Being in love with God does not prevent or stop all war in a time of transition and transformation.

Yes, being in love with God does eventually stop all war and infighting. However, it does stop fighting among brethren and as much as possible with all people.

God did not design fighting and war in the world. It came from mankind turning away from the pure love and trust relationship with God back in the Garden of Eden. All the world became in tension of lack and need.

Perfect peace in our hearts and lives does not depend on there not being any conflicts in the world around us.

Walking in peace in the storms on earth is a form of victory. Being totally in love with God takes away fear and guides us into becoming peacemakers in the world.


That which is in a person’s heart determines whether he or she is a peacemaker or a warmaker.

God is love! The living presence of Spirit God in the heart of man produces an atmosphere of love, and peace is a major fruit of love.

Peace filling our hearts makes us to be peacemakers in this world. Joy is peace in action. The activity of peace in our hearts produces a joyful life.

The person in love with God is filled with Spirit God and there is always internal peace that is not determined by or dependent on the world around us. We influence the world around us toward peace.

In love with God, we know that we are connected to and protected by the ultimate power and wisdom of Almighty God. Whether we live or die we are the Lord’s and remain in peace joyfully demonstrating the power and wisdom of God. In love with God, we become the mature sons of God.


The world and all within it groan under the tension of the lack of the people of God who are truly in love with God and bringing forth the peace of Christ Jesus on earth.

Earth’s designed provisions are wasted in conflicts and wars. There is a constant lack and need causing lust for more and competition to be more and to get more for ourselves and our family, tribe, or nation. This leads to conflicts and wars that further destroy and waste the provisions of life created for all life on earth.

Without God within the people’s hearts and lives the world is filled with continuous strife and a hunger for the missing peace and joy.

Strong inner needs develop for pleasure to fill the lack of peace and joy of not being in love with God. These inner needs lead us to create other gods, or sources of fulfillment in life without being in love with God.

Games of competition and activities of seeking pleasure become replacements for the real love life in God.

Life games become a competition to be better, stronger, smarter, or richer than our peers. To be number one above or over others to fulfill our inner and practical needs.

The lack of being in love with God is threatening to destroy the world and certainly is destroying nations and wasting the resources of God’s created world.


A major remnant generation is now coming forth on Planet Earth that is truly falling in love with God. These are young and old who not only see the emptiness and foolishness of our mixture of godly things with fallen world darkness but also see the answer of being in love with and married to God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

Praising and truly worshiping God in his presence is the greatest corporate fulfillment of becoming one with God and leads to always abiding in His presence.

The beauty and peace of being in the glory of His presence keeps us filled with passionate love and deep respect for the awesome reality of God with us. This is beyond natural understanding and far more than anything in this life.


Prayer becomes more of a continuous conversation with God or at least communing with Him often as we go about our daily activities. We are continuously seeking His will and direction and are sensitive to his promptings and warnings.

Special intercession times become our time of hearing the next step of His plan or purpose before speaking our requests. It is seeking to bring us into alignment with His greater wisdom and power. Then pray and speak His desire as it becomes our desire in agreement with Him.

Father God knows all about things that we may not be seeing. It is good to ask God, “What do You want me to know about this situation?” And after hearing ask, “God what do You want me to do about this?”


The Bible becomes more alive as we commune with Him as we read the scripture. We are speaking to the author and can gain revelation and an increased depth of understanding the word.

Many Christians will say that a whole greater deeper meaning to the written word is opened to them than that which they have had before. Truly as God speaks by the Holy Spirit within us the written word is more alive than ever before.


There are significant hindrances established by the enemy of God and believers. The deceptive ways and schemes of the enemy are focused on preventing believers from falling in love with God.

However, without our agreement, the devil is powerless to deprive us of any provision of God. To get our agreement he gives us alternate plans and ways and convinces us that they are right and necessary to life in the world.

Today the world and religion are filled with what we may see as good things, that are truly not the way of being in love with God.

Spoken short and direct, some of the cultural and religious assertions that seem to be rightful and necessary for life are blocking our breakthrough to the greater fullness of being in love with God.

The fullness of the plan and purpose of God is set aside or delayed as we follow along with the things of this world rather than change the world around us to the kingdom of God.

In this brief article, I cannot detail these things that hinder. However, some have to do with these areas of our lives: education, occupation, recreation, sports, religion or religious activity, romance, addictive behaviors such as online games, gambling, social media, TV, substances, and others.


First, seek the kingdom of God which is found by being in a sold-out in-love relationship with God. This is the top priority in all life and it must become our own number one priority.

We may have been led to believe that we must do some of the things above before seeking first the kingdom of God. However, the truth is that all the things that God really wants in our lives are the best for our lives and will be added as we make our love relationship with God our number one priority.

 “Therefore, do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 31-33.

Love never fails and,
His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin



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