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    Beloved, this is for someone all who read it today from the Lord to you.

    Do you hear the sound of the songs I am singing says the Lord? I am singing over you this day my songs of deliverance. I am singing over you my love. I am singing over you my son, my daughter. I have heard your cry to me. Your tears have reached my heart. I am finishing you, don’t worry, I am doing it. I am completing you even more than you could ever know.

    I am removing the cords that have bound you fr<span class=”text_exposed_show”>om the past, I am removing the stains of the “old” and making “all things new.” Can you not perceive it. I am doing a new thing today for you. </span>
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    I am not answering you like I did yesterday. I am not delivering you like I did yesterday, I am singing over you. I am rejoicing over you for our love has overcome the world.

    I have not left you desolate. I have not left you to figure it out for yourself, I have sung a new song over you. I have sung a new song. I have sung the song of heaven over you. I have sung the Song of all Songs over you. I have sung the song of glory over you, and I have delivered you this day for my glory and honor says the Lord!

    Lift up your heart and worship me like never before for I have sung over you my new songs. You will hear them in the night hour. You will wake up with them in your heart. That is me singing in you and through you. Pay attention to the words of the song I am singing for in them I am delivering, healing you and directing you.

    It is a new day, It is a new hour, It is a new moment and I am not moving as I have in the past in your life. You must understand I birthed you in my kingdom reality and in it’s power. Old things have surely passed away, behold all things are new, and that is you!


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