Mandy Adendorff: “Generation Alpha – the Eagle Scout Generation”

Mandy Adendorff, New England
Jun 14, 2024

There is a specific word on the baby boys being born in this season and the alpha-generation boys. A generation of leaders are coming from these boys who will reveal the mercy and justice of God.

The Dream: The Eagle Scout Boys

I had a dream many years ago about these young men, and I sense that this is the season for the fulfillment of the dream.

In the dream, I saw an old tree stump with two branches growing from it. On each branch there was an eagle’s nest, each with two parents and two eggs. I watched the eaglets hatch from both nests and walk off the stump onto the ceiling of a house. Suddenly, I realized that they were not birds but boys. They had multiplied and became a large group of boys around ten years old.

The presence of these ten-year-old boys could be felt, and I was astounded at what radiated out of them; there was an innocence and a purity that was so shocking and tangible in my dream. It was as if they had an anointing of godly purity and innocence. They were like sharpened swords, and I heard the word “Eagle Scouts” over them. (Photo via Pexels)

When I woke up, I wondered about the dream. I knew that Eagle Scouts was a title given to an elite group of skilled young men that had a form of excellence about them. Who were these boys that were born on a stump that eagles had decided to nest on?

Standing on Top of Generations

I believe the stump is used to illustrate God’s redeeming mercy over wickedness, and it speaks of previous generations that have failed. Nebuchadnezzar had failed and was cut down like a tree, but God in His mercy caused the old stump to grow anew, except this time in righteousness.

Israel had also failed and walked away from God over and over again, but God caused Christ to be born from the stump of Jesse. Both the stump and the ceiling (rooftop) represent previous generations. The boys in the dream were born on a spiritually war-torn generation (the stump) and matured as they gained height—as they grew on the “ceiling” of prior generations.

It’s not unusual for righteousness to be born out of a compromised stump. God is the God of second chances, and righteous generations can be born from stumps that have turned from God. I sense that the references to “two” in my dream alludes to the second chance. The severed stump had a second chance through the two branches, each with two nests, two parent eagles, and two eggs

Please note: this word is not proclaiming that an entire generation has failed or has been cut off. On the contrary, we who live in Christ are the life of our generation, but there is more—God is raising up a young generation of men to be born of our generation as a gift to us and those who follow us. Also, please note that this is a specific word for males, but we know that God has a wonderful plan for females too. In fact, this revival of men will elevate and protect the women of that generation.

God Does Not Give up on Us

I was in the supermarket recently, and had a moment where I noticed that around me were a few carts being pushed by fathers who seemed gray and withdrawn, but in the front of their carts were small children full of color and joy. I was aware of the renewal of life and hope that God gives every generation through a fresh start to their legacy. Children are a gift, and where there are failings in prior generations, there is hope for renewal in the next generation. God does not give up on us! He raised up Moses as a response to the cries of the Jews who were in slavery for 400 years. He raised up Joseph for a world about to be crippled by famine, and He raised up the Lord Jesus for our salvation. I believe God is going to raise up generation alpha to bring a revival of purity, fatherhood, and family back to the earth.

The Adaptability of Eagles and Penguins

The eagle is considered the “prophetic face of God” and a scout is a person who is sent ahead to uncover the enemy’s plans (many times they are leaders and deliverers). Eagles have mastered flight, see from above, and rest in high cliffs. But the boys were not only eagles in the dream, they were dressed in suits that resembled penguins. Penguins are known as birds that have adapted their wings to their environment so that they can fly through the water. These boys will be able to adapt and master the most challenging environments. They are eagles at heart and see from the heavens, yet they are dressed to move stealthily in the darkest, coldest, and most hidden places. (Photo via Pexels)

God is raising up a generation of alpha boys to lead a revival while they are boys, and then as men, be husbands and fathers. And these agile boys will carry an unusual level purity and spiritual excellence.

We See in Part

I believe that what we prophesy, we must pray for. Prophets only see in part, and I often wonder why we do not see everything. I think that is because God gives us pieces, and He asks us to trust Him with the fullness of the picture. This word is a partial word. There is more understanding that I do not have, but what I have, we can prophesy and pray for because we are partners with God. He gives us a piece of insight, and we hold onto that with our agreement.

Prophesy aloud with me: We speak over the boys that are being born in this season, and the boys that are called, “Eagle Scouts.” We prophecy God-breathed purity and innocence, and the Eagle Scout anointing over you. We proclaim that you are who God has called you—the Eagle Scout generation—and you have everything you need to usher in an era of purity and family back to the earth. The nations will look to you as fathers, and godly family will once again be desired by the people. Heavenly Father, protect that which you have raised; empower them, encounter them, and give us the grace to raise them. May they break off the bondages that have captivated prior generations, and may they be a light to the ones they will lead, nurture, and eventually, father. May generation alpha be raised up as role models for the next generation, and may they usher in true mercy and justice. Thank You, Father, for our privilege of parenting and grand parenting this generation, and thank You for being merciful and kind to us all.

Note: The generation born from the years 2010 through 2024 is widely considered generation alpha.

Mandy Adendorff
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Mandy Adendorff has passionately released the Kingdom at home and abroad for over 30 years. She has planted an equipping supernatural school in Connecticut, teaches and ministers prophetically, and authors numerous books. Mandy is an artist at her core, creating art that impacts the human spirit. When she was fifteen years old she encountered Jesus, but because she is Jewish, she hid her faith until the fire inside couldn’t be contained anymore and she has been ministering ever since. Mandy, her husband Stuart and their two daughters immigrated to the US from South Africa and are based in New England, USA.

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