Over the last little while I have had a word burning in my heart that has really been increasing in intensity. I feel this is a very important word for the body of Christ right now. Then this week I had a dream where the Lord took this fire deeper than before.
There is a fresh baptism of fire, the fire of His presence and His love that has begun in the Church, but is about to increase significantly in intensity and moment that is birthing a SYNERGY of burning Holy Spirit fire with a passion for the Gospel.
These baptisms of fire that are taking place now and going to significantly increase across the body of Christ are igniting and going to ignite the FIRE OF EVANGELISM and a deep revelation of the Cross and Resurrection, the beautiful Gospel message within the Church in an explosive way. I saw people within the body of Christ so overwhelmed and burning with the revelation of the Gospel and the fire of His love, the perfect love of Jesus, going into the world sharing the greatest love story ever told, with a completely NEW and FRESH FIRE.
These baptisms of fire will so engulf His people in the well of the Gospel as a whole new realm of being re-awed and filled with wonder at the simplicity and profundity of the Gospel. There is a divine re-engagement with the Gospel that will take place in this baptism of Holy Spirit fire. Deep, deep wells of encounter.
This synergy of burning Holy Spirit fire for the Gospel I saw was SO powerful, believers were transformed, chains of fear of sharing the Gospel gone, and a new boldness bursting forth within the Church.
The fire of His love that consumed God’s people and flowed THROUGH them was so beautiful, transforming, culture and nation changing. The Bride was AWAKE and ALIVE in a way I had never seen.
The Lord is wanting to release a greater impartation of His heart to the body of Christ for those who do not yet know Him. I saw life changing encounters with Jesus happening all across the world as the Lord began to ignite the fire of His love for those who don’t know Him in significant ways. The fire of His love and revelation of His heart SO POWERFUL in these encounters, it AFFECTED the way the CHURCH WOULD SEE. I saw these powerful encounters taking place and scales of judgement, criticism, accusation falling off many of God’s people and they began to SEE the world and those who do not yet know Him, through HIS EYES. A greater awakening of loving the down and out, the broken, the hurting, seeing them as HE sees in a greater way. Believers all across the earth were being transformed by LOVE and His heart of love for ALL people. I watched as the Church began arising in a whole new revelation of the LOVE of Jesus and LOVING PEOPLE TO LIFE. LOVING people to the One who is the way, the truth, and the life, our beautiful Jesus.
I heard the Holy Spirit say “I am preparing the way for the new day”. Instantly the sense surrounded me of Bob Jones prophetic word on the Billion Soul Harvest.
When I asked the Lord how He was preparing the way, I heard Him say “I am bringing a great awakening within the Church to the greatest gift and truth of all…”
“For this is how much God loves the world – He gave His one and only Son as a gift, so now everyone who believes in Him will never perish but experience everlasting life.” – (John 3:16 – The Passion Translation)
I felt His heart so strongly that He is awakening the Church to the foundational message of the Gospel. An incredible increase in synergy of burning Holy Spirit fire for the PASSION of the Gospel, that WHEREVER His people go day to day, that they are AWAKE more than ever before carrying the reality of eternity, burning with His love, seeing others as He sees them and sharing the good news of Jesus and bringing transformation and reformation.
I saw such a shift taking place across the Body of Christ in regards to evangelism, it wasn’t just evangelists receiving an increase of fire and passion for the Gospel, but the Church being awakened and without fear loving people to life and sharing the beauty of the Gospel. Many would no longer be caged in fear of sharing the truth of Jesus, but so on fire with the revelation of the Gospel, that they could not help but speak.
The Lord was bringing a great shift in the Church to prepare the body of Christ to carry the huge harvest that is beginning across the earth.
These encounters will release burdens and evangelistic awareness. I saw the Spirit of God moving within the body of Christ and increasing the revelation of eternity within the hearts of believers, placing intercessory burdens upon hearts to pray and intercede for those who do not yet know Jesus. These weren’t burdens of fear, but an urgency and intensity. I saw many interceding in deeper ways for those who do not yet know Jesus. Many in the body of Christ have been praying for years for many, and suddenly the burden was suddenly increasing. Others, I saw the Lord suddenly placing burdens on their hearts to pray for people. Others, were having dreams and receiving the heart of the Lord for people and waking up in a deep place of intercession.
The common theme in each one, was the Lord was releasing an increase of His heart, and intensity of intercession because MANY OF THESE SEEDS ARE ABOUT TO SPROUT!!!
These powerful intercessory burdens were being released, God’s people partnering with them, and I saw many SUDDEN conversions. FISH were JUMPING INTO the boat. The urgency wasn’t a fearful thing, but the encouragement of God that “breakthrough and salvation for many was SO close”.
There is a fresh baptism of fire birthing a synergy of burning Holy Spirit fire for a passion for the Gospel upon the Church. Position yourself before Him and ask for it. Cry out for it. Say YES to His invitation, because He wants to increase and release His heart to you to SEE as He sees, to LOVE as He loves and to share the truth of the Gospel wherever you go, the greatest love story the world has ever known.
Get ready to see John 3:16 burn within you like you have never known. Ask Him! Ask Him! Ask Him! He’s releasing His heart!
“God did not send His Son into the world to judge and condemn the world, but to be its Savior and rescue it” – (John 3:17 – The Passion Translation)