Pray for Hurricane Ravaged Puerto Rico! “Apocalyptic” Conditions Have Brought the Island to Its Knees. “Hysteria is starting to spread. The hospital is about to collapse. It’s at capacity.” -Manati Mayor Jose Sanchez Gonzalez

Ericka Anderson : Sep 26, 2017 :

(Puerto Rico)—[] We heard plenty about Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma here in the United States, but Hurricane Maria has been devastating Puerto Rico as well—to the point that some officials are saying it is setting the island back decades. (Photo: Puerto Rican residents receive water from National Guard members bringing aid to the ravaged island/via

At least ten people are reported dead, including two police officers, and people have now taken to looting homes and businesses like crazy. It’s the scene no one wanted to imagine, but the reality Puerto Ricans are facing.

Photo Credit: (Photo: Aerial photo of flooding in the costal town of Loiza, on the north shore of Puerto Rico/Credit: Dennis M. Rivera Pichardo for the Washington Post)

Officials are describing the island conditions as “apocalyptic,” with that eerie feeling that emerges when electricity is down and the landscape completely destroyed. Reports say that as much as 95% of the island does not have cell service.

Lines of people await resources and materials to keep them alive from the National Guard and people have resorted to washing clothes in creeks, due to lack of options. Many Puerto Ricans are poor and have no resources to back them up—and certainly no flood insurance. It’s going to be a long time before anyone gets back to life as normal on the island.

Just as we saw in Texas, there are photos of gas stations and business parking lots flooded beyond recognition. The difference is that Puerto Rico has less resources to build itself back up with.

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