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    Yolanda Ballard

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    “Do you really believe Me, when I say that I Love you?

    Do you find peace in who I AM, or do you look to find peace in other things?

    This is the day when I want you to really examine your heart so that you will know what really matters.

    You seek to know those things that clutter up your life in material things but you need to seek to de-clutter those things that distract you from having My Presence.

    The Kingdom of God consists of peace, joy and righteousness in Me. My righteousness you are to seek to know and walk in.

    I want you to simplify your life — to even find joy in the simple things like to delight in My Creation, the beauty of My Presence, to being able to hear and follow My still small Voice.

    You can become busy with all that the world has to offer even those things that you use every day, but what would you do if you didn’t have all those distractions?

    Would you be satisfied with just having Me to walk with and to do those things I want you to do?

    Be still and know that I AM with you. Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways ask of Me what I would have you to do, not to plan your own agenda.

    Do you care if I might not want you to do certain things? I might have another plan for us to do together. Do you even care if I do?

    Many live their life without Me and do things I don’t even like and continue to do those things that leave Me out.

    I want you to have a closer walk with Me. I want to bring you into a deeper walk with Me where you truly are being fulfilled.

    I want you to truly live not just exist, or survive but to really thrive. It’s not too late to change your ways if you truly want to learn.

    I want you to truly walk with Me, talk with Me, truly listen and hear Me when I speak. I want to use you in a mighty way, a unique way that only you can do.

    No other can fill your unique calling. Only you can I use in a special way that I have ordained before the foundation of the world.

    I had a Plan for you and I to fulfill, but the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy it.

    I came to give you life abundantly but you settle for so much less thinking that all I have to offer cannot satisfy.

    How often you have believed the lies of the evil one and settled for less or even for a counterfeit joy and peace that is not from Me.

    This is the day I have made and I want you to rejoice in it from start to finish.

    Listen to Me and I will show you great things.

    Spend time with Me. Weed out those distractions.

    Simplify. Begin today. Know that I AM with you. Be safe in My embrace and prosper.

    It is time to simplify!”

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