FSU (MNN) — Have you ever started a story with, “This one time at summer camp…”?

For kids, summer camp is filled with making memories and fun with friends old and new! Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) is kicking off its annual summer day camps across the Former Soviet Union (FSU), including in war-torn areas.

Eric Mock with SGA says, “The kids wait year-round for the opportunity to have these summer camps where they can go away from the noise and the distraction and even the fears of this world and find peace, joy, and love through the ministry of local believers to them and the hope that we have in the Gospel.”

Each summer camp is different. “One is a camp in the local area, it could be a facility, or it could be out in the woods. It kind of depends on the circumstances. For the kids in Ukraine, it may even be in a bomb shelter.”

Meanwhile, it’s not just the kids who are impacted.

“There’s parents who show up because they don’t know what to think of the local Church,” Mock says. “[So] they have these day camps that parents stand nearby, and what’s amazing is a lot of these parents are hearing the Gospel for the first time.”

Kids at SGA’s summer camp. (Photo courtesy of SGA)

Mock says after a summer camp is over, often they’ll see parents and their kids go to church the next week for the first time! Just $41 provides the scholarship for one kid to attend an SGA summer camp.

“SGA hopes this year to assist as many as 77,000 kids across 13 countries to go to a summer retreat, and we hope the number is even better! As much assistance as comes in, we’re able to send more and more kids. There’s really almost no limit.”

One gift today can change a kid’s life with the Gospel. Donate to SGA summer camps!

Pray for children in Slavic nations attending summer camp to find joy through faith in Jesus Christ. Ask God to draw entire families to His truth! Pray also for wisdom for the camp workers as they present God’s Word.

Header photo courtesy of SGA’s summer camp for kids. (Photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association)