I walked into a worship night at my church last night and immediately I was greeted by the youth doing a fund raiser for camp. I continued in the doors and it was packed with young adults mingling and munching on food. I preceded to my left looking around and not seeing anyone I knew. I got bumped into by two people as they were on a mission to head to their destination. I proceeded outside to where I found the head of our hospitality team, said hi to her and continued around the outside of the building. I wondered who all these people were I did not know in my own church.

I arrive on the side of the building where I usually sit and I find many people I know. I tap on the window and they wave me in. I come and stand with them as worship is about to begin and I start to look around the room. Sprinkled throughout the room is many I know and many I don’t know. I love churches that are alive for they grow and when they do there will be people you do not know. I smiled as I scanned the room at the many faces then I shut my eyes and began to sing with all my heart.

The room was filled with the sound of worship. Some had hands raised, while others had arms folded. Some had tears falling down their faces and others were bowing down before God. Old and young, brown and white, visitors and members, all singing the same song to the same God. What a sight, what a sound. Then a young adult on the microphone began to sing a song I did not know, saying Jesus you are beautiful, the sound was the youth and young adults lifting their voices to Jesus. What a sound. The next song was about the Lion of Judah who had overcome and our apostolic leader Dustin led that song and the sound was different.

I asked the Lord what I was hearing between these two songs and He said, “It was the sound of the young lions declaring my beauty and the old lions declaring my overcoming glory.” The melding of the songs created a sound that sounded like a young lion and an old lion roaring in unity. The young lion was practicing their sound, the old lion had history with God and was releasing their sound. The two lions in the room released the sound of a roar that reverberated outside of those walls.

Can you hear the sound of the young and old lions? Can you feel the vibrations of the lion of the tribe of Judah marching across the land? Can you join the sound, whether you are an old lion or a young lion? Lions led by a lion is a powerful sound of the likes the earth is longing to hear. Release the sound of the Lion of lions of the tribe of Judah!

Mouth Piece Ministries