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1. In the Depths of Love is Peace – By Ron McGatlin
2. THE GREAT CLEANSING OUTPOURING OF LOVE – A Prophetic Epistle by Rosaleen Hager
3. News Headlines
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We the people are looking for real hope that brings peace in a troubled world.

The trumpets of God are sounding a call in a world filled with explosions and screaming sirens. The sound of peace in the deepest river of God’s eternal love and life is calling us to take that final step through the veil of distracting noise of a fallen world into eternal peace in Christ Jesus our Lord and King.

Our hope is not, at this time, nor has it ever been, in the fallen world systems of adamic man. The fulfillment of our hope is now, and has always been in the everlasting eternal life of love and peace in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit of God.

Our life of peace does not consist of this natural world. It consist in the Spirit world of God in Christ Jesus Messiah in us by the Holy Spirit now and for all eternity. The kingdom of God is not FROM this world. However, it is indeed FOR this world. (John 18:36).


Our eternal life is now and will never end in Christ. Eternal life does not begin at the death of our mortal bodies. It begins with the death of our sinful life of independence apart from and against Holy Spirit, Father God and Christ Jesus. Our new birth is eternal resurrection life of Christ Jesus in us; it is our Spirit birth into Christ by the Spirit of God. (John 3:6) (John 17:1-3).

Like a baby born into the natural world is not aware or capable of the fullness of life in the world, when we were born into our Spirit life in Christ we were not aware or capable of the fullness of Spirit life. We had to grow up into a mature Spirit being in Christ and Christ in us to live in the fullness of everlasting life in God now on earth and in heaven. (Phil 3:12-21) (Gal 4:1-7).

This reality of maturing is both an individual personal thing and a generational corporate body of Christ thing. Both we ourselves are maturing and the corporate Body of Christ is maturing into the fullness of the designed plan of God. The Head of the Church, Christ Jesus, could not be fully functional resting upon the shoulders of an immature Body.

We each are personally maturing and are at some stage of this process. (1 Cor 13-11).

Collectively and generationally the stature of the body of Christ in the “ekklesia” (the true church) has been maturing back into awareness and the fullness of eternal life of Christ in us for over two millennia since Christ Jesus and John the Baptist announced the kingdom of God was at hand on earth. (Rom 8:19-22) (Mat 3:1-2) (Mat 4:17).

This is both a finished work at the cross and a maturing work in the natural realm.

The time has come for the work of Christ Jesus to be manifested in mature sons and daughters of God living by the Spirit and walking in the Spirit producing the works of Christ Jesus Messiah on earth to redeem and restore the world to the kingdom of God as it is in heaven. (Gal 5:25) (John 14:12).


We are not going around this mountain again as Israel wondered forty years in the wilderness circling Mount Sinai. (Josh 5:6). This is the day to ascend the mountain of the Lord and to move into the promised land of everlasting Spirit life in and with God among us. (Psalm 24).

Spirit life is of the Father of all life on earth and in heaven. In the Spirit life there is no more death. Death is swallowed up in the victory of eternal life NOW and forever. (1 Cor 15:42-58). Eternal Spirit life is the reality of becoming one with God in Christ by the Holy Spirit. Death is separation from God. Whether we live in this body or out of this earthly body we are the Lord’s and one Spirit with God for eternity. (1 Cor 6:17) (Rom 14:8).

A life without God is a life of everlasting death and there is no Spirit life of God in it. (Eph 2:1-6). Separation from God is hell now and forever. Existing apart from God is death and torment in this world. Living as one with God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit is life abundantly filled with love, peace and eternal hope in the joy of the Lord. The righteousness of God is made manifest in us by Christ in us by the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. Spirit God raised Christ Jesus from the dead to live both on earth in us and at the throne of God in heaven now and forever. (Eph 2:6) (Col 1:27).


The call of today is to step into the days of acceleration of the days being shortened that the seed of the righteous will be preserved. (Mat 24:21-22). The plowman will overtake the harvester and the last shall be first. (Amos 9:13) Those who entered the work last have equal pay with those who entered early and have born the heat of the day. (Mat 20:8-16). Selah.

Natural time is in the hands of God. A lifetime can be as the twinkling or blink of an eye. Distance is in the hands of God. A thousand miles can be as a step. Our natural minds cannot perceive the reality of the Spirit life we are entering into in this season of maturing sons in a maturing creation of God in what we call the natural world. Planet Earth and all that is on it belongs to God and the kingdoms of this world must become the kingdom of our God. (Psalm 24:1) (Isa 38:8) (2 Peter 3:8) (Acts 8:39-40).

In this now eternal everlasting life all things are possible. (Mark 9:23). God is breaking the old world order down to ashes that He may restore beauty of His pristine creation from the ashes of the passing fallen world. (Isa 61:1-4). The mountain of God’s pure holy and complete authority shall be exalted above all the mountains and hills of authority in this world. (Isa 2:1-3). The keys to the kingdom are for the unlocking of the authority in this world to rule and reign in the kingdom of God on earth.

The dissolution of all that lifts itself against God is not frightening to those who are risen from the dead in Christ that are now alive in the Holy Spirit of God to rule and reign in and with Him in this world. (Psalm 91:7).

The dead in Christ can mean more than the physically dead.

The dead in Christ can also be those who believe in Christ as savior for heaven someday, yet are dead (or asleep) to the Spirit life of Christ in them now in this world. These are arising from the death of their lingering independent spirit into the glorious life eternal in Christ now and forever. Arise you dead (or sleeping) in Christ and live the life He has called us to live in which all things are possible and none of the weight of sin and death can touch us ever again. The glory of God is arisen upon you and the path of total victory in the joy of the Lord is open before you. (Isa 60:1). Arise into the place prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Your old life is crucified with Christ and the life you now live is by the faith of the Son of God living in you. (Gal 2:20) (Mat 25:34).

Abide in Me and My words abide in you and you shall ask what you desire and it will be done for you. I am the vine of life and you are the fruit bearing branches that bring forth the fruit of heaven to earth. (John 15:1-8). The will and way of Father is planted in Me and you are free to partake fully of the will and way of the Father flowing through you as heirs of God on earth.(Rom 8:14-17). Take no mind for your life, for the resources of heaven are with you to sustain all that My Father has given for us to be and do together. (Mat 6:31-33). I the Lord will never leave you nor forsake those who abide in Me and I abide in them. (Heb 13:5). Thus sayeth the Lord this day shall you be with me in heaven on earth now and for all eternity.

Amen and so be it Lord, Thank you Father God. Thank you Jesus! Amen!

First Published November 9, 2016

Ron McGatlin

I have seen one of the great outpourings coming soon from the Lord. It will be an outpouring of cleansing that will be quick and powerful. This will be followed by an infilling of Holiness for those who are prepared for the cleansing and longing to be filled with Holiness. AT ANY COST!”

Precious Ron and Barbara McGatlin,
Dear Ones.

It is with a grateful heart that I want to tell you how much your ministry means to me.

And, the importance of it now, and to the future of the body of Christ is beyond measure.

The fruit that is being born and will be born from your focus on love will be magnificent.

I would like to share something with you.

I need your input on this so that I can be sure that I am not getting off track.

The apostle Paul said in Hebrews 13:1:

“No matter what, make room in your hearts to love every believer”‘

Our Father has a plan to see to it that we can make a lot of room in our hearts.

He is going to make sure that we have as much room for love in our hearts as He does and Yeshua Jesus does and the Holy Spirit does.

That was the plan from the beginning of creation.

I have seen one of the great outpourings coming soon from the Lord.

It will be an outpouring of cleansing that will be quick and powerful.

This will be followed by an infilling of Holiness for those who are prepared for the cleansing and longing to be filled with Holiness.


The true Lovers of God have become acutely aware that “something” is missing.

There is now a strong desire for the “something” that is missing.

What seems to be missing are vessels that are so holy that they can contain the love of God.

The great revivals of the past and the great heroes of the past were all cleansed by deep, deep repentance and cleansing.

This is what released the aura of light and the love of God in and around them.

All of those revivals were small samples of the outpouring that is coming soon.

We are going to enter into this deep repentance in great numbers.

It will spread quickly throughout the earth.

This will be the fruit of intense intercessory prayer that is even now preparing the vessels.

This outpouring was described to me as a Feast of Tabernacles indwelling.

Yeshua Jesus is going to “tabernacle among men” with a new revelation of Himself.

The Holy Spirit has begun making us very hungry for a further anointing from heaven.

We must be prepared for a new way of thinking.

And prepared for a new way of living.

We will not expect life to be the same as it was before this outpouring.

We will not resist the changes that the Holy Spirit is making deep within us.

And, we will not draw back in fear.

We will welcome the freedom and the joy and the peace that this cleansing will bring.

We will be amazed to find that we can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit so easily and clearly.

It will be as though we have tapped into a continually open phone line to heaven.

The changes will be a taste of heaven.

Each taste brings changes to our spirit that enable us to become more like our Savior.

Our spirits will be continually expanding to contain more of the holiness and love of heaven.

We will become geared to the atmosphere of our heavenly home.

As the expansion of our spirits continues, they will grow faster.

Time is even now beginning to gain speed.

We will become able to recognize the enemy and his tactics immediately.

We will allow only the things of heaven to enter our spirits.

We will set a guard so that no darkness can enter.

We will notice that our brothers and sisters are beginning  to take on an amazing resemblance to Yeshua Jesus.

They are becoming more and more full of light.

So much so, that as the evening comes it will not have black darkness.

There will be so much light shining forth from the saints that the earth in the evening
will begin to resemble the soft dusk of the evening in heaven.

The darkness will be dying.

It has already begun to die.

We know that the Lord is getting ready to show His power.

When this happens, a very strong  fear of God will cover the earth.

There will be many and varied reactions to this unveiling of the power and fear of the Lord.

The enemy wants everyone to fear him.

We will not do that.

He has already been defeated.

Those who are true Lovers of God will not fear because they have been taught about the power of love.

They understand the great truth that “love casts out all fear”.

This is the secret that the heroes of the faith throughout all time have discovered.

We are now entering into the “Promised Land”.

God had an important message that He kept repeating to Joshua, Caleb and the others.

That message was “Fear Not, Do Not Be Discouraged, The Lord Your God Is With You”.

That is the message that brings victory.

That is the message that releases the love of God.

“The Love Factor” is the message that Jesus brought to earth so that we could understand the great, passionate love of God.

The Love Factor is the area in our Christian lives that we struggle with the most.

That is because the body of Christ is struggling with fear of all kinds.

Fear must be addressed and dealt with so that the love of God can flow out without measure.

Lovers of God will begin seeking and flocking to meetings and to leaders that are filled with God’s Love.

They will begin to seek the fellowship of the saints who have entered into deep repentance.

We cannot love when we have a divided heart.

We must have a heart that belongs to GOD and GOD alone.

We will realize that our lights are dim and we will leave the shadows and seek the Light of Life.

We will realize that we are thirsty and we will leave the desert and seek the Water of Life in its fullness.

The Lovers of God are gathering together unto HIM.

Precious Ron and Barbara, you have been so faithful to teach us about the love of God.

Many facets of the life of love for the believer have been given to us through Open Heaven every week.

These words have been deposited deep within our spirits and will become powerful life-saving words in the days to come.

Each of these “Love Bombs” will explode within us at the needed times.

The outpouring of Holiness will be the catalyst that releases the Love Factor to the body of Christ.

For God so LOVED the world that He gave His only Son to birth many sons.


Your sister Roz

Rosaleen Hager

Ron, One of the names that you are called in heaven is “JOHN”
One of the faithful  Apostles of Love.

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