A cry at midnight

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    Some time ago the lord visited us for six weeks , during that time he opened up the song of solomon , it seems the shulamite  was solomons first and truest love , before he sinned and added many other wives, through that time he spoke of not awakening love before its time , then he said i am coming to you this way because they have called that which is clean unclean and that which is unclean clean , then he went on to say i am not going to make it easy for them.
    Them being the churches , thank the lord there are no churches in heaven babtists salvationists AOG or the thousand other names out there.
    I saw a spearhead shinning in the sky , he told me these are his chosen , and we know who his chosen are ( God hath chosen the foolish  things of the world to confound the wise , the weak to confound  the mighty, the base the despised……so that no flesh should glory in his presence.
    At Midnight a cry was made , God alone created the cry , In a moment they shall die and the people shall be troubled at Midnight and pass away and the mighty shall be taken away without hand Job 34: 20 We read at Midnight the prisoners heard the praises of God from the loving hearts of paul and silas SUDDENLY  there was a great earthquake He shall shake the heavens and the earth , a song from a young and on fire young man at the time that was with his first love , kevin prosch  JESUS you have taken the precious from the worthless and given us beauty for ashes love for hate , you have chosen the weak things of the world to shame that which is strong and the foolish things to shame the wise , you are help to the helpless and a FATHER to the child whos left alone , behold the days are coming for the lord has promised that the plowman shall overtake the reaper and our hearts will be the threshing floor and the move of GOD weve cried out for will come it will surely come , for you will shake the heavens and fill your house with glory and turn the outcasts into praise amen THANKYOU JESUS
    Ruth and boaz at the threshing floor at Midnight the following results Redemtion and MARRIAGE.

    He whom is altogether Lovely appeared to me once he came as the Lord of hosts , he spoke these words I am sick and tired of excuses , Matt 22 : God had invited them as he did in the days of noah yet they made light of it and one by one MADE EXCUSES and yes they came , who came the beggars the blind the lame and they filled all the house where the feast was , many are called but few are chosen.
    The spearhead i saw JESUS was the very tip , and the others were his chosen poor in this world but so rich in him the shaft was the churches rich in the world yet so poor in him , he desired the two should come together that they might be ONE.
    Judas was carefully chosen by the lord and numbered among the twelve , he saw jesus get out of many traps unto his nature and even his life , when he went for the thirty pieces of silver , he believed jesus would do the same , yet it was to late , the door slammed shut on him , many in this the Lords day have turned our FATHERS house into a house of merchandise …….and the wise answered and said go to them that sell and buy , for them the door was shut.
    REVELATION CH :22 V14-22 the churches need to repent and return to our first love , jesus has revealed to me her many lovers we can no longer hide from our flesh we need to WAKE UP WAKE UP THE KING IS COMING

    A vision : A golden river poured from the heavens upon a great mountain upon the mountain were many churches , a voice cried unto the living waters LOWER the waters went down down  and still the voice cried LOWER down past the churches it flowed until it plunged into a deep dark valley , and the voice cried LOWER deep into the darkness , then silence up out of the darkness crushed broken souls worshipping him in spirit and in truth , it broke my heart .
    We will extol His Love more than wine , that which is more excellent cometh with great speed power and deliberation HE IS A GOD OF GREAT PROVOCATION ………..

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