The once beautiful and fruitful nations that honored God and led much of the world to do the same have been viciously attacked from within.

The only way an evil power can overcome a people of God is to separate them from their God.

Many military attempts including two massive world wars failed to defeat “ONE NATION UNDER GOD.” America and those nations allied with her under God could not be militarily or psychologically defeated.

The God-honoring nations are under severe internal attack that is demoralizing and rotting the core through turning the minds and hearts of the generations away from their God. Flaws in the presentation and application of the Christian Religion have left room for the enemy of God to weaken the moral fiber of the nation.


Fire is often used to fight fire. Firefighters sometimes do a controlled burn strip ahead of a wild fire called a backfire to remove the fuel and stop the wild fire. The backfire must be well controlled and eventually extinguished for peace and regrowth of the scorched earth. Prematurely extinguishing the backfire that is being used to stop the growth of the wild fire will allow the wild fire to continue to grow and consume more of the land.


God has raised up from among the worldly-wise materialistic people one of their own to be a backfire to stop the growth of the evil fires of destructive separation of the nation of people from their God. God put a mind of favor and respect for His people in His Trump card of a rough worldly-wise man to stop the spreading wild fire of ungodliness that has consumed the hearts of the nations.

The backfire must not be extinguished prematurely lest the wild fire of ungodliness is fully released to consume the land.


To see the fire fighter actually starting more fires ahead of the wild fire seems unreasonable and counterproductive to the natural human mind. It seems reasonable to arrest and punish the fire fighter who is setting the backfire.

Deceived people infested with the indoctrination of godless attacking spirits are seeking to separate the nation from God. They firmly believe that the Trump fire fighter must be arrested and done away with to preserve their goal of a godless one world governance.


Extreme actions on all fronts is creating a great amount of smoke that tends to limit vision, and the roar of wild fire blown by the winds of media propaganda drowns out the hearing of ruth. Fear and panic of the whole worldwide situation can be debilitating.

Only as we look away from the natural world of catastrophic events and look up to the serene presence of God can our Spirit eyes and ears be opened to see what is really happening and where God desires to take us.

President Donald J. Trump is to be honored and respected as he sacrifices his imperfect life to set the backfires to stop the wild fire against God and his people. I believe that probably down deep inside he knows, as do we, that his work is temporary and that he is not the man of God to bring forth the fullness of the new reality of the kingdom of God on earth.

However, he is the man to stop the merciless onslaught of the wild fire. It is NOT the plan of God that Trump be prematurely extinguished before his part is finished. A temporary relief of some of the oppression of the ungodly regimes and the deceived politicians is not good enough. This whole thing must be turned by an all-powerful move of the power and wisdom of the LOVE of God.

The stopping of the current destructive wild fires destroying the core of America will make room for a true arising of a generation of God’s people of love to take over the reins of the leadership of the nations.


Beyond the vast cleansing of the planet and the people of Planet Earth is the regrowth of the fresh pure seedlings of the unhindered rule of God in His people on earth. The Garden of Eden style of life of God with us will restore the beauties of holiness and wholeness to this world. This is the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

We have in this decade entered a time when all heaven is cheering us on to usher in the kingdom of God. There is no question that it will happen, but when?


The big question to consider is WILL IT BE NOW? Will the people of God arise and throw off all that is not of God in their hearts and minds and in their governments and every aspect of culture. Will it be now, or will this time be lost and the world left in groaning until another season of opportunity to reclaim the kingdoms of this world as the kingdom of the ONE TRUE GOD?

Will the people of God keep Trump alive and in place to finish His part, or will the status quo of the past lukewarm now inflamed with deceptive false self-righteousness be able to prematurely extinguish the backfire.


President Donald J. Trump will not be stopped until his part is finished. Not one day or one hour before his work of fighting fire with fire is completed. Through much tribulation a huge remnant of people with pure hearts of love fully empowered with the wisdom and power of God will arise to supersede the Trump years of backfire with the righteousness, peace, and joy of the LORD in the HOLY SPIRIT.


As I was writing this, I received a powerful vision from God. This is fresh and I am not sure of all of its meaning at this time. Perhaps God will give you insight into the meaning of this vision.

I cannot describe the burst of worldwide absolutely pure white light/power explosion totally filling the entire world atmosphere in one instant. Like a white cloud of solid living lightning covering the entire globe with the glory power of God regenerating the entire world to the perfect design of God.

From the living total glory light/power pulsating cloud, drops of glory light rained down the short distance into the natural earth removing all residue of the dark works of the enemy. Everything was made new as the rain of glory light/power fell upon the land. The entire earth became perfect in love in complete oneness of God with the people. The will of the people was only with and for God.

Father God spoke in response of my awe of the vision. “This is the reality of the return of My Son as King to reign by the will of My people who know and love Me.”

In the awe of this I slipped away into like a dream. I saw a bowl of something like oatmeal God was pouring a thick bright white liquid into the bowl over the “oatmeal.” I was told to EAT OF THE FOOD OF HIS GLORY.

In awe of GOD’S GLORY.

Ron McGatlin

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