5 changes of clothes

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    Steven Bliss

    a look back from September 2010

    five changes of clothes
    Israel’s sons did as they were told. Joseph gave them wagons and supplies for their trip as Pharaoh had ordered. He gave each of them a change of clothes, but he gave Benjamin three hundred pieces of silver and five changes of clothes. Genesis 45:21-22 (GW)

    I am bringing change to all areas of life; some are obvious and many not. The face of the landscapes are in change. Yes, even within you I am at work. Do not fear what you do not know.

    I am testing the tress of the forests. My Spirit is blowing over and through them. The mature have learned to bow before me and bend in my ways. Yet even in them pruning is necessary. The weak and inner decayed are exposed. Many are yet to fall. They become a part of oncoming generations.

    There are changes coming and you are to learn to recognize what is me. Study my ways and do not be fearful. Listen for the sound of my voice. You will find it has many tenors and tones. I am directing those who know me.

    If you live in fear you do not know me. I am love. I bring fear to the ungodly as their ways and progresses falter. It crumbles in my light, yet my people will prosper.

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