Recently as I was sitting in the Lord’s presence I said to the Lord “I will worship you with my expectations” and at the very moment I spoke those words, I felt the weight of the Lord’s presence so strongly, fill my room.

I then heard Him say:

“Lana, I am inviting My people deeper into the place of worshipping Me with their expectations. I am asking My people “Do your expectations bring glory to Me and worship Me?”

In that moment I could feel the invitation of the Lord right now to “come up higher”. I saw so many that have been held down, bogged down and ‘living under’ hope deferred, or expectations of things remaining the same, or expectations rooted in lies of the enemy. I watched as many have walked ‘season after season’ of hardship and trial, and they were looking forward at this year and there was a heaviness over where their expectations were placed in this season.

I could feel the intensity of the Lord’s heart in this invitation that He was calling His people for a response. It was time to ascend in our expectation.

I heard the Lord say:

“The ascension in expectation comes not from man’s strength or striving, it comes from beholding Me. It comes from lifting up your eyes and having your eyes upon Me.”

The voice of the Lord was quite strong as He spoke:
“STOP looking around you! Look up! Look up! It’s time to LOOK UP! Look up higher.”

I then heard a thundering in the Spirit as He spoke:


The atmosphere surrounded me with a very strong sense of “decision”. There was a calling of the Lord to “come up higher in faith” and to “determine” that expectation was not going to be placed in anything else but in what the Word of God says and who He is.

I saw the word “FLOUNDERING” before my eyes and I heard the Lord say “Many are floundering between two opinions, I am calling My people to DECIDE and be DONE with doublemindedness, it’s TIME to DECIDE.” (James 1:7-8)

The sense filled the atmosphere of declaring and deciding to stand in who He is and who the Word says He is and worship Him with our expectations. There was a RESOLVE in expectation that the Lord was calling His people to and the positioning was in the BEHOLDING of who He is and refusing to look at anything else. Nothing else but Jesus.

I began to see a tidal wave of the Refiner’s fire and it was flowing all through the body of Christ. As God’s people were beholding Him, the Refiner’s fire would fall upon them and completely consume the expectations that were not glorifying the Lord and igniting the fire of faith within hearts. There was a complete reversal. A total turnaround. A divine alignment of the Lord and divine order was coming into hearts and minds, shifting and changing their sight, as they beheld Him.

I heard His voice again:

“Lana, I am inviting My people deeper into the place of worshipping Me with their expectations. I am asking My people “Do your expectations bring glory to Me and worship Me?”

I felt such a fear of the Lord in the realm of stewardship before Him. There was such stronger call of the Lord to steward our expectations before Him and align our expectations with who He is and His Word and these expectations glorify and worship Him and this was making room for OUTPOURING.

I heard those words over and over “It’s making room for OUTPOURING”

I also began to see the fire of God falling upon faith filled expectations and birthing a hunger for more. There was a groaning, deep cry that was being birthed and increased within many believers for more of Him, to know Him more, hear Him more, see Him more and to see a powerful move of His Spirit, a powerful outpouring.

The Lord is calling us to anchor more deeply within His Word and make room for Him in our expectation. It’s time for the Bride to arise in faith in greater ways and take Him at His Word and to not flounder, but stand fortified. There’s a deeper consecration that the Lord is bringing His people into. A consecration unto Him as He is about to do wonders amongst us (Joshua 3:5 )

He is shaking, refining and purifying expectations. Expectations are to be rooted not in past hurts, past seasons, trauma, grief, circumstances, how things have happened before, expectation is rooted in who Jesus is and His Word and what He is speaking. He is maturing, strengthening and fortifying His Church. He is cleansing, delivering and purifying His people, and calling His Bride, to embrace the fire on expectations and make herself ready.

Lana Vawser Ministries