Trump’s Michigan Primary Win Even Beat Democrats

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Michael Katz (Feb 28, 2024)

Lee Zeldin noted that President Trump received more votes in Michigan than all Democrat primary votes COMBINED. Zeldin added, “It’s possible that the ENTIRE blue wall gets painted red this November.” -via The Gateway Pundit

[] …President Donald Trump cruised to victory in the Michigan Republican presidential primary Tuesday, cementing his sizable advantage over his lone remaining challenger, Nikki Haley. (Screengrab image)

Trump was declared the winner at 9:01 PM … a minute after the last polls closed. With 28% of votes totaled, Trump had 66.9%, …Haley 28.1%…

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JPost Staff (Feb 28, 2024)

[] Forces of Division 162, along with the Nahal Brigade’s combat team and engineering forces, unearthed an underground tunnel network that connects the north and south of the Gaza Strip, the military announced on Monday. The underground routes run for some 10 km and pass under a hospital and a university. After gaining operational control of the network, IDF soldiers examined it and destroyed large portions of it… 

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(Screengrab Image: via Jerusalem Post)

Craig Bannister (Feb 28, 2024)

“…Joe Biden is directly responsible for the deaths of innocent Americans at the hands of illegal aliens. Period … If only the Biden Admin protected Americans like they do illegal aliens.” -Border Patrol Union

[] The death of 22 year-old nursing student Laken Riley is “all on you Joe Biden,” the Border Patrol Union declared Monday, after it was revealed that Jose Ibarra, the man charged with murdering the Georgia woman, is an illegal alien from Venezuela, who had previously been released from DHS custody. (Screengrab image: via X)

It was Riley, not Ibarra, who needed the Biden Administration’s protection, the Border Patrol Union (BPU) said in a social media post condemning …Biden’s open-border policy:

“Jose Ibarra didn’t need any protection from Venezuela, jail or deportation. That’s a sad joke.

But Laken Riley sure as hell needed protection from Ibarra. And who protected her?

“All on you Joe Biden. Stand up and be accountable for what you’ve done to this country. We’ll wait.”

“Joe Biden’s policies of death, anarchy and destruction are responsible for 193 dead people who crossed our border illegally so far this fiscal year,” the union followed up:

“Wear it proudly Joe. Get out of your basement and talk to the American people about what you’ve done to our border. Coward.”

“Joe Biden is directly responsible for the deaths of innocent Americans at the hands of illegal aliens. Period,” it added.

“Every single bit of this is on Joe Biden and his minions who are intentionally flooding this country with millions of illegal aliens,” the Border Patrol agents’ union wrote on Sunday, denouncing the president for his wanton disregard for the safety of American citizens:

“No proper background or health checks, no regard for our laws, just get them in by the millions, consequences to the American people be damned.”

“If only the Biden Admin protected Americans like they do illegal aliens,” they wrote Monday.

And, in yet another post, the border agents explained their constant Biden-bashing:

“Why do we call out Joe Biden so much?

“Simple, he is the problem.”

Anthony Scott (Feb 28, 2024)

“…On Nov. 7, 2022, a Department of Justice immigration judge in Newark, New Jersey ordered Trejo-Granados’ removal from the United States. According to the ICE records, the Montgomery County Police Department arrested Trejo-Granados on March 21, 2023, and charged him with theft. While those charges remain pending, ICE lodged an Immigration Detainer on Trejo-Granados with the Montgomery County Detention Center on March 22, 2023; however, the agency says MCDC refused to honor the detainer and Trejo-Granados was released by MCDC on March 27, 2023.” –Fox 5 DC 

[] The Gateway Pundit reported on Monday the Prince George’s County homicide unit arrested 25-year-old Nelson Granados-Trejo in connection with the murder of a toddler in Prince George’s County, Maryland. (Screengrab image: via X)

In the police report, it was reported Nelson Granados-Trejo had “no fixed address” but did not give details if he was an illegal immigrant.

Now, a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson has confirmed Nelson Granados-Trejo is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador.

Fox 5 DC reported that on Nov. 7, 2022, a Department of Justice immigration judge in New Jersey ordered Trejo-Granados to be removed from the United States…

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Sarah Arnold (Feb 28, 2024)

[] A staggering amount of illegal migrants have entered the United States under …Joe Biden—and that number keeps climbing. According to new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data, from February 2021 through January 2024, more than 7.2 million illegal aliens have been released into the US, wreaking havoc on American communities and their resources. This number is larger than the population of 36 US states… Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click Here to read.

(Screengrab Image: via CBN News)

Fred Lucas (Feb 28, 2024)

Arizona requires proof of citizenship to vote in state elections. Because of the National Voter Registration Act, however, it can’t impose that same requirement during federal elections…

[] Arizona’s second-largest jurisdiction provides a glimpse into the battleground state’s obstacles in keeping dual voter lists, an election watchdog group says. (Image: Pixabay)

Pima County—the second-largest county, including the state’s second-largest city, Tucson—has removed a total of 186 noncitizens from its voter registration lists since 2021, according to data gathered by the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

Of the 186 names removed, seven are recorded as having voted during two federal elections, the data shows.

“Federal law hampers states’ abilities to validate citizenship during the voter registration process,” J. Christian Adams, president of Public Interest Legal Foundation, said in a written statement.

Arizona requires proof of citizenship to vote in state elections. Because of the National Voter Registration Act, however, it can’t impose that same requirement during federal elections, the US Supreme Court ruled. That law often is called the Motor Voter Act.

“The federal government could update Motor Voter to allow states to require proof of citizenship and add citizenship to Motor Voter’s reasonable list maintenance requirements,” Adams said. “Arizona is limited to building imperfect systems to address the problem of foreign national voting.”

Arizona, which Donald Trump carried in the 2016 presidential election but Joe Biden carried in 2020, is a closely watched battleground state in 2024.

“Roughly 65% of records came from ‘political parties and group drives,'” the report from the legal foundation says. “Although conclusions in other studies established that organizers of voter registration drives can be left leaning, the party affiliations of the registrants within the Pima [County] disclosure are more varied.”

The report goes on to note: “Arizona has a somewhat better system. Arizona officials have tools to identify some potential foreign registrants to make contact and correct the record before an immigrant runs the risk of more legal trouble.”

As detailed in my book “The Myth of Voter Suppression,” voter list maintenance is a problem across the country that includes noncitizens, registered voters who have died, and those who no longer live in a jurisdiction but are still listed as registered to vote.

A spokesperson for Pima County Recorder Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, who oversees voter registration in the county, didn’t respond immediately to an inquiry from The Daily Signal for this story.

Last year, a similar analysis by Public Interest Legal Foundation found that Arizona’s largest jurisdiction, Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, canceled the registration of 222 voters since 2015, voters who had a total of nine recorded votes.

It is a federal felony to vote as a noncitizen.

The foundation’s report contends that in many cases, noncitizens likely didn’t intend to register to vote, but rather were registered without asking when getting driver’s license. In other cases, noncitizens were approached by an independent political group in a voter registration drive.

“The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (Motor Voter) provides the most common pathway for foreign nationals to get registered to vote,” the report says. “The 24 states plus DC which automate Motor Voter, not giving the immigrant the chance to decline registration, exacerbate the problem.”

Border states also have more legal immigrants moving back and forth, Public Interest Legal Foundation says in the report.

“Finally, battleground states with a high number of third-party voter registration drives can expose immigrants to improperly getting registered to vote,” the report says. “Every scenario where a foreign national encounters Motor Voter protocols creates risk for premature voter registration.”

In an interview earlier this month with The Daily Signal, Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes said keeping dual registration lists—one for state and local elections, the other for federal elections—has worked in securing Arizona from noncitizen voting.

“We have the strictest regime in the country when it comes to noncitizens not being able to vote,” Fontes, a Democrat elected in 2022, told The Daily Signal. “We have a system where documented proof of citizenship has to be submitted [for state and local elections], and it’s a very cumbersome system. That’s what the law requires and we’ll continue to follow it. It’s far more thorough than we see just about anywhere.”

Fred Lucas is chief news correspondent and manager of the Investigative Reporting Project for The Daily Signal.

Heather Sells (Feb 28, 2024)

“There are lots of hungry hearts and hurting people, so I’m going to the border to tell them about God’s Son Jesus Christ and how He can make a difference in our lives.” -Franklin Graham

(Eagle Pass, TX) — [CBN News] Franklin Graham is preaching in Eagle Pass Wednesday night, his 4th stop in a 10-city evangelistic tour along the southern border. Graham says he’s not talking politics, he’s sharing the Good News with a region that is hurting. (Image: via X-Franklin Graham)

“I’m not going to the border because it’s an election year,” he said in advance of the tour. “We’re going because it’s a crisis and it is one that is continuing to grow.”

The God Loves You Frontera Tour began in Brownsville, Texas on Feb. 24 and finishes on the border in Chula Vista, California March 9.

Graham emphasized that he’s preaching the Good News for everyone, regardless of whether they’re from the US, Mexico or another country.

“There are lots of hungry hearts and hurting people, so I’m going to the border to tell them about God’s Son Jesus Christ and how He can make a difference in our lives,” said Graham.

Pastors in Eagle Pass have been working for months to prepare for the event. They say the region is struggling with the strain of the border crisis and the aftermath of the pandemic and they’re praying for an abundant harvest.

Pastors Don and Amie Crabtree lead Tree of Life Church, just one block from Shelby Park and the Rio Grande River. They are ready to serve those who make decisions for Christ. (Screengrab image: via CBN News)

“As Believers as we’re praying and asking God for revival, we are seeing that shift in the atmosphere, we are seeing things change and move,” said Amie Crabtree.

“This is something that God is doing supernaturally and He’s bringing people to revival, He’s bringing people back to Christ and we’re living in an amazing time right now,” said Don Crabtree. “It’s phenomenal that you see this whole thing culminating right here, right now in Eagle Pass, Texas.” Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

Heather Sells covers wide-ranging stories for CBN News that include religious liberty, ministry trends, immigration, and education.



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