Stark contrast; obvious demarcation; distinct difference; when something becomes so clear you cannot deny what you see, these are some of the phrases we use to describe it. I spent 9 hours with a large group of people all day Saturday at The Send in Nashville, TN. It was one worship set after another with a little bit of speaking in between. What I saw and heard was what God is doing in the body of Christ on a level I did not see before the event. There is a generation on the earth right now that is mature beyond their years, not indoctrinated with the theologies of men, but are enamored by the presence and power of God.

Leaders who are working with youth and young adults are preaching the gospel of the kingdom, they are training, equipping and deploying, they are apostolic in their revelation of Jesus Christ, they are prophetic in their words of life and they are pointing these students away from the platform and to the person of Jesus Christ. It was refreshing, exciting and relieving to hear Francis Chan say, “If I read the word of God only and your bored, that is your issue not mine, for the word of God is living and active, sharper than two edged sword and only the word of God can change your life.” Or to hear Martin Smith say, “A depressed anxious generation does not need another ballad, they need a song to dance to.”

The kingdom of God is here, it is not coming, it is here. I saw it, I heard it when I was at The Send. If one generation that has been taught everything is getting darker will not receive the good news of the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, another one will. We have a group of people on the earth who are preaching the kingdom, not the news. They are calling for a generation to dance not mourn. There is such an obvious two message system in the church and the way to discern which you are listening to, is to look at the fruit of the message. Fear based messages produce anxiety, panic and preppers, while faith, life and light based messages produce confidence, boldness, hope and joy. The kingdom is here and we were born for such a time as this. Did you feel the mountains tremble? Did you hear the singers roar? As the lost began to sing of Jesus Christ our risen Lord.