.1. Arise into the Spirit Far Above the Fray

By Ron McGatlin

Arise into the Spirit Far Above the Fray – By Ron McGatlin

The call from the Spirit realm in heaven is to come up here. The word from the Spirit realm of those on earth is ARISE; go up into the Spirit realm of heaven.

The tumultuous conditions on earth draw us into the fray as long as we remain at ground level. When we are drawn into it, we become part of the noise of clashing swords or clanging cymbals or quacking ducks. In other words, we become part of the problem rather than a part of changing the situation.

God has a much higher place for us in the Spirit realm. In this season God is taking many who are willing to lay down their natural lives with its mindsets and ways and set their hearts and minds on higher things that are far above the lower life of the natural strife of this fallen world.

In the Spirit we can actually experience powerful supernatural solutions to situations that are unsolvable from the natural realm.

Supernatural Spirit Reality is the power to transform us and our world. It is the God given design for ruling and reigning in this world. It is God’s way of peace on earth through the power of LOVE.  All the works of the enemy are dissolved by the pure holy love of God flowing through the sons and daughters of God. The people of God living and breathing on Planet Earth now have the potential to change the world in this current season of transformation.

It is well to remember that Spirit God supernaturally created us and all created beings and things heavenly and earthly with a spoken word.

Add to that truth the fact that He loves us and abides in us, and we become potentially even more powerful to change the world.

The reality of these truths gives us great confidence in the now available power of the Spirit supernatural reality of God.

The Loss of Supernatural Spirit Reality

Over the past centuries of history, Christians have tended to lose their respect for the reality of Spirit supernatural life experience in favor of scientific intellectual natural human views of life on earth. This loss became a part of the reason for the failure of the Christian religion to have a strong effect on the mountains of influence in this world.

Supernatural Spirit life has been seen by many people including Christians as a mystery at best and as foolishness or insanity at the worst. It is difficult for many to hear that the overcoming of natural problems often rest in Spirit solutions that appear to be supernatural or mysterious to them. However, these very real solutions are the normal ways of Spirit God to whom all things are possible.

The Return of the Supernatural Spirit Life Reality

We have entered the season of the restoration of intimate love relationship with God. The reality of becoming as one with Spirit God by the indwelling Spirit of Christ Jesus in the Holy Spirit of God is now here for those who believe. Spirit eyes and ears are being opened to experience the heavenly realm. In the Spirit, hearing and seeing what God is saying and doing empowers us to release the will of God into this world.

The seeing eyes of Spirit God from the lofty place with God in the Spirit realm enables us to see what is really going on and what the real answers are to the tumult and strife of a world that has turned away from its one true God for many self-made other gods.

Wasting Our Time on Earth

Pursuing natural fallen world human solutions is wasting our time here on earth. We become a part of the fray to our own loss.

Sadly for man and God, many Christian believers have lost and are losing the potential of their lives here on earth even while having a great hope of heaven after this life. Yet, they have failed to see the mission of God to bring heaven’s ways to this life now on earth.

Entanglement and entitlement are the culprits that have stolen at least a portion of the now lives of many if not most believers:

1) Entanglement with many other gods created by the hearts and minds of deceived believers who are void of the life-giving Spirit supernatural reality of God.

2) Entitlement to independent self-rule and self-pleasuring lives without regard and due diligence to the one true God who made them.

They may be trusting God for heaven in the afterlife but seeking their own way apart from God in this life. While seeking independence from God in this life many have filled their lives with other pursuits. They are attempting to fill the void in their lives created by the lack of the supernatural Spirit life of God. In so doing many other gods are formed from created things.

Spectator SPORTS is only one of the major gods of many American Christians. Unknowingly, they look to their favorite team and some of the players as super heroes. Young people often look to their sports super heroes as role models for their lives. Many adults are seriously discouraged when their team loses a big game or series. Then they are greatly alive when they win the big one or the championship. Their lives are tied to the sport or sports of their choice.

Another major god today is prescription drugs that make them feel good and lifts their spirit for a short season. These are often used for pain killers during surgery or severe injury. However, many people become dependent upon the drug for their sense of well-being. Sometimes when the prescriptions are no longer available, they may begin looking for illegal supplies of drugs.

These are just two major created things that people make idols of in their lives. Almost anything can become an idol. Every form of activity or thing that human beings depend on to make their lives feel more self-satisfied or self-pleasured that is not sent to them from God is based in their need for more reality of supernatural Spirit life in God.

The unfulfilled need for more of God becomes lust, greed, and competitive striving to get what they want or feel they need.

When they are getting what they want, they feel pride and can become arrogant with a “better than others” attitude because they are winning. However, if they do not get what they want, if they are losing, then many forms of fear begin to drive them. The fear becomes things like coveting, greed, jealously, inferiority, sadness, depression, anger, hatred, and other disorders that cause strife and stress.

Those things that have replaced God have become the gods that drive the lives of the people into a form of insanity or loss of real understanding of life, themselves, and the world around them. Their Spirit eyes are blinded and ears are closed. They neither see nor hear the one true Spirit God. (Mat 13:14-16).

When something or someone of God rises up in the Spirit of God near the people, they are driven by their false gods to experience great fear and are traumatically affected. The false gods in them rise up in great anger and hatred striving against what they see as mean evil hatred against them. Their inverted minds see evil and darkness as good and light. They see the light of God as darkness and evil.

They then become open to and readily accept the occult evil works of darkness and are greatly intrigued by the evil supernatural world of every form of witchcraft and sorcery. Supernatural evil villains of darkness become their super heroes. Blood lust, war, and sexual lust become their mental playground. If you think that sounds too strong, ask God to open your Spirit eyes and watch American television for a while.

The Current World Transformation

The people of God in the past century began to return to the reality of intimacy with the living God in a love relationship of Spirit reality. In the current decades the supernatural Spirit reality is manifesting in lives and groups of sincere real worship and praise in the presence of God lifting people into heavenly places with God.

The presence and power of God began to have a powerful influence of good on the people of the land. This has caused a strong reaction of fear in the false gods of darkness that drive the people wild. Many deceived people are rising up together in a great attempt to destroy the works of God on earth. The powerful move of God is a great threat to the existence of their ungodly way of life.

Yes, we are now entering the full out destruction of the evil works of the enemy on earth and the beginning of the arising of the pure Holy Spirit reality of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

There is something that could be called a rapturous Spirit arising into the heavenly Spirit realm taking place in this season. Many are being lifted into the inner courts and throne room of God in the Spirit. The sons and daughters of God are being prepared to move in the supernatural Spirit reality to complete the redemption and restoration of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.


Ron McGatlin

2. “Where Is the Place of My Rest?”

Curtis Crews

Isaiah 66:1 “Thus saith the Lord, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house that ye build unto me? And where is the place of my rest?”

The Lord is searching for something that is very rare. He is looking for those who are willing to set themselves apart completely unto Him and become temple builders. This temple He is looking for is not built with hands. Have you built Him such a place of rest? Does the Lord feel at home inside of you? Is He a guest in your life that is free to visit or have you built Him a house of devotion and invited Him to move in? If you build it He will come!!!

Ephesians 5:10 (Amplified Bible, Classic Edition) “And try to learn [in your experience] what is pleasing to the Lord [let your lives be constant proofs of what is most acceptable to Him]”

Through visitation and touches of His manifest presence we begin to hunger for and learn to meet the conditions for His abiding presence. Everything in the natural temporary realm is designed by the enemy of our faith to distract us and keep us from entering in to the special relationship of pure devotion, for the enemy knows that once we become a habitation there will be an end time demonstration of the Glory of the Lord like the world has never seen.

Psalm 25:14 (Amp) “The secret [of the wise counsel] of the Lord is for those who fear Him, And He will let them know His covenant and reveal to them [through His word] its [deep, inner] meaning.

The fear of the Lord is very different than the fear of the enemy for it awakens me in awe to the value of the opportunity I have been given to enter in to this special covenant relationship. It causes me to deny myself anything that would rob me of His presence.

Many times in the past the Holy Spirit has descended upon us. Whether He remains or lifts is up to us. The cost to self of His abiding presence is great. The reward is an eternal intimacy that only His Bride will know.

Psalm 102:13 (Jubilee Bible) “Thou shalt arise and have mercy upon Zion; for the time to favor her, the set time, is come”

“Lord, May our lives become a resting place and home for Your presence. Long have we desired for you to dwell in us in fullness. One thing have we desired for we wait upon You only”


Ephesians 4:12 “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ”

It’s time that the body of Christ no longer be an observer but a participator.

You can no longer be satisfied with a nice building, a nice service, some nice music or watching the 5 fold ministry perform.

The true work will be accomplished when the saints in faithfulness and obedience move out into the fields of their life and begin to minister.

The Lord has gone before you and prepared the fields. Will you become personally available, accountable and involved in the harvest?

This word is especially for the Women of God. Many of you have sat, watched and listened but now the Lord has put a word in your mouth that must be proclaimed.

This move of God is far greater than anything in the past so don’t think in terms of fitting everyone into a building for whole cities and towns will turn to the Lord and begin to gather house to house and in small groups. The day of a handful of charismatic leaders in each local controlling things is over.

King Jesus is taking His place as the Head of a many membered body that will move in harmony with Him. Many big churches will cease to be for their buildings were monuments of pride that took the time and money of Gods people that was actually meant to flow out into the body and to the world as a witness of love.

Count the cost for this word is very costly. You will bear the reproach of many within the church world because you dared to believe and step out. Stand tall in the strength of the Lord and He will give His angels charge over you to keep you as you walk in His higher end time purpose.

To Him be the glory.

Curtis Crews 

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