In my time with the Lord, I’ve seen the deceit and destruction that started centuries ago. What was only a hairline fracture in the foundation of the world and the church is becoming a large chasm.

 I realized the great need for many to “come up” out of the valley, no longer partaking of that which is earthly, and set sights on that which is above, WHERE CHRIST SITS AT THE RIGHT HAND. Our commonwealth or citizenship exists in the heavens from which we await our Savior Jesus Christ, who will/is transforming us from this body of humiliation into the body of His glory.

Through righteousness, we find glory; glory leads to eternal life, The way, the truth, and the life. To KNOW Him, to KNOW the power of His resurrection, and to KNOW the fellowship of His suffering……….  These three lead into fullness, may we prepare our hearts before Him for the coming storm. Leaving that which is behind, (yesterday’s) and press on for the prize.

The Lord began sharing in word and vision not long ago concerning the 4 corners of heaven and of earth and its workings within the government of Jesus Christ, that if we enter into His government, we will become administrators of His government.

In this understanding, I was sent out, a brother in the Lord joined me, and we, over several months, went to the E, W, N, and S into 8 cities in each direction to cast early winter wheat seed in the heart of each. Much was spoken and took place, but the part the Lord would have me share is the following.

He sent us into 4 (divine revelation) directions (corners) of this nation. Which as a sidebar, brought us before the UN, the nation’s Capital, The White House, and many other main points along the way.

We crossed through always praying many cities and towns but specifically 8 (completion) in each direction. When all was complete, I was home meditating on all that had taken place and was revealed.

As I meditated, I realized the total number of cities was 32 ( Covenant). Immediately, the Lord spoke, “I am making a covenant with My people and with this nation,” concerning its direction and My desire for it on the other side of much upheaval that is to come. These scriptures were placed in my spirit; I have meditated upon them much over the last few months.

Jeremiah 50:22
Daniel 12:1
Matthew 24:21

And I heard today, 6/30/24, Babylon – by war will take the land if my people do not stand even now siege mounds are being built while you nest in the governments of men and church. Can you not hear the rattling of the battering ram as it makes its way to the gate?

In the midst of this journey, we found ourselves at a youth prayer gathering in Houston, TX. During this time of prayer, the Lord took me into a vision.

“I saw the Lord traversing around the nations, nation after nation, carrying a suitcase. I believe it held all the wisdom and understanding from the beginning of all things. His face was one of searching. His heart was full of hope. I said, what are you searching for, Lord? He replied, “A place to lay My head.” I have searched houses, churches, and cathedrals both great and small.

Then He went to a church and began looking in a window, waving me over. I looked in. It was a sanctuary of 40 to 50 people in a room that could seat 500. These were scattered about the pews. As I watched, I noticed they were playing patty cake, darkness tapped upon their shoulders, and despair was whispering in their ears. My heart sank.

All at once, the Lord took me back, and all nations came into view. He said, “I do not see glass, metal, and brick.” I asked what do you see? He replied, “Wood, hay, and stubble, all that is for fire.” I began to weep and pray by Intercession.

Then, in a moment, He pulled back even further to see a great expanse. The Lord asked, “What do you see?” I looked out and saw a great storm brewing; it was dark and full of dark things. Trembling, I replied, “I see a great storm dark and full of darkness, Lord”. He replied, “It is The Spirit of Babylon; see, its tentacles are already moving in like the smoke of incense creeps in.

He cried out such that all who have ears to hear would hear: “Stand not with wagging finger at My church but rise and cry out, by faith stand firm in My power and authority against this darkness and despair that binds this body of which I am head.”

Though I see wood, hay, and stubble, I do see sparse lights of hope that shine in the darkness My hope, the light of My salvation and truth, the hope of an awakening which will come upon many who have fallen asleep” I was lifted in my spirit and in my heart, I felt a great weight and saw a great need for humility and REPENTANCE………………..

Lastly, a few weeks ago, the Lord called me to come beside the water, so I went north and stayed in a cabin by a lake for 3 days. Much was said and imparted, but what the Lord wants me to share here He said, “I am removing the weight of these garments that have been placed upon me, and am calling upon my people to remove the garment that the governments of men in and out of the church have Shackled My people with. Cover your heads with ash and cry out for The Truth to rise.”

A sweeping wind is about to move in; may our hearts be prepared as we continually draw near to our Lord.

Take hold 2 Peter 1:3-11

In Christ Jesus,
David Kloefkorn




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