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    “Rise up and be strong for there isn’t anything the enemy can do to defeat you if you remain hidden in Me and your heart is pure and tender before Me.

    Cry out for the land, for restoration and for peace and for the Bride of Christ to rise up before Me with the spirit of repentance.

    They have begun to war against each other rather than the enemy who has infiltrated the camp.  He has sowed discord within the brethren and has thrown poisonous darts and venom upon those who are precious before me.

    Do not cover what you know to be true. Yes, proclaim truth and My grace throughout the land.  Do not mix what is precious with that which is vile or you will reap severe repercussions from doing it.

    Remain silent upon your bed and wait patiently for Me for I will ride up as a mighty warrior, the Captain of the hosts of heaven, and I will do battle on your behalf.

    I will not allow the enemy to have what you deem to be precious to your heart and that is your worship.  Worship Me in the beauty of holiness.  Long for Me to return to you what the enemy has stole. H e cannot have it if you won’t let go of it.

    Unite together and cry out and let out a victory shout.  Worship is a mighty tool of warfare and the enemy seeks to corrupt it, to pervert it and make it unclean.  Cry out for those who are pure in heart, which love Me with all their mind, soul and strength.

    Worship Me in spirit and in truth and I will restore to you even one hundred fold what the enemy has tried to steal from you this day”, says your Yah!


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