The Victory Is Already Won

By Clay Sikes

Occasionally, we share from our ministry Facebook page ‘Lighthouse Prophecy.’ Often these messages evolve from the assembly/messages/teachings of likeminded Christians from all over the world. Today’s teaching is a concoction from Graham Cook, Lance Walnau, Rick Joyner, Lewis Green, Ron McGatlin, Dickie Welch, and Arthur Burt. It was also very instructional for yours truly…

In crisis we often forget ‘the battle is already won.’ We often run to God weary from battle; He reminds us “the victory is already won.” When we accept this deep within, joy arises…we realize the battle is already won…praise and thanksgiving flow from our lips, and His rest replaces our weariness – this is often a simple act of faith.

This is our choice, draw conclusions from dreadful circumstances, or lift our spirits high with praise and thanksgiving (for victory that will soon arrive). True rest (the God-kind) is signified by a complete lack of anxiety. Rest is the greatest weapon, tool, and sword God can put in our hands. When I ‘start’ striving (worrying), my faith that moves mountains ‘stops.’ When I stop striving (worrying), my faith is activated and He starts (moving mountains) again. I have been through this process many times in life. Why do we strive (worry) to attain what He longs to give us in His rest?

The kingdom we serve determines how we live – there are two (systems) that compete for our affections daily (1 – man’s way – the world: 2 – God’s way- the Kingdom). In every circumstance we face we will be God-dependent or Man-dependent. God-dependence is our greatest Kingdom evidence and Ally: Man-dependence (often self) is our greatest enemy. Man dependence can only create worry. God dependence always creates rest. Who do I trust the most, myself (man) or God? For years I wallowed in self-confidence, buoyed by what I deemed success. Fortunately God erected a big brick wall with John 12:24 written on it.

Even negative circumstances can be used for our good – As English prophet Arthur Burt often said, “God allows in His wisdom what He could have prevented in His power – circumstances are designed to reveal us to ourselves, often showing us our own shortcomings.” Often, through difficulty I lacked faith. I learned however, instead of being overcome, when I turn to God in such trials, I receive encouragement that empowers me over the problem. Everything is useful in the Kingdom. Every situation is useful for our development. Circumstance that creates worry is designed to be counteracted by a word from God that brings rest, revelation, and victory.

This doesn’t mean we are to allow the enemy to obstruct or invalidate us. This must be resisted. “Lord may your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” There is no frustration in heaven, therefore it cannot be allowed in our Kingdom life on earth. There are times we must draw a line in the sand and oppose what darkness intends to give us. Jesus said, “The thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy (on earth), but I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly (on earth)” – John 10:10. Often events counteract what Jesus intended for us: these must always be spiritually opposed and occasionally opposed in the physical world we live in.

Frustration and despair are not from God; neither are worry, sickness, shortage, and fear. The best way to deal with negativity is refuse it, ignore it, resist it, and think about the opposite – the opposite is what God intends in your life. Pursuing your problems instead of pursuing the Lord is like having the cart ahead of the horse. If you don’t understand something, go straight to a place of rest and prayer and wait for God. It is here that we learn to wage war with peace – we inflict ‘rest’ upon the enemy because rest is God’s weapon of choice. When ‘joy’ mysteriously arises amidst hellish circumstance, POWER (from the root word exosia – jurisdictional right to rule as a judge rules his court) is dispatched to ‘change the circumstance.’

As is often stated in our circles, you can argue a man’s religion until you are blue in the face, but you cannot argue his testimony. Our life becomes our testimony (Revelation 12:11). It (our life) creates acceptance or denial into our most important journey yet! The most important breath we all will ever breathe will be that last one, for soon after we hear “Well done my good and faithful servant, or depart from me you worker of iniquity I never knew you.”

Our overcoming faith is our greatest testimony, yet ultimately who I trust BECOMES my ultimate testimony.

Clay Sikes


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