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    Kimberly Fowler

    In church a few weeks ago God showed me a vial of perfume in a mini vision. He has given me perfume bottles before in little mini visions: One called “Joy of His Presence” (a tiny blue bottle); “Passion” (for Jesus and for lost souls) (it was a slightly larger purple bottle); “Radiance” (radiating Him) (it was a strange reddish color- red with pinkish tones or other color mixed in); “Daisy” (He loves me -He loves me -He loves me) (that bottle was bigger and was a clear bottle with yellow perfume with a flowery scent)…
    So this time He gave me an unmarked vial with brown colored perfume inside but with no name or decoration present. (To be honest, it looked boring!) I was aware that it was perfume from God, and His perfumes to me usually represent an anointing or gift from Him that is needed in my life, but I was a bit confused what this particular perfume represented since it was in an unmarked, plain vial. I was kind of wishing that it was packaged in a prettier way. And all of a sudden, in a separate mini vision, God showed me a tall, fluted royal blue bottle with a lovely topper on it that swirled upward. It was a gorgeous perfume bottle that looked opulent. I told Him I wished that the perfume was in a bottle like that. He gently spoke to my spirit and asked if the ‘container’ of the perfume changed the ‘value’ of the contents inside. (WOW…bomb drop!) I replied, no, that the value was in the perfume and not in the container or packaging. I realized God was teaching me a lesson that sometimes we look at the “manifestation” of the spirit and judge the anointing by the size or “appearance” of the manifestation: for example, if it is a big manifestation we assume the anointing is bigger than that of a smaller manifestation. We judge by “looks” and not necessarily by content, but God can anoint a person for something and it can be a hidden work of the Spirit with a slow process of manifestation outwardly.
    I also wanted the perfume bottle to have a “name” by which I could call it, but sometimes we judge things by name as well. If we get a gift of “miracle healings”, we would get all excited thinking that was a big thing, but if we got a gift that was called “sensitivity toward others”, that doesn’t sound so “big” maybe in our own estimation, yet in God’s eyes, that may be a huge anointing that is needed in our walk toward our fellow man! LOL
    So God was showing me that I was still judging by outward things and sometimes missing the importance of the actual work or anointing of God on the inside. And it also spoke to me that like the perfume was in an unmarked vial, so His Holy Spirit is carried by unmarked individuals, but we are looking at the “names” (i.e. “prophet”, “evangelist”, “apostle”) and thereby assuming their value is somehow greater because of the “name”. But in that plain unmarked vial which held costly perfume from God, God showed me that He is also very costly on the inside of a lot of “unremarkable” individuals who have no outward “beauty” (what we perceive as beauty) or any title in the family of God (what we perceive as titles), but His Spirit is very precious and costly ointment/perfume in them.
    It was a precious lesson from God. So I now have a plain vial of perfume given to me from God that still has no name by which I could reference it, but it carries a valuable lesson with it: the outer packaging does not change the value of what is inside!

    Ron McGatlin

    A great word of God’s wisdom. Thanks Kimberly for posting it here. I am sharing this on the Facebook version of this forum called  Voice of Prophecy Forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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