A future “History”

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    Kimberly Fowler

    (This is “story” of future events that have not happened in reality but are told in a story-like setting as if already history, but read it with the spirit of discernment)

    Title: A future “HISTORY”

    (When Giants walked the earth)
    These were called the sons of God for they were found righteous in His eyes. These were men of valor, men of stature who found favor in the sight of God. No wrong was found on their lips and they were perfect in their ways. These men walked the earth and other men trembled for they knew their own deeds were unrighteous. But these men, these sons of God, were found worthy to be called His “called ones” and He gave them great renown for these men were upright before Him. And He caused their deeds to be found faithful and true as He was true. These men were not known for their graces, although grace was in their lips, but these men were known by their fruit for they walked the earth in holiness and no lie was found on their lips. These were great men. They did great exploits in His name. These men were of GREAT stature; not that they were tall men, but their great stature was in their standing with God, for He found them faithful to Him. So they were known by their stature! These men were the holy and true ones, like God in the sight of men. These men were before God and were with God for they had become one with God as He was one with them. They stood before Him all their days for they were righteous as He is righteous! These “called out ones” stood before Him in glory and their deeds followed them. Their shining strength preceded them and holiness went before them. The earth shook at their presence and trembled before them for these men stood like God, not that they called themselves God, but God went before them and stood in back of them and surrounded them with His Presence. These men were like God for they were as God. God gave them of His power and they walked without pride in their stature for they knew not of themselves but only walked in the power and Presence of the Almighty. For God knew He could trust them with His power for they would not take it as their own but give Him all the glory. So He gave them of His own glory and they walked in the Majesty of God without being God, but God gave them of His own Majesty because they were His sons and He honored them before men. So these men became like giants, although they were not giants in their sight, for they walked in humility, but these were men of great renown and had great respect in the earth, for these men were known and called by the Most High God. These men were giants to others and their deeds became known throughout the earth. And the earth feared and the earth trembled when these men walked, for the fear of God went before them and the earth knew that signs and miracles went before them and nothing was impossible to them for they had the hand of God with them. The sun stood still at their command and the earths elements bowed before them because God had given them authority to speak to the earth and it had to obey them. But they walked in the integrity and fear of the Lord so the earth obeyed the voice of the Lord that came from their mouths. For they knew that the voice of the Lord spoke for them, and when they went about the earth, they knew the Lord’s will and obeyed His instructions and the earth bowed its knee to them for they walked in the holiness and fear of the Lord; so the fear of the Lord fell upon the earth, and the earth bowed its knee to the Lord. And the saying became known that “giants walked the earth”, but the giants were the Sons and Daughters of the King and they became known as “The Giants”!

    God gave the giants fetters to bind the kings of the earth, for He gave judgment into their hands. His Name went before them and was their Standard, like a banner in the earth. And all men fell and worshiped the Name that went before the giants, for He was the Called and True of the whole earth. And the earth bowed before Him. The earth worshiped the Creator of the Universe and such was the honor that the earth yielded her increase and the earth produced fruit in such abundance that the like had never before been seen by men. The yield was great in those days, and men took of that abundance and offered a tithe unto the Lord and gave up their first fruits and honored the Lord of the Most High. And great were the offerings before the Lord of Hosts and it emitted a sweet savor of a pleasant sacrifice before His nostrils and He blessed men in all their doings. Such was the favor and blessing of the Lord that the earth came into great abundance and yielded up fruit of every kind. Harvests were plenty and every man had enough for his household. And great was the prosperity in those days, for men had no lack, and grace and favor was found on men by God. And angels were seen by men. These were celestial beings and grace was granted that they were seen by men, but men were not to worship the angels, for they were sent by God and only God is to be worshiped; but men were granted to see angels and have them walk visibly on the earth for a time. But men without realizing, began to honor the angels and the angels no longer could walk about visibly due to the honor that was wrongfully attributed to them and not to God. So men walked without seeing the angels, although angels were seen by some who did not honor them wrongfully but submitted unto God that which belonged to God. And angels worked with men although not seen by man, and God honored the men who gave all glory unto Him and there was a distinction between the ones who honored God with all their hearts and minds, and strength was granted to them. This strength was not the strength of men, but strength that is not seen but felt. For this strength was strength of the heart and God strengthened their heart so that which was seen on them was the glory of God, and God walked among them for He was their God. And peace was upon the earth for a time. And that which was felt in them by these men was the strength and peace of God that is established, for God was their peace, and God granted to these men the peace of God that establishes the heart in right standing before Him. So these men stood before God as did the giants in the land, and great became their renown as well! These men stood before God and worshiped Him as their creator, and the earth was at peace in those days and all men gave glory to God, but some men did not submit everything in their heart before God. While the earth was at rest in those days and men gave glory unto God, God walked among them, but was not seen by all men, but only those whose hearts were submitted solely unto Him. And the earth gave its increase unto those whose hearts were submitted unto God, but those who did not always worship the Lord were at times given over to lack in their fields and failed to prosper in due season when rains failed to prosper their land. This was the distinction as well that God gave unto men to see the fruits of their labor increase when they honored the Lord who gave them their increase. Those that failed to give the honor did lack in some areas, but the earth yielded to the righteous in their harvests and they blessed the Lord.

    And the earth was still in those days and a great fear of the Lord was over the land, not a fear of retribution, but a deep awe was felt by the people, for the fear of the Lord was upon them, and they had respect unto His ways and unto His teachings. But unto some of them who had the teachings of the Lord and knew His precepts, but did not hearken or follow all of His commands with their hearts, started to lean on man’s wisdom and follow the leading of their own hearts and their own desires. And man’s hearts and minds once again started to follow their own paths which led them away from righteousness and unto a darkened path leading into hell. For men once again forsook the knowledge of the Lord and instead tried to lean upon their own wisdom which is gained from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And once again, evil crept into the land. For men’s hearts have been darkened by eating of that tree which they had been forbidden to eat, and the fruit of the tree leads to death. So once again, by eating of that tree in their minds, their minds and hearts were darkened by sin and sin ruled their heart instead of the leading of the Spirit and the fruit of righteousness. So God, because He has allowed the will of men to reign in their hearts, gave them over to their own free will. And the kingdom of God was shut to them and the highway of holiness which had been open to them and available to them was now restrained from them. For the highway of holiness leads to the mountain of God which is holy unto the Lord and through which no man shall see the Lord unless he is holy. So the highway was shut unto them for their hearts were now darkened unto the things of the Lord. And even in a time where holiness was abundant, and Satan having been shut and imprisoned under the earth was restricted from moving about the earth, yet still some men’s hearts were darkened through sin from their own lusts and desires, desiring to be like God, yet without God! So even without Satan tempting them, some men left the knowledge of God to hearken after their own knowledge, having the seed of Satan in them. For man has been given the free will to follow after God or Satan and that which is born after a seed or the flesh bears fruit from that seed or from that flesh. For God had not restrained the will of men during this time of holiness unto the Lord, and men of earth had not yet tasted of the tree of life which remains in the garden and which gives men eternal life, which men can taste spiritually but physically has been restricted from them. So as to give men free will, God gave them over to their desires whether carnal or holy, and the seed which was in them bore fruit. So as God gave them over to their desires, men ate the fruit of their desire, some to death, some to life!

    While some in the land were following their own desires, there yet remained the remnant who had not tasted of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and were eating of that spiritual tree which is in them which bears fruit unto everlasting life. For that tree in the garden which is restricted to men does bear spiritual fruit which men can eat spiritually and remain in their bodies, for the spiritual fruit is unto their spirit and not unto their flesh. For the flesh withers and dies but the spirit remains forever. But the Spirit of life was offered unto all who would partake of its fruit, and all who remained in Him were fed by Him. And He granted them the fruit that would be to their spirit that which is life eternal. And “heaven” was on earth, and God dwelt with men. But the seed of Satan which had been born into man from the beginning of the “fall” was still at work in the men of perdition, and as Satan was freed from his prison to move about the earth one last time, Satan moved upon the hearts of those men and caused them to come against the mountain of God, thinking to take the thrown away from God. But God, who is mighty in dominion, knowing the thoughts and intents of the heart and knowing all things great and small, laughed in His heart. For Satan, in his thinking, believes he is capable of things; but God, knowing this and laughing at him, derides him from the heavens! For Satan, while thinking he is capable of dethroning the Almighty from His seat, cannot see what is coming to him. For while his plans are still in the making, the Almighty has already thrown them down. So as the people were moved upon to come against the mountain of God, God threw down fire from heaven, dissolving them in the heat of the fiery blast. And Satan, the mighty deceiver, who had deceived men for the last time, was finally thrown into the fiery pit where he is tormented day and night.
    But the just and upright, those who had not listened to the voice of the deceiver, but rather had listened with their hearts to the One who could save them, received the eternal blessing of communion with their Lord and Savior. And they received the crown of life for which they had earned through no merit of their own but by the grace in which they had stood! And God was glad to call them sons and daughters, and He took them with Him to His thrown and they received gifts from Him, some small, some great, and they remained with Him, receiving the joy of their salvation which was their hope and glory of the faith and their prize for eternity.

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