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    Last night around 2:30 AM I heard a sound of thunder that was so loud I thought it may be the end of the world, and not thunder.  A little while later I heard one large boom…


    A Holy Shift – Now!  Brian and Julie Price

    There’s another SHIFT happening in the spirit.

    It’s DEEPER than most other times.


    God is JEALOUS for YOU.  He has SET YOU ASIDE for HIS purposes, and YOU have ALLOWED Him, because YOUR DEEPEST LONGING is FOR HIM.

    You are going to RE-EMERGE at an APPOINTED TIME; though that is not even your concern anymore.

    You just long for more of HIM. But the APPOINTED TIME is drawing close, and deep down you know this.

    It’s the one for which YOU WERE BORN, and you are WILLING and DESIRING to WAIT for it.

    NO MAN shall get the GLORY for what HE is about to do in your life. GOD HIMSELF is about to take you places ONLY HE COULD.

    Your heart knows to WAIT for HIS HAND to move you into the next place He has for you.

    WITH HOLY FEAR AND AWE, you dare not allow the hand of man to make your way, despite the offers they continue to make you; even from the goodness of their hearts.

    But it’s not HIS HEART FOR YOU, and YOU KNOW IT.

    Because of your willingness to WAIT, you have found that there is a WEIGHT within your WAIT.  It’s the WEIGHT OF HIS GLORY.

    You are being immersed in it more and more each day.  YOU HAVE LAID DOWN ALL, TO GAIN WHAT YOU COULD NOT LOSE.  It was a test and you are passing it.

    At times you thought you had to be hearing wrong because to the natural eye, and many around you, your decisions have made NO SENSE.

    You’ve been pressed deeply, all because you heard HIS WHISPER, that warning, that the waters were contaminated and it was time to come out. But you have not heard wrong, though the odds seemed like those of Micah, 400 to 1, you have heard rightly.

    Over all the noise, all the chatter, all the “THUS SAYETH” what He wasn’t saying, you have heard rightly the whispers of His heart, and as you continue to keep your heart right in it all, remaining humble, your reward is coming.

    For in the days to come, the purity that He has brought to your voice will shake the nations.

    It will rock your region.  It will bring the fire of God that burns away the dross and sets people ablaze again for His glory.

    For YOU are among a company of people who have laid in FULL SURRENDER before Him.

    You are not alone, though at times people have made you feel that way.  You have allowed Him to PURGE YOU from every UNHOLY THING He brought before you.

    You have uttered GROANS from your Spirit, for which there are NO WORDS.

    You are an end-time warrior, a special breed.  A laid down lover.  You are sold out, and if none go with you, it no longer matters to you, for still, you are going to follow.

    As I find myself drawn deeper into the waters of His heart, everything else seems trivial. Even this morning as a storm rolled in, I felt His presence come rolling in even stronger with it.

    “And the thunder speaks to us, because it’s his voice,” (Job 37:2).

    The psalmist says, “At the thunder of your voice they hurried away…” (Psalm 104:7).

    “He covers His hands with the lightning, and commands it to STRIKE THE MARK,   (Job 36:32).

    “…On the THIRD DAY, when it was MORNING, there was thunder and lightning flashes and a thick CLOUD upon the mountain and a very loud TRUMPET SOUND, so that ALL THE PEOPLE who were IN THE CAMP trembled,”  (Exodus 19:16)

    “…God thunders with His voice wondrously.  Doing GREAT THINGS which we CANNOT COMPREHEND!”   (Job 37:4-5)

    “…The GOD OF GLORY THUNDERS, the LORD is over many waters,”   (Psalm 29:3)

    “You called in trouble, and I RESCUED you; I answered you in the HIDING PLACE OF THUNDER; I PROVED YOU at the waters of Meribah. Selah…”   (Psalm 81:7)

    “So the crowd of people who stood by and heard it were saying that it had thundered; others were saying, “An angel has spoken to Him,”   (John 12:29)

    “Out from the throne come flashes of LIGHTNING and SOUNDS and PEALS of THUNDER and there were seven LAMPS of FIRE burning before the THRONE, which are the SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD,”   (Revelation 4:5)

    Many are being put in place by God in this hour to receive all that He as for you in this HOLY SHIFT.

    For He has thundered over you.  Some heard only THUNDER, but you have heard His VOICE.

    You have sensed the changes coming, and now the LORD strikes His mark to bring those things about.

    This mark is putting things in place once and for all.

    It’s new assignments and more.  It’s another degree of separation as He puts you into the new places in Him.

    Some aren’t coming with you.  Some will, but it’s not going to be the same.

    He’s striking.  Let the boundaries be re-laid, for He is not only IN IT, but HE is DOING IT.

    It’s the HOLY SHIFT…


    With love and hope,
    ~ Brian & Julie Price

    Clu Monroe

    Wow! Do I receive this! Amen, and Amen. Thank you Lord. King of Kings. My Lord and my God.

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