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    Kimberly Fowler

    I dreamed I was in Mexico with some co-workers and one of my co-workers had access to a car and he drove to a little cafe some distance away where we could buy some food. It was not a fancy place at all and quite small, and while there were a few tables in the cafe, the lady who was at the cash register, who also seemed to be the cook, ignored us as we sat at the tables. My coworkers ended up with some food and I realized they had gone to the lady at the cash register and had ordered food there. I realized the lady was not going to wait on customers, but expected the people to order food themselves if they wanted service, which was okay by me. So I went to the lady and ordered something off of the menu. (Surprisingly enough she told me that my selection was not a good one because it did not taste that good…a cook telling you not to eat their food is very surprising!) She gave me two other options (a little more expensive) and said those meals were much better. So I chose one of the meals and she indicated I was to pay for it right away. In the dream I had Mexican money and I took it out to pay for the meal, but because the money was unfamiliar to me, I was not exactly sure of how much I was giving to her and told her to check the amount. The cost of the meal was about 10 dollars and some change, but as I was counting out the money, 2 bills inadvertently stuck to one of the other bills that I was about to hand over. I pulled those two bills away from the other bills and realized that the two other bills equaled about 5 American dollars. As she took the money, however, she also grabbed the two other bills which I had separated from the money I was going to give her. So although I was not exactly sure how much money she had grabbed out of my hand, I approximated that it was roughly 15 American dollars worth of money when the meal only cost approximately 10 dollars and some change. I said something to her about not owing that much money and she needed to give me back the money owed me. She just smiled at me smugly and responded to me that I had been very generous, as if I had voluntarily tipped her a huge amount. I realized that I maybe would have tipped her anyway, and that it wasn’t a huge amount that she took, yet I had not offered her the money, so she was stealing from me by not giving me back the money owed to me. I told her to give it back and she responded that she could not open the cash register. I knew she was just finding an excuse to keep my money. So at that point, I called out loudly for someone to help me. There was a tiny room beside the main little eating area (a little office?) and I went to that room and asked the man inside the room to help me. He seemed to be in charge, either the owner or boss of the establishment, and there was another man in the room who seemed to be his friend. I explained that I had paid for a meal that was around 10 dollars but the lady took about 15 dollars and would not give it back. I told this man in charge that she had “stolen” that money from me since I had not given it voluntarily. He (along with his friend) went into the main little area of the cafe to sort out the matter, and I assumed he would go to the lady to settle it. But to my surprise, he went to another man in the cafe who was sitting at one of the tables; and he declared to the man that he had stolen money and he told him he had to repay it. So my thought was that the man at the table must be the lady’s husband or something, because she was the person who had stolen my money but the owner was demanding that this OTHER person repay what was stolen! (It was confusing in the dream, but I did not question the proceeding because the owner or boss of the establishment was authoritative and seemed to know what he was doing. So I guess the man at the table was known as a thief and the woman must have had some relation to the man… whether he was her husband or just worked with her, I was not sure.) And when the owner declared that this man repay what was stolen, the owner and his friend took the man’s wallet which was literally stuffed with cash and those foreign bills and took out this big wad of cash (maybe all of it?). But now the owner held in his hand all of this money and the owner asked his friend how much money was owed to him from this man (I guess this bad person had stolen something from him); and the owner told his friend to take what belonged to him out of the amount held in his hand. And then when the friend took the money that was owed to him from the wad of money, the owner asked his friend how much money was left over. The friend replied that 102 dollars was left over (I heard this exact amount in the dream). The owner then instructed his friend to give the remaining amount, the 102 dollars, to me. I was astounded in the dream! I only had approximately 15 dollars stolen (because by now I knew that the lady would not give me back my money but was also probably not going to bring me any food since I had complained about her stealing!), but instead of getting back 15 dollars, the owner was giving me 102 dollars taken from this “bad” man. I was confused and grateful and astounded to get that much money, but the man in charge seemed to have the authority to do all this and the others seemed to not question that he had the authority either, so I just took the money and knew it was somehow considered “payback” by the owner for what was stolen from me. And that was the end of the dream.

    “So when I woke up, I was thinking about how weird the dream was and how I  remembered in the dream the amount for the food and the amount of money that was returned to me. Since it was Mexican money, the exact amount of what was stolen was unclear, only that it was approximately 15 dollars worth in US dollars, but the amount returned was heard exactly in the dream and it was 102 dollars worth in US money. I thought that was odd that I heard 102 dollars, but then my mind started doing the math and trying to figure how many times the number 15 goes into 102, and 15 x 7 equals 105. It is almost 7 TIMES THE AMOUNT STOLEN WHICH WAS RETURNED TO ME! So if the amount stolen was not quite 15 dollars (but perhaps $14.40), then 7 times that amount could equal 102 dollars. And I remembered the scripture from Proverbs 6:31,  “Yet if he (the thief) is caught, he must pay sevenfold, though it costs him all the wealth of his house.”
    And the dream started making spiritual sense. The woman had stolen from me, but the one who is really responsible is the devil (he is a thief; he steals, kills and destroys)! God is like the man who was the owner or boss, the man in authority. He DEMANDED the thief repay what was stolen from me and took the money out of the thief’s pocket/wallet and then repaid me sevenfold!!!

    That dream just gives me such encouragement! Whether it is sickness or time or money, or whatever…if Satan has stolen from us, he must repay sevenfold! It is the Word of God and the authority of God that makes it mandatory. The thief has no choice or voice in the matter; he MUST REPAY!
    Just SO COOL!  God is SO good, so encouraging to remind us of His Word and His promises which are “yea and amen”, sure and faithful. He is SO good!!!

    Psalm 24:5-6 “They will receive blessing from the Lord and vindication from God their Savior.
    Such is the generation of those who seek Him, who seek your face, God of Jacob.”

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