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    A Spiritual Eruption:  Mt Zion Release

    This morning the Lord say, a “spiritual eruption” has taken place today. It has come forth from the Spiritual Mount Zion and spiritual lava of the Lord has been released.

    It has been released and change has come forth by the Spirit of God. That which has hindering has been removed by the eruption of the Spirit.

    Holy Spirit lava has been released to remove those things that hindered and replaced them with a new road and path to walk on.

    God has made a roadway today where there was no road for those who are being released in this hour in kingdom power and authority.

    It is a new way for your feet to travel on, a highway of holiness of the Lord. It is a holy road, a holy way, led by a Holy Spirit that is now going to cause you to walk from victory to victory.

    Where there was much failure and stumbling in the past now there is a pathway of victory prepared for the Lord himself for you to walk on.

    It is not going to be the same. So get rid of the old mindsets of failure and defeat and walk on the road that releases us from glory to glory. From greater glory to greater glory does this roadway reveal.

    This spiritual eruption is about to change your life, your families, your work, and your work for the Lord to bring forth a greater and deeper alignment with the plans and purposes of God.

    As there are rumblings now at Mt. Saint Helen, the shofar blast released there has come forth first in the spirit and the volcano from the Mountain of the Lord has erupted to bring great change to your life for the good and great disruption to the enemy.

    The enemy can never walk on the highway of holiness for that road is made up of the very flame of the Lord. Now that flame is being released as spiritual lava that will form a roadway in the wilderness and pathways into the depths of the cities in our nation.

    This spiritual eruption is the fulfillment of God’s promise to us. I will make a way in the wilderness. Our nation has become a spiritual wilderness, the majority of the church has lived and settled with defeated wilderness life and do not posses the glory of God’s victory, but that is about to change.

    An overcoming people, a people who have learned to hear and obey the Lord instantly are now able to walk on this new roadway of the fire of his holiness.

    They will bring the holiness of the Lord to a people God is making holy. The lame, blind, and the deaf will find this highway as God unfolds it before them and his servants bring them on this roadway.

    God is going to change the heart mentality of his people from seeking to see signs and wonders to making them a sign and wonder and a true witness of the glory of God’s glorious Kingdom on earth.

    All those he is forming in their hearts as his royal priesthood will now be able to walk on this new roadway God has made today by that spiritual eruption. They will pray and release the glory everywhere God sends them.

    Each one will see it differently. Each one will see it differently for the road is unique and one size fits all doesn’t work in the kingdom. Each road is designed by the Lord for us to connect together, join together in his holy love to do only His will.

    Each road formed today is unique and specific to the task God has released to be completed in them. There are some that will walk on the same road to do the same work together as a holy regiment in God’s army.

    Some will form platoons, and companies on that roadway as it widens before us to transform regions and nations.
    They are being formed into a unshakable and immovable army of the Lord.

    But this new roadway will bring about the transformation of the city’s, neighborhoods, states, regions and nations and the peoples who will walk on it into the true kingdom of God on the earth. The kingdoms of this earth surely are becoming the kingdoms of our God in Christ.

    This roadway is the roadway of fire and holiness. It is the roadway saved for last. John the Baptist declared this way when he said, “God was going to make the crooked places straight.”

    For today that spiritual eruption has been released and the highway of holiness, the highway of the baptism of fire has been released in a new and fuller measure.

    “For he that comes after me is mightier than I and he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire. Today a news release of fire has come. Mos Fuego, Senior! More Fire Lord!

    This spiritual eruption is transforming and so powerful that things will never be the same. This eruption is releasing a new strengthening, a new enabling to walk and go where you have never gone before.

    You will do things you have never done before, and to bring about the things God has shown you in dreams and vision and spoken to you from the past into reality NOW!

    Many of the promises that you may have let go of or forgotten or just gave up on could have only been fulfilled on this highway that is now unfolding before us. They were for a specific time and place you could not see when God showed you these thing.

    This spiritual eruption has made a way for them to come into being because the roadway is now made for them to happen. So rejoice beloved of the Lord, that which you thought was lost has been found. That which you thought was dead is alive.

    Take a leap of faith today and say, “lord today I put my feet on this highway and trust you now to bring the greatest change in my life and family now. As I walk on this newly formed highway of holiness, my life, my family, the work you have given me are now fully coming in alignment with your will alone. Father, let your kingdom come and your will be don on earth as it is heaven.

    In this spiritual eruption divine release of provision has come to do all God has given you to do, the wealth of the wicked is now, is now, is now starting to be transferred to the just.

    Just as you see in the earthly realm companies giving out financial bonuses and increasing pay to their employees even more is God doing that for his elect.

    What you seen happening with these companies is a sign and wonder of the divine transfer of wealth of the wicked to the just.

    What was stolen from us is now going to be restored with the glory of God and everything we need is on this roadway. We will walk in it and now truly become blessings to those in need as Jesus was when he walked the earth.

    The spiritual eruption today from Mount Zion has released the lava of the Lord to make the new roadways we are now going to walk on from glory to glory and from victory to victory. To God be all the glory!

    Henry Falcone

    Flame of Fire- Awakening Kingdom Messengers




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    Yes, Henry, I receive this completely!

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