A Song From The Beloved

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    Kimberly Fowler

    I will sing a new song, my beloved. Fair as the winds, my maiden is beautiful and fair. Strong as the sail in the winds of adversity, my beloved holds her own. Be stalwart in praise, my redemption is with you. Of rugged cast, the oars of commitment. Gliding on the sea, my beloved and me, the future before us. My wind in her hair, her face toward the sun. Set sail, my darling, my beautiful bride, let the day be done. The day is finished. Let us be off, toward the horizon, set sail.

    (Sept 30, 2017)

    God gave me the word above on Sept. 30 and then I got this from The Father’s Heart Ministry on October 6 that goes right along with it:

    The Father Says Today:

    The Father says today it is a day and an hour in your life to draw your eye away from the safety of the shore and strike out into the trackless depths of the sea of My purposes.

    I have called you to higher things and deeper purposes than your life has reflected thus far. I have found you approved and I have activated in you the heart of one who would venture out upon the billows with only My grace to uphold you.

    Cast off says the Father! Let go! Venture forth! Will I not be the wind whistling in the masts of your life? There is no greater adventure than total reliance upon Me.

    I will open doors of travel and doors even of missionary purpose to you says the Father. Are you ready? You will not be alone but a team will sail go with you and in My name exploits will be done in My kingdom for I am the Captain of the Ship of Your Life.

    by russell@fathersheartministry.net


    Kimberly Fowler

    Sorry, I tried to edit the date and I could not get it. The date was from Sept 30, 2013 not 2017. I reread this prophecy last night and today, and it was speaking to me currently, but in my log book the date was from 2013. Since it was reading so fresh to my spirit, I thought it was 2017, but on looking again at the date, it was from several years ago. God is refreshing me through past words He has spoken to me, and they are reading fresh in my spirit!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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