In the face of darkness, the light of the Gospel not only survives, it thrives!

Despite the backdrop of threats from a separatist guerrilla group and a strict curfew, the people’s hunger for hope could not be quenched. Crowds from Adola and its rural neighboring regions poured in, their spirits undeterred, their hearts open to the healing power of Jesus Christ.

The air was charged with expectation, and God did not disappoint. Jesus performed wonders in every single meeting—the kind that touch the very core of our beings and renew our faith. We witnessed the lame discard their crutches, children and elders alke, stepping forward, healed and whole. Tumors burst and vanished before our eyes, leaving only awe in their wake. The chains of demonic oppression were shattered, freeing hundreds that were oppressed, filling the city with an indescribable joy.

The crusade became a profound celebration of faith, salvation, and God’s relentless mercy. Each testimony of healing brought indescribable hope and joy to the city.

It was clear that Adola had witnessed a divine appointment that would echo in its streets for generations.

The locals were so happy that they made me an honorary tribal elder. These are formal festive clothes worn only by “Abba Gadas,” the fathers of the Geda people.

Your steadfast prayers and generous support made this impactful campaign possible. As we rejoice in these victories, we are reminded of the power of our united faith and the impact it can have across the globe.

Thank you for being a pivotal part of this journey. Your partnership in the Gospel is not just changing lives—it is transforming entire communities. May you be blessed abundantly as we prepare together for the next outpouring of God’s miraculous love.

Yours in the Harvest,
Evangelist Rubens Cunha
(Together with the whole GGA team)

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