Digest September, 29

. . In This Issue 1. The Glory of Spirit Kingdom Living 2. I Am Leading You Deeper Into the River of My Rest 3. News Headlines SUBSCRIBE Digest   1. The Glory of Spirit Kingdom Living By Ron McGatlin The most glorious, peaceful, and fulfilling life... Digest September 23, 2016

. .   In This Issue 1. Personal Update on 2. AMBASSADORS OF HEAVEN ASSIGNED TO EARTH 3. News Headlines SUBSCRIBE Digest 1. Personal Update on A Fireside Chat By Ron McGatlin I remember well during World War II, in the...

The Overcomers Are Emerging – By Clay Sikes

There is a mighty transition taking place as overcomers emerge from under the rock where they have been hidden for many years. They are coming forth as an aged eagle that hides himself in the cleft of the rock, plucking his feathers, battering his beak, awaiting new... Digest September 16, 2016

  . . In This Issue 1. THE WAY OF LOVE 2. The Overcomers Are Emerging 3. News Headlines SUBSCRIBE Digest . 1. THE WAY OF LOVE By Ron McGatlin The beauty of holiness flows from Jesus penetrating, purifying, and filling our being with His pure holy...

The Paradoxical Kingdom – By Clay Sikes

It is a safe assumption that there are two kingdoms that compete for our affections daily – the kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of God. One insist on dominance (the world’s way), and one offers a quiet solution by an entirely different standard (the Kingdom of...

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