Forget “this little light of mine!” The seasons have changed. God’s people have grown up. God is releasing floods of brilliant light of His love and glory power obliterating darkness and reconciling the world from darkness into His marvelous light, in the minds and hearts of His people.

The same power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead is exploding into the supernatural powerhouses of ordinary people become Spirit beings of the white glory fire of KING JESUS destroying darkness.

In the power of the white fire of His love, there is nothing that can intimidate, derail, or even slow the rushing mighty wind of the Spirit fire of God Almighty, full of Glory. All flesh is consumed in the fire of His presence. Nothing of darkness can remain in the face of the GLORY FIRE of God.

The same fire that destroys darkness and all that evil has built into the world is the fire that restores mankind to the fullness of the glory of the kingdom of God from heaven come to earth.

“Therefore wait for Me,” says the Lord,
“Until the day I rise up [d]for plunder;
My determination is to gather the nations
To My assembly of kingdoms,
To pour on them My indignation,
All My fierce anger;
All the earth shall be filled
With the fire of My jealousy.
“For then I will restore to the peoples a pure [e]language,
That they all may call on the name of the Lord,
To serve Him with one accord. Zephaniah 3:8-9.

GOD DOES NOT CONTINUE TO SEND GOOD LEADERSHIP TO BAD PEOPLE.  Wayward godless people will draw to themselves tyrant leaders who will severely abuse them.

The glory of God is sustained in the blessings of the righteousness of those who love God. The glory of God is also manifested in the devastation of the unrighteous who love darkness and despise God and His people.

It is the nature of light to destroy darkness. It is the nature of darkness to fill all in which there is no light.

God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. (James 4).

All that is not of the light and life of God is of the darkness and death. There is no middle ground of human morality. Even the goodness or best of mankind without God is of the darkness. There is always the core of prideful darkness of disobedience in the motives of humanity without God. There is always something that the self-oriented human being seeks for self in the “good deeds” that he does.


People without God in them by the Holy Spirit always experience a sense of inner need, lack, or fear.

Only the human being in whom God abides in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit can experience the total peace of inner completeness and wholeness in this life. There is no need that can cause frustration or debilitating fear or anxiety in the life of a person who is one with God. (Psalm 23) (Luke 12:32) (James 4).

Humility opens the way for the grace of God to fill the life with full assurance of the love, peace, and joy of the Lord at all times and in all situations of life.

Human pride is the absence of the grace empowerment of God’s goodness in the life. It is the dependence on human natural strengths and abilities or on a manmade god or gods to provide for this life. All manmade gods are idols and are an extension of humanism, which is man as supreme, either becoming god or making his own god.

Collectively in groups of families, tribes, cities, states, or nations, human beings corporately develop groups in which the light of God abides by the rule of Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit in the people or they develop as groups in whom the darkness of a false god of humanism or some manmade idol that is against the One True God and Christ Jesus by Holy Spirit.


Jesus spoke of the nations of God as sheep nations and other nations as goat nations, in Matthew 25:31-44. He spoke of dividing the sheep to His right hand and the sheep to His left hand. The sheep nations are those that enter the kingdom fullness, and the goats are those that go into judgment. The sheep were identified as those who saw His people in need and gave to them.  The goats were identified as those who saw “the least of these My brethren” in need and did not give to them.

We are in this day experiencing at least the beginnings of the outpouring of His glory on earth, and the nations are being divided across the world. The nations of the world are being divided into those who love God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit and those who do not.


It appears at this time that America is divided almost down the middle with half the people as goats and half as sheep. Probably no one knows the true balance exactly.

Godless humanism in the form of godless Marxism or godless communism seems to have captured and rules in the minds and hearts of the next generations. The major mountains of human influence in America such as education, mass media, family, governance, and more are strongly propagating the end of God and Christ Jesus having any place in this nation’s culture.

Change is imminent. The last great nation of God’s people on earth must radically change now. The only possibilities are:

  • To return to God in repentance and revival into a whole nation filled with the love, power, and glory of God.
  • To do nothing and become an ungodly humanistic society of servants of darkness ruled over by tyrannical task masters.
  • To divide into at least two unions of states, one that loves God and one that does not love God.


The whole world and heaven are involved in this season of major change in the world. This is not about the end of Planet Earth. It is about the end of the world as it has been under the rule of darkness. It is about the light and power of heaven coming into full manifestation on earth.


Look up to the heavens. Set your mind, your affections, and expectations on that which is above. Turn now from the shallow life of pleasure-seeking and humanistic goals of ordinary life in the competition of striving in life for the temporal heart’s desires of what we thought was normal or natural in life. (Colossians 3:1-16).

Let your mind and heart turn to the NEW JERUSALEM life from above that which is beyond all measure of life as we have known it. That which is coming down to become life as the true Bride and Body of Christ on earth. The pure holy ruling city of God, His perfected Bride in the kingdom of God on earth as in heaven. (Galatians 4:21-31) (Revelation 3:12) (Revelation 21:2-10) (Matthew 6:10).


The great harlot city is fallen and destroyed in the fire of the glory of God. “…..Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.” Revelation 18:4.

Babylon the great harlot city of darkness is in great contrast to New Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ ruling City of God on earth. Both are ruling cities vying for the rule of earth through the hearts of man. Opposite patterns of life are released by the two cities to rule the world.

New Jerusalem is now coming down in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit to rule in the hearts of mankind with the light of God. Babylon rules in most of the world and will now be under the fire of judgment as the New Jerusalem is coming down in the hearts of the people of God, the pure holy Bride of Christ. (Revelation 18, 19, 21).

Run to the mountain of God, the high and heavenly life; leave all that would hinder or hold you back. Enter into His heavenly courts with praise full out without reservation or hesitation. (Isaiah 2:2) (Matthew 24:15-16) (Psalm 100:1-5).

Rejoice, and again I say rejoice, for the glory of God has arisen upon you. Let the holy army of God arise with a shout to the glory of God over you as a cloud by day and a fire by night.

Let all that has breath praise God. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord for the Day of the Lord is upon you. Praise Him! Praise the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY FULL OF GLORY!!!! Upon all who trust Him the day has come! JOY UNSPEAKABLE AND FULL OF GLORY! (1 Peter 1:8) (Psalm 100:1-5).

 “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32.

Ron McGatlin

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