Charlie Shamp: “The Robe and the Ring”

Prophetic word released on December 28, 2023:

As I was in a time of prayer, the Lord came to me in a vision. In this vision, He presented me with a signet ring and a royal robe. He spoke these words to me: “I speak to you now with love and purpose. In this season, I am releasing a fresh anointing for My Body to take their rightful place as kings and priests.

“I have bestowed upon them a signet ring and a royal robe, symbols of authority and identity to walk in the fullness of My Spirit on the earth.

The Signet Ring

“The signet ring represents the authority I have entrusted to them. For I am raising up a generation of rulers who will walk in the power and dominion of My Kingdom. They will walk uprightly before Me. They will judge My house and keep My courts. (Photo via Pexels)

“As they wear this signet ring, they shall see that they have been given the authority to bind and loose, to decree and declare, and to establish My will on the earth.

“They are called to walk in boldness, for I have anointed them to bring forth transformation and breakthrough in the lives of those around them.

The Robe

“The royal robe signifies their identity as My chosen and set-apart ones. I have called them to be a holy priesthood, a royal priesthood. As they put on this royal robe, they shall embrace their true identity as sons and daughters of the King. This is the time to let the dignity and honor of their royal heritage shine forth in words and actions. I say, walk in humility and love, knowing that I have anointed you to minister to others with compassion and grace.

“As I release this kingly and priestly anointing upon My Body, it is a call to deeper intimacy with Me. Seek Me wholeheartedly, for I desire to reveal more of Myself. Allow Me to equip and empower you for the tasks and assignments I have prepared for you. Be open to My leading and guidance, for I will direct your steps and open doors of opportunity for you to walk in authority and anointing.

Step Into the Fullness of Your Kingly and Priestly Calling

“Do not underestimate the significance of this season, for I am doing a new thing on the earth. Embrace your kingship and priestly anointing that I am releasing upon you, and walk confidently in the authority and identity I have given you. As you do, you will see My Kingdom established and My glory revealed in greater measure.

“I am with you. Trust in Me, for I am faithful to fulfill all that I have spoken. Step into the fullness of your kingly and priestly calling, and let My anointing flow through you to bring transformation and restoration to the world around you.” (Photo via Pexels)

A New Era on Earth

Once I emerged from this vision, tears streamed down my face and my entire body felt as though it had been immersed in liquid love. The indescribable feeling I experienced washed away all the pain I had silently endured for years. I felt completely purified.

I firmly believe that we are entering a new era on Earth, where God is carefully selecting individuals to be vessels for His divine purpose. This vision occurred on December 19, 2023, around 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. I urge all of you to dedicate time to prayer in the upcoming days. 2024 will bring unexpected changes, and we must adjust our mindset accordingly. I foresee a radical remnant emerging alongside a simultaneous great falling away. A revival of the Bride is on the verge of coming forth. Set yourself apart and wait upon the Lord.

Charlie Shamp
Destiny Encounters


Charlie Shamp is the co-Founder and president of Destiny Encounters International. He is a sought after international key note speaker. He has been commissioned by Heaven as a Prophet to bring healing and revival in the nations. He has ministered both nationally and internationally with radical demonstrations of faith seeing lives transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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