Today July 3rd 2017, an extreme prophetic voice is trumpeting into my computer that is coming from English speaking prophets across the world. There is a strong common thread of the long awaited lifting of the SONS of God manifesting the fullness of the works of God’s kingdom NOW. Even in the midst of cleansing worldwide cataclysmic apocalyptic events. An era has begun of Spirit living empowered and endowed with humility, purity, holiness, love and power without limitations.

Here are links to some of these words. You will find that they are mostly like small books in length as it appears the Fire of the Spirit is flowing like a river in the scribes. Take the time to receive what God is saying that resonates in your Spirit. I suspect that I will be adding more words as they continue to come in.

IT IS TIME! – Manifesting the Kingdom of God – By Henry Falcone 

WHY NOW IS THE TIME For The Sons of God to Take Their Place – By David Drew 

God is Releasing the Sound of Revival This Summer 2017 – By Stephen Powell 

Heaven’s Fire Transforming the World By – Ron McGatlin 

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