This morning I felt the Lord speaking to me again about vision. I heard Him say “I am changing your viewfinder” and a strong sense surrounded me of an adjustment and alignment of vision. There are “lenses” that are being used right now by many in the body of Christ to see their circumstances and see situations, but the “view” is not accurate.

I felt so strongly that there is still a ‘tampering’ happening with vision, to cause God’s people to see in a way that is not accurate. The Lord showed me that as we partner with Him and invite Him to come and adjust and align our vision, I saw Him adjusting what looked like a “viewfinder”.
The interesting thing was the lenses that many were using right now to look at situations and circumstances, were bringing a great hindering.
I saw these lenses being looked through in these “viewfinders” were bringing forth the fruit of ‘hearts being kept on the ground’. There was a heaviness of heart. Hearts feeling unable to breathe or feel life, peace or hope when looking at certain situations and circumstances surrounding them. There was a strong feeling of hearts being held ‘captive’ and a real heaviness that feels inescapable.
The enemy has been tampering with vision and to lock God’s people into a place of “seeing” in a way that’s not accurate.
As I continued to position myself before the Lord, I heard Him say “Many are viewing circumstances, themselves, others and situations with the wrong lenses. They are not seeing accurately, and they are not seeing through My eyes and My heart.”
The atmosphere around me was full of the longing of the heart of God to bring His people into a higher place of being discipled in a HEAVENLY PERSPECTIVE AND DISCERNMENT. The Lord showed me that the enemy has blinded many in this season with the ‘hindrance of vision’ that he is attempting to bring and the tampering that has been happening through his attacks and opposition. Many have been viewing things through the wrong lenses and have lost their ability to dream, to see the God of the impossible in the midst of impossible situations, to hope for change, to see the direction the Lord is leading. Clarity is being attacked and stolen from many.
The atmosphere surrounded me with a sense of urgency that it is vital right now that the people of God are crying for wisdom and discernment and scales to be removed off eyes. For wrong lenses to be removed, and for the Lord to open eyes to see.
“Purchase eye salve to be placed over your eyes so that you can truly see.” – Revelation 3:18 (The Passion Translation)
(Notes from Passion Translation: The wealth of Christ is not purchased with money but by faith. See Job 222:25, Proverbs 23:23, Isaiah 55:1-3. Christ will be our white garment and our eye salve that helps us to see things as they truly are)
The Lord whispered to me in His beautiful way and I could feel His love, the challenge to “come up higher” and His heart for His people to move into ALL He is wanting to release and pour out.
I heard Him say “A LOT IS AT STAKE BY HOW YOU SEE”. When I asked the Lord what He meant, I had a vision and I saw the enemy and he was ‘standing on the sidelines’ and he was waiting. The sense surrounded me he was waiting for agreement with anything BUT the Word. He was waiting for agreement in God’s people to “see” through anything but what the Word of God says. To see through the lies of the enemy, to see through carnal eyes, to see through anything but JESUS and His Word.
I could see the enemy standing there and such a strong sense of a thieving spirit (John 10:10). He was waiting for agreement to come and steal away from God’s people the increase God is wanting to and about to release.
I saw Jesus begin to walk through the body of Christ and He would place His hand on each person’s shoulder and He spoke “A lot is at stake by how you see. Ask to see! Ask to see! Don’t stop asking to see! Ask to see through My Word and your heart will be set free. Ask to see! Ask to see! Ask to see! When you see, DECREE!!!!”
The Lord showed me how many are ‘seeing’ right now, through wrong lenses is affecting their decree. Words being spoken that are not truth, that are not life, that do not align with the Word. Again the Lord spoke “Keep your eyes on Me and IN My Word and DECREE what you see. Not what you think, or what you hope will be, decree My Word and it will be established for you. I am bringing My people deeper into the place of seeing as I see. A deeper place of Jeremiah 1:12
The LORD said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.”
The Lord is opening a greater realm of destiny amongst His people, a great awakening of destiny. The enemy is attempting to abort this through how many are “SEEING”.
There is a greater stewardship of “how we see” being asked of the people of God, by the Lord. To know Him, to know His heart, to live deep in the secret place and allow Him to bring a realignment and readjustment of vision.
“”But blessed are your eyes, because they see; and your ears, because they hear.” – Matthew 13:16
The Lord spoke to me again that there is a wave of repentance brewing within the body of Christ for how many have seen.
Suddenly, there is a breakthrough and shaking upon the body of Christ, the love of God and the revelation of God in the Word that is going to SUDDENLY shift and SUDDENLY awaken many, that the scales will SUDDENLY fall off. Lenses of judgement, criticism, offence, fear, unbelief, doubt… anything but how He sees and seeing through His eyes of love suddenly falling off as the Holy Spirit brings deep conviction and truth. (John 16:8)
“When the truth-giving Spirit comes, he will unveil the reality of every truth within you. He won’t speak his own message, but only what he hears from the Father, and he will reveal prophetically what is to come. He will glorify me on the earth, for he will receive from me what is mine and reveal it to you. Everything that belongs to the Father belongs to me – that’s why I say that the Divine Encourager will receive what is mine and reveal it to you.” – John 16:12-15 (The Passion Translation)
I saw such a wave of beautiful repentance. Such a beautiful returning to holiness, to seeing as He sees, to seeing in PURITY.
I also saw many having encounters with the Lord through the Word and studying the life of Jesus, that was suddenly removing scales and wrong views of who Jesus is. I saw SUDDEN awakenings to the GOODNESS and KINDNESS of Jesus. The love of God demonstrated through our beautiful Jesus. Scales suddenly falling off and people suddenly encountering the beautiful ACCURATE revelation of who Jesus is and lies they have believed about His nature in the past, suddenly falling off.
I also saw MANY who do not yet know Jesus, who have been opposed strongly to Jesus Christ, because of lies they have believed about His nature and His character, having SUDDENLY encounters with the revelation of Jesus Christ and coming to know Him. Overwhelmed, overtaken, completely changed by the love of Jesus. Damascus road experiences. Scales falling off eyes, seeing Him in His beauty and love and becoming powerful people in the Kingdom of God.
The Lord spoke again “There is a fresh impartation to SEE, will you receive it? This fresh impartation will cause your heart to soar. Seeing clearly through the lenses of My Word will cause your heart to soar. Your heart will be full of faith, strength and life in Me. Your hearts will no longer be chained to the floor.”
“For there is a great battle happening right now over sight, the enemy is attempting to bring about great deception amongst My people, but you MUST remain in the place of humility, yielded to Me and positioned asking to SEE as I SEE. Many of you are about to see your vision COMPLETELY change. You are about see your circumstances, people and situations completely different, through MY EYES and that will change everything. The way I see is going to set you free.”


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