There is a New Sound, The Sound of the Heart of God.

You can hear it in worship, but it’s not born from worship. It’s born from the heart of God and revealed through Holy Spirit. No sound of God’s Love will have a worship leader’s name on it, but every true worship leader will want it because that’s what the Body of Christ will yearn for. It will be a sound that draws every person destined to know Jesus, the Savior of all who come to Him. They will come to the sound of His call, the voice of the Bridegroom King calling the Bride to come away with Him.

At times, the sound will come as a whisper, and sometimes as the roar of the Lion of Judah. The voice of Holy Spirit will have one single purpose: to reach those called into a relationship with Jesus, and they, alone, will recognize that voice. It is a new sound. It is the voice of one calling in the wilderness, the voice of one speaking the world into existence, the voice of the Bridegroom. Peter spent three years listening to Jesus before the resurrection, so when Acts 2 and the fire of God came, he knew the sound of His voice. As Peter spoke, the New Sound was released, God’s voice rang out, three thousand were saved, and the New Sound was born in the church.

We are in a new season, and the New Sound of God’s heart is again being revealed in us. It is the sound of freedom, a sound that will draw new believers, a sound that will invite all to the dance, a sound that takes hold of the heart that is yearning for more of Him. You can hear and release the New Sound because it is in the heart of all believers yearning to release the joy of Jesus and knowing Jesus to all. The sound transforms all believers as it brings them into the dance that creates the City of God, it is the Sound that comes from the heart of God.

“The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So, it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” John 3:7 ESV

Steven and Maryann

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