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    There is coming to this nation a tidal wave of My glory!!!

    My Church will be changed in the twinkling of an eye.  Unless I do this, you will not be able to withstand the spiritual war that is at hand.

    Eye has not seen nor mind imagined the wonderful things I have planned for you.  But I must cleanse My threshing floor.

    The syncretism in the Church with control and freemasonry must be eradicated and the perversion will be annihilated.  There have been many in the Church bowing to Baal in sexual immorality, even with children.

    If you think I will allow this to continue, you are mistaken.  I know the roots of every form of perversion.  I assure you, I will destroy this enemy in your lives and midst.

    There are generational spirits still active in the lives of My beloveds.  They’ve not been addressed properly, bringing the sins of the fathers to the cross for the blood to be appropriated.  There are many still walking in delusion.

    This brings much confusion to My Church.  But I’m not a God of confusion!  I will part the waters that surround you!  I will break every chain that the enemy has ensnared you with !!

    I will change the face of My Church which is the heart attitudes of the people!  My Church will have a new face and a new mouth to speak with.  I will transform the puppet prophets who work not for Me, but for themselves and for the enemy.

    My Word is for comfort to give you hope.  My word is also a sword to pierce your heart when it needs piercing to move you to action!

    Do not give in to the delusion, so that you will never have to suffer through anything!  Such teaching is antithesis to My Word and My example.

    I came to die for your sins, but I also came to show you an example of dying to self and obedience to God, My Father!

    I didn’t just give you a get out-of-jail card!  I set an example of laying down My life for My friends, and for My enemies.  I stood before magistrates and a king, mocked and humiliated, spit upon, whipped and brutalized, that you could be free.

    But I ask My Bride to lay down beside Me and share in My sufferings that others around you may be freed through her example of humility and sufferings as well.

    Did I not say through Paul, that if you share in My suffering, that you will share in My glory?

    Mercy triumphs over judgement, I said.  My mercy endures forever, I said!  I AM making a decision on behalf of My Bride.  I AM changing the “game” so to speak.  I AM going to make you My holy habitation!  Ask and do not run from the spirit of burning!

    I AM faithful and true, and My Word stands forever!  Great darkness fills the people, but I AM arising over you!  And I will be seen upon you!  You will shine like the stars in the heavens!

    Do not shrink back into self condemnation the enemy has brought to try and pummel you into thinking that you are disqualified and unfit for service!

    Yes, many are in need of deliverance and healing, and I AM coming to do it!  So hang on to the hem of my garment, and trust what I’ve told you!  I will do it!  I AM not a man that I should lie, nor a son of man, that I should change my mind.

    Shakings are coming in the world and in the Church.  These will open up doors of opportunities to help other and lead to awakening hearts to my life.”
    God bless you!
    ~ Priscilla



    Ron McGatlin

    Jane, Thanks for posting this strong and true word from our Father.



    Homer Sedano

    I am going to introduce myself in the way you have done.
    Future blase

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