News is blaring and prophetic voices are shouting but the truth is that which God is speaking into our purified hearts.

To hear the pure truth directly from God we must truly be IN LOVE with God, and not just knowing Him or knowing that He loves us nor even just knowing the written word from the Bible.

Some gifted and sincere believers have spoken amiss from their sincere yet impure hearts. Later as the inaccuracy and impurities are discovered, people lose faith in the inner voice of Spirit God speaking the truth through anyone including themselves.

This is the voice we must know and obey, to discern the truth from the lies of the news media and the many other voices that fight for our hearts and minds.

God and the powers of heaven are now coming upon this world to fulfill the plans of God and dissolve the plans of the enemy and all who continue to follow him.

King Jesus is separating His sheep flocks to His right hand to inherit the kingdom and the goat herds of the old fallen evil world to His left hand to perdition. (Matthew 25:32-34, 41).

It is no longer possible for the sheep and goats to live together and be mingled together as one lukewarm group. It is time to come out from among them. (2 Corinthians 6:14-18)

The love of God is purifying His sheep and cleansing them from all the evil goat-like ways of unloving darkness in preparation for ruling and reigning with God in the world as God originally designed in the Garden of Eden.

The love of God is drawing His sheep together in flocks to live in His love-restored Garden-of-Eden-style groups The new garden-type groups are to be apart from the fires of condemnation that are destroying all that deny God.

The New Garden flocks in love with God are drawn together in a Holy Spirit community of love with God and one another apart from the world order. They are God supplied and self-sustaining as much as possible and remotely located when possible. Worship and praise in the presence of God is primary to all life in the community.

The following is more urgent now than when it was written last year.   


Heavenly supernatural power of love is the strength for the creation of the New Gardens of heaven on earth. Amid chaos and judgments in the land that has become a spiritually dry desert of evil, new places of supernatural preservation and provision are being prepared. (Isaiah 43:19-21) (Isaiah 61:2-4).

True Sons of God, joint heirs with Christ, in love with God are being called and chosen to release and activate the supernatural resources of God to prepare spiritual natural places of refuge under the shadow of the wings of Almighty God in heaven on earth. (Psalm 57:1).


Great strength and power to do mighty exploits is in the LOVE of God filling the hearts of the chosen and prepared Sons of God to release the works of God. Passionate faith in clear visions from God solidifies the birth and completion of the works of God.

Without vision, the people perish. With vision from God, the will of God is done and the people prosper. (Proverbs 29:18).

A jungle mentality without “love” invaded the church systems in past generations. The strength and power of money were largely seen as a source or sign of evil abuse of greed and control. It was commonly believed in most religious structures that being poor was a quality of godliness and being wealthy was a sign of ungodly values.

Then in more recent decades, a pendulum swing occurred in some church systems in which the gospel seemed to become the way to the prosperity of gaining wealth.  

In the hearts of the kingdom-minded new creation people of God, the strength and power of money is a God-given tool to be used to accomplish the will of God now on earth.

However, the love of money is the root of many kinds of evil. Money within itself is not truly evil but the love of money or the love of anything else over the love of God is evil and out of order with the plan and ways of God. (1 Timothy 6:10) (Luke 10:27).


Christ Jesus the Son of Love is calling out His Bride to complete and multiply His Body on earth as the natural Spirit family of God on earth and in heaven now and forever.

The New Garden people are the chosen Bride people who have fallen in love with God and are set apart to be fruitful and multiply the Garden, to fill the world with the kingdom of God as it is in heaven. (Genesis 1:28).

The first man Adam was made of the dust of the earth with life breathed into him. Adam’s mate, Eve, was later made from a rib from his own body. The Garden of Eden was their perfect abode where they were to tend the Garden and have dominion over all the Garden. They were given to multiply and fill the earth with the garden of God.

Christ Jesus is the New Adam. His Bride is the New Eve that is taken from His (Jesus’) Spirit body and not made from the dust of the earth. A pure and holy Spirit Bride of God. Jesus the new Adam and His Bride are to dwell in a New Garden to tend and have dominion over it with the ways of heaven. Again, the call is being heard to be fruitful and multiply, to fill the world with the New Garden life, the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

We are Spirit beings in natural bodies bringing Spirit God to this world that is becoming a glorious manifestation of God in visible evidence of His love and glory to all creation. We are the only created earthly creature that can fully relate to the natural realm and the Spirit realm.

To be spiritually aware is to be present with Spirit God now in this natural world. Spirit God always leads with pure holy love.


Love increases all aspects of groups and families to produce and accomplish.

Love overcomes all evil.

Love is always good but “good” is not always love.

Love is sometimes blind to issues from past afflictions.

Love is always good though sometimes strong.

Unlove and evil spirits may pretend to be good but they are not of God.

The God-given love and desire to help or improve may appear to some people to be like the evil need to control or persuade. How then does New Garden love help or improve without appearing as controlling or persuading? New Garden love fully accepts and shows pure love in practical ways that go beyond the expected normal.

New Garden’s unconditional love has no other hidden purpose and no demand for expectations. However, it does have a cheerful, thankful, and grateful response to all improvement.

When love is fully requited then communication and cooperation become fruitful in the love relationship that orders all relational issues. Production and achievement move more rapidly into greater quality and quantity.

Checks and balances are still reviewed by the participants in the family or group in loving cooperation and kind consideration of one another.


In the New Garden life, truth and love are always together.

In the unconditional love of God, there is no need for covert or deceptive actions. We have nothing to hide and communication is clear and clean as we speak the truth in love from a pure heart of love.

The awareness of the presence of God in and with us guides and protects us from all evil communications with the fallen world that is being dissolved outside the New Gardens of God.

We commune in heavenly spiritual natural groups in the glory of the presence of God.

The word “nice” is not a descriptive word for God. Nice is replaced in our vocabulary by holy or pure. There is no measure of nasty or nice in the New Garden of Heaven’s ways on Earth.


That which is not possible with mankind is possible with God. All things are possible to God Almighty! (Matthew 19:26) (Mark 9:23).

God is not asking us to establish and build the New Gardens of God on Earth for Him. He is asking for our agreement and participation through obedience to Him. Our hearing and obedience to God are entirely dependent upon our unconditional love relationship with Him.

His love for us fully reflected back to Him by our falling in love with Him, is the requirement for hearing, obeying, and receiving all that He has for us. Total love involves complete trust and childlike faith.

Our faith is strongest when we hear the word directly from Spirit God and then are confirmed by the written word of God.

Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

When the disciples asked Jesus what they must do to do the works of God, He replied, “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.”

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32.

Ron McGatlin


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