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Would you love to bring joy and healing and salvation to groups of hurting wounded people?

Deep in your heart, have you ever had a desire to be used by The Father in this area of the ministry?

What then, is needed to pursue such a course in your life?

Today is the day to say “YES” to God. Today is the day to decide to dedicate your whole body, soul, and spirit to His Divine Life. Allow His Life to rule wholly in your life. Begin, or return to the process of being filled with all of the fullness of God. Decide that you will seek His face with all of your being without wavering. When you choose this path, distractions will have no power over you. Press in to God.

“Joybringer Bosworth” wrote a little book called Christ the Healer. It is an amazing book and is a good way to begin your journey toward your goal. The book not only teaches the healing scriptures, but also teaches how to yield your whole self to the Lord. Here are some excerpts from this book.


“The Life of God, when received in sufficient measure, lives itself.”

“It is by filling us with His own life that God Himself becomes our life.”

“By filling us with more and more of His Life, God wants to manifest Himself in us in the form of every spiritual blessing He has promised. This is the miracle and the genius of Christianity”

“The fullness of this new Life is better than the healing it produces”

So then, it is the fullness of God’s life in you that produces His desired outcomes.
Answers to your prayers as you think God’s thoughts after Him.

The great Healing minister Smith Wigglesworth said that “I am a thousand times
bigger on the inside than I am on the outside.” Once you begin to allow God to fill your whole being, there is no stopping how far you can go. You can truly consider this the Last Frontier. You will be able to say, “I do what I see the Father doing”.

You will stand in the middle of persecutions that surround you and cause the
crippled to walk again and the deaf to hear and the blind to see. You will cause the
men and women who have lost limbs to see them grow back. But, do not close your
eyes or you will miss it. These things happen fast. You will see the skin of burn patients be restored to normal. You will see the little children be healed of cancer. Cancer is a living evil spirit. It must yield to the power of the living God.

There is a warehouse in Heaven with a lot of spare parts. In the end times it will be emptied every day. You will want to be right in the middle of that.

In effect, you will be living in two worlds at the same time. As Roy Fields says, “We are not from here”.

The Glory of God will be shown to be above the trials and persecutions. This is where the unconquerable Light of God will shine and put out the darkness. This will be our stand and our victory. His Stand, His Victory, His Light, His Glory.

Take courage and strike out for the depths of God. Take hold of God and let Him take hold of you. NEVER LET GO!

Rosaleen Hager

Rosaleen Hager is a precious woman of God that has experienced the supernatural woks of God in a personal way over the past seven decades as a Spirit gifted evangelist, pastor, prophetic intercessor and revivalist. God has again awakened her for this time in history to be a part of this current move of God that culminates all that has gone before and more that is manifesting in the pure hearts and lives of the mature sons and daughters of God in the maturing Body and Bride of Christ on earth. She is beyond a doubt the most joyful excited supernatural faith-filled person I know. She could talk for days of the supernatural miraculous events she has experienced. Just between you and I, in her stories from the past she often refers to herself in the third person as “the evangelist” of “the minister” etc..

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