear, doubt, and other bondage that so easily try to hold back revelatory faith and supernatural living. Battles are often in the mind and the Lord will be teaching us how to act, speak, think, and believe again.

    “In that day I will restore David’s fallen shelter—I will repair its broken walls and restore its ruins—and will rebuild it as it used to be.” (Amos 9:11 NIV)

    Some readers have recently had some really horrible circumstances come your way. These events may have been completely out of your control, and I want you to know that I have been there and it can be unbearable at times. Especially when you did everything in your power to do what was right and it still fell apart. I am a living testimony of how He somehow restores.

    For some reading this, God will tenderly bring you through His specialized treatments in order to give you closure and peace about your past (or current situation), allowing you the grace to move forward. God will restore your life, giving you hope to move on again in 2017! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

    Andy Sanders
    5 Fold Media, LLC
    Email: andy@5foldmedia.com
    Website: http://www.5foldmedia.com

    Andy Sanders had an encounter with God just before his high school graduation that altered his life forever. He has since devoted his time to preaching the Gospel, writing, and developing authors. He co-authored the Capturing the Supernatural series (http://www.capturingthesupernatural.com). Andy has a BA from Central Bible College and carries a masters and doctorate in Christian education from Freedom Seminary, graduating with honors. His family resides in Syracuse, NY.

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