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    Pura HMacias

    In December 10/2016
    I’d a dream and when I’d awake I was thinking about it when came to me -peace be to this house. And at that very moment I’ve felt the presence of angels. I’d felt that I was surrounded by them. And came to me, prophesy, prophesy, and I’d started to prophesy out loud. As I spoke I saw a vision of a big face and the face was looking to the earth and while I spoke the face opened it’s moud and spoke to the earth.
    I started to prophesy.

    Romania, romania, romania. Arise to your call, arise. I’ve seen your tears, I’ve heard your cries. I’ll visit you, arise.

    Ghana, arise, ghana arise. Showers of My Spirit coming down to you. Arise Ghana arise. Other countries around you will receive of Me because of what I’m going to do in you.

    England, France, New Zeland, arise, arise, arise to your call. You will reap a great harvest.

    America, My dear America, arise, I will restore, restore, even the land will fructify. And as I spoke it I saw a vision of water coming out and running through the land – little streams of clear water – I’d even heard the sound of the water running and birds singings as if spring. Beautiful! – I’ll restore. I’ll move through out the country. Yes, healings will take place, liberations will take place, stadiums will be filled with My presence. Even in the streets I’ll move. Discoverys will take place. Even in the arts I’ll move.

    Israel, My beloved. You’ll never know how much I love you. Many want to see you fall, but I say to you, it’s not the time. It’s not the time. I’ll bless you in such a way that other nations will come to you and will say to you bless us, bless us.

    Ghana, I say to you again. Arise to your call. Many, many, will come. Showers of My Spirit upon you. Saith The Lord.

    As I’d finished tears where running down over my face, and the presence of The Spirit so strong inside my belly.

    Let’s prepare ourselves and be ready.


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