For all who are seeking me with all their heart, soul, mind and strength I am bringing a divine convergence of my Spirit’s work to their lives that will saturate them with my glory from the inside out. A convergence of my Holy Fire, my Holy Wind, and my Holy Rain is coming forth.

In different parts of this nation of the USA, I am manifesting in these distinct ways giving each region where my full grown sons and daughters are doing the work of my Spirit that which each region needs. But soon, my sons and my daughters, the different works will merge as one work in this nation. The likes this nation has never seen before.

From the Northwest, I am bringing my Winds of Glory Change. From the Northeast,I am bringing the Fire of my Spirit, and from the entire South I am bringing my deluge of my rain. Each of these manifestations will do three equal but different works in these regions. Each way I will begin to manifest in and upon my people and they will begin to remove the darkness from over these areas in a real and tangible way.

My power and glory will be seen upon my sons and daughters like never before. These manifestations of glory will enable my sons and daughters to walk in dominion authority upon the earth like never before.

I am giving them my breaker anointing by each manifestation of my Spirit to bring forth open heavens over these areas where my divine favor is going to be release upon them.

In this favor the wealth of the wicked will be transferred to the just. In this favor, local political and spiritual governments will become invaded with the government of heaven’s authority like never seen before.

My sons and daughters are going to walk in a wisdom beyond their ability, to solve local, city, and state problems like never before. My wisdom will be seen upon them like it was upon Joseph.

The wind, the fire, and the rain have come to bring a new freedom and release from heaven upon the earth to cause a maturing power to come to my young sons and daughters. Even the youth and teens are about to come into a maturity of the Spirit that the world has never seen.

As My son sat in the temple speaking and teaching with authority so will young ones be filled by my fire, rain, and wind, and it will saturate these young ones with my glory. They are going to mature in the Spirit and speak with wisdom beyond their years. They will do things with supernatural ability beyond their years.

They will know things beyond their years and be able to solve problems even mature adults could not solve. These young ones will be generals in my army along with my older ones. There will be no longer be division by age in my house. They will come to the forefront and they will lead my “spiritual army” to go in and take the land along with my “Joshuas.”

Each breath of wind, each drop of water, and every portion of my fire that I release in these regions will bring accelerated change in all that will receive it. A change that will usher in the divine shift that I desire to bring to this nation in a profound way.

I am not finished with this nation yet, I have much yet to accomplish.

Soon the leaders of this nation will be seeking answers beyond what they can find in human reason, and they will turn to my mature sons and daughters to hear a clear and present word of the Lord. They will recognize my supernatural hand upon my anointed full grown sons and daughters.

Even the youth and teens will impact this nation as they speak words with consequence upon the earth. They will work miracles of my glory that they have never even seen before. The cities and nations will marvel at my glory seen upon them that will cause many in this nation to repent and turn to me.

The wind, the fire, and the rain of my Spirit will saturate the spiritual atmosphere over this nation to loose those who have been stuck for years in their walk with me. It will loose those who have been in bondage to come out into the freedom and liberty that I have brought.

For this work of my Spirit is the foundation ground in which my forerunners will now be able to work. Up to now, they have been a voice crying in the wilderness with little ground to walk on.

But now my forerunners will enter the season of fullness where that which I made them to be can be fully poured out and fully function, so that they can take the spiritual ground I have given them and have spoken to them about for years.

They will enter the realm of my glory fire, my glory wind, and my glory rain, and they will do the works and greater works of which I have spoken. For their season to function is now.

As they begin to walk and work in the “new, new” that I have birthed, the youngest to the oldest will find their place in me and they will talk, walk, and live in my Spirit daily. They will walk in my daily unfolding glory. Their light will shine in their neighborhoods, their families, their towns their cities and this nation.

I have heard the true and sincere prayers for my people in this nation to repent, says the Lord, and I have heard the true and genuine repentance that has come to my remnant’s heart. Like the people of Joel’s time, they have wept, put sackcloth and ash upon their heads, and they have cry out to me for forgiveness and mercy.

They have said, “When Lord, when Lord, when will you come?” This remnant is coming forth from the fire as my true servants, “The branch,” because they have not only repented for themselves and my people they have led the way to turn from the wicked ways that have been in my house.

They are not like the “religious ones” who have cried out in this nation to say they are sorry to me with their words and have called that repentance, but never TURNED FROM THEIR WICKED WAY.

The wicked ways of the money changers and lenders they have allowed to stay in my house. They have not caused my people to turn from their wicked ways of the world that they have brought into my house. They have not turned from their wicked ways of allowing foreigners uncircumcised in heart and spirit to touch my holy things in my holy place!

So my ears have been deaf to their call. My ears have been deaf to their pleading at the courthouse or state house stairs. I have not found what they have done pleasing in my sight. For they repent one day and go back to living the same the next day and my children remain in bondage, bleeding and broken. No one has come to bind up their wounds.

So I have come once again to visit this nation. I have released my winds to the Northwest. I have released my fire to the Northeast, and I have released my rain to the entire South and they are now breaking forth in this nation.

For my remnant sons and daughters cries have reached my heart. They have ravished my heart with true repentance, and true holy love for me in their hearts. They have pressed on to know me and my ways. They have desired my pure holy love to rule and reign in their hearts.

For their sake and the sake of their children I have come. I have come to bring them out and to bring them up to their seated place with me where they will rule and reign with me. I am now pouring out upon their sons and daughters, their men servants and hand maidens my glory of my Spirit not just the work of it.

They are now arising with great healing in their wings for this nation. They are now being lifted up to their dominion place with me on my throne that I have given unto them. They are my agents of change.

They are my movers and shakers of my spirit and my kingdom I am releasing through the wind, fire and rain of my Spirit. They are the ones that I am working in to change the kingdoms of this earth to become the kingdoms of heaven.

Even My elders ones (seniors) will experience the fire, wind and rain of my spirit, and I will save many in their last days. I will heal them of their past. I will heal and restore them and their families and give then the oil of joy as their portion to remove the sorrow of their past years.

I would never leave them out. I have come to give them their part in my revealing glory that will be seen upon their earth. I will extend their lives beyond what doctors say. I will extend their life beyond what their family says, and my spirit will be like a refreshing fountain of youth to them and heal them. I would never leave them out of my glory that is filling all the earth.

As my spirit’s work in each region of this country begins to complete its work the three manifestations of my Spirit will converge as one move of my glory all together in this land.

The fire of my holiness, the winds of my glory, and the rains of my power shall fill my full grown sons and daughters, and the New Jerusalem City will begin to be seen in this nation, as a Bride all adorned in white.

Nations will come to my full grown sons and daughters arising. For I am arising in them as a mighty man of war! Nations shall come to their brightness for the glory of the Lord will be seen upon my sons and daughters of the rain, wind, and fire of my Spirit.

I will release in them my cleansing WORDS OF JUDGMENTS to be released upon the earth. No one will be able to stand against this arising company for my fire will come forth from my mouth as they speak my words. For as I was with Joshua and those who were under 18 to go and take the land, so it is today.

I have raised up my new prophetic fathers and mothers, my new apostolic generals, young and old, to lead my people and all those I have chosen to go in and possess the land.

I have put a creative word of “divine transference” in power to fill their mouths to bring change upon the earth. For as I was with Joshua, I am with them. Every place the souls of their feet go, I have given them. They will take this land with me by the power of my kingdom glory in them. I AM with them even to the end of the age.

The wind, the rain, and the fire will work together as one power source filling them, changing them, and enabling them to bring forth my purposes in this nation. I will send them forth, and I am sending them even now to the nations of the world.

The Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached as a witness in every nation and then the end of all things as they have known them to be will end.

The 2nd day “church age” door will be shut forever, and the 3rd day glory of my Kingdom door stands open in heaven to all that will hear what the Spirit is saying. That door now is open in heaven and those who enter it will now reign and transform the kingdoms of this world to be the kingdoms of our God.

They will have the fullness of my wind, rain and fire in them to subdue nations and establish my Kingdom on the earth.

So pay attention to what I am doing in this nation. Pay attention to what I am speaking to you now in what seems small and insignificant ways. For what may seem foolish for you to see and hear the strange things I may ask you to do. In your obedience I will release my glory to you in every increasing ways.

In those seeming foolish (to the world) things I ask you to do or speak, I have hidden my secret mysteries of my kingdom. In those (foolish ways to men) words and ways I direct you are divine instructions and plans to be revealed to those full grown sons and daughters to execute on the earth.

Remember my sons and daughters, many are called, but few are chosen. The time of divine choosing has come. I have sent the winds, the rain, and the fire to come and separate a people unto me that will enter the fullness NOW of my Kingdom glory, power and dominion.

They will walk before me as Joshua and Zechariah were called to walk before me, and I have given them access to my heavenly realm, power and glory to release on earth as they fully keep my ways. I will use them to walk with me through this nation in my glory, and then to walk with me in the nations of the earth.

It is time for all things to come together in this nation as I have planned. My sons and daughters, listen to my voice, listen to my word, and pay attention to the small things I am doing in your midst. For these small and insignificant things are stepping stones up into my realm of deeper glory for you. For when you are faithful with a little I can trust you with much.

Blessed is the man whose God is the Lord, they will never be put to shame. The time has come. The time is hear. The wind, the fire and the rain has come to bring forth the ground for my forerunners and my people to walk upon.

Arise, and begin to rejoice for the time of all things to be filled with my ALL in ALL has come!

Henry Falcone


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