By Great Cyril

God is a person and he expresses emotion. This is crucial because until you have that understanding, you cannot experience an intimate relationship with him. You can only have a relationship with a person, not an idle.

You can get an emotional reaction or response from the Holy Spirit. He can laugh and be grieved as well. (Eph 4:30). You needed to be aware of this so you can know he is hearing you, your words are making impact and he is responding to you too.

When you worship, you are not just singing or talking, you are really communicating. To you, it may feel like nothing but that’s because you can’t hear him at the moment. If your mind is open to him, you will get his response in you and you will know exactly how he feels.

This is the reason why the Israelites of the old covenant were given laws to obey, just as they were instructed to pay tithe. If they had intimacy with God, none of that would have been necessary. (Gal 3:24, 25). Intimacy with God means to love him with a personal understanding of who he is and what he wants.

At that time and even until Jesus came, the religious Jews did not know the person of God. All they knew were the acts of God. Their knowledge of God was limited to things like the burning bush, pillar of Cloud, red sea, and things like that, and because of that limited revelation of God, they couldn’t relate with God intimately. (Exodus 20:18 – 21)

#Controversy: The religious Jews had a problem believing Jesus because they didn’t think God was a person who can love and be loved. It was new to them. They saw God as a powerful supernatural being who demands sacrifice and offerings. (Deut 5:25 – 27). Unlike Abraham, they perceived God to be sociopathic or antisocial. It was the basis of their religious inclinations.

#RevelationOfGod: Through Jesus, God was re-introduced. (John 14:7). It was unacceptable to the religious Jews because they expected something more. (John 11:30 – 38). They didn’t expect God to be the kind of person who would weep over loved ones (John 11:33 – 36), dine with sinners (Luke 19:2 – 7), or identify with the weak, (Luke 7:36 – 50). They just couldn’t comprehend the possibility that the Almighty God would be that lowly and compassionate. It was unacceptable to most of them – more like unbelievable.

#GrandPoint: Till this day, the perception of God is still distorted. Some of us still perceive God to be unapproachable – based on the picture that religion painted of him. Religion veiled the person of God with the acts of God.
#Consequence: It is paralyzing our ability to connect with him on a deep level. We still treat him like a shrine. No interest in his person. No real affection; just empty sacrifices and offerings. (Amos 5:21 – 23; Isaiah 1:10 – 14). The little time most of us spend in prayer is focused on needs; “give me this” and “give me that.” (Matthew 6:7 – 33).

#Note: God gave us a will so we can choose to love him. It is the reason why he had to come to us and appeal to us through Jesus. (Col 1:19 – 22)

#KeyPoint: There is a reason why he wants to be known, and it has nothing to do with material things. (John 4:13, 14). He is making himself known so we can relate with his person.

#Question: How can someone get intimate with God?
#Ans: Through the Holy Spirit! (John 14:16, 26)
If you can let the Holy Spirit into your consciousness, your soul will bond with him. It is just that simple.

Qst: Who is the Holy Spirit?
#Ans: The Holy Spirit is God! The Holy Spirit is simply how God can be in different places doing different things at the same time; “…when the comforter is come… which proceedeth from the father.” (John 15:26). Jesus is not here with us anymore and the Father is on the throne and so they both came to us as the Holy Spirit. If you have the Holy Spirit, it means you have the Father and Jesus. As you relate with the Holy Spirit, you are in fellowship with all of divinity; you are in communion with all of God and all of heaven.

#Question: How can someone open up to the Holy Spirit or give him access?
#Answer: By acknowledging his presence and sincerely talking to him.

#SinConsciousness: I know you may think your mind is too dirty for him to inhabit. Probably the reason you avoid him. Nevertheless, he is not man and he is definitely not afraid of your dirty thoughts. He just wants to come in; he will help you clean up.

#Key: Acknowledging him and receiving him in your mind is the only way you can get a response from him.

When you really fellowship with him, no one will have to explain to you what heaven feels like. The influence of that fellowship will make your life glow from the inside out. It is the greatest Joy of living.



This piece will bless your heart.I'll put you in front!In Front of Ministry, for you are all that I have😭😭😭😭😭.

Posted by Victor Anaele on Friday, January 3, 2020




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