Learn From Your Future

By Clay Sikes

Letting go means to ‘Let Come.’ Surrendering control allows God to bring the ‘new thing’ forward, into reality, into your life. Death produces life – let the old die, such that the new can come forth. Complete surrender is the gateway to your deepest purpose upon earth. Death to the current phase of life is introduction to the new that God desires to bring forth.

Ignorance often comes disguised as tradition – let go of all reflective thinking from past experiences and begin learning from the future (What God shows you is coming). God has an investment in your future – give Him time to share it with you. Begin to plan, learn, and focus from your future, and be not tied to learning ONLY from the past.

Be aware of ‘what’ is seeking to emerge ‘through you.’ It is in His presence that we discover who and what we were put on earth to do – His presence extends us beyond self, beyond the present, into the future, bringing the future into the present. God’s last name is not “gonna” anymore – His last name is “IS.”

Transition, transformation, metamorphosis is taking place in the Body of Christ, as the fragmented, ill functioning, divided Body, is now converging, first in small functioning cells, then into whole parts, and ultimately and entire functioning Body, joined (united) to the head (Jesus). What is the mountain of your calling? Scale it and become who and what you are called to be and do.

Man’s systems are failing on a global basis. We are being called to shift our entire dependency upon God, His Way, His Kingdom government. Each with ears to hear has a part to play in this shift. The ‘new thing’ being released in the earth is the government of the Kingdom. As a citizen of this government, you, as an ambassador are ‘called’ to share Kingdom solutions to man’s failing systems; to awaken the earth to a new dynamic on earth as it is in heaven.

Awaken to what is trying to emerge ‘through you.’ Awaken to your future – think, plan, and focus on what lies ahead, not what is behind. Ask and it will be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened. Your future awaits ‘awakening’ to it; give ear to the prophetic voice within, to the prophetic voices around you.

In the Church Age, as with Moses, the promised land was one day, someday, just not today. In the Kingdom Age that we now live, it is as with Joshua and Caleb – “Now faith is.” It is our land and we can “take it.” Your future is now if you can see it, and if you can, join what you see the Father doing because to do so is to touch destiny and fulfill purpose.

Clay Sikes

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