Wanda Alger, Winchester, VA
Jan 28, 2024

Through all my years of prophetic dreaming, I’ve never received a dream that suggested anything about Jesus’ return or any specific event preceding it. What I HAVE been consistently shown is that the Church is going to go through some massive overhauls and major changes. I’ve never had clarity concerning how or where this will fit into any timeline. All I’ve known in my spirit is that the power and presence of the Lord is going to be experienced in unprecedented ways before His final return.

Then, recently, I had a dream that was unlike any other. The Lord revealed His heart and His intention for the Body of Christ in these “last days” before the wedding of the Lamb…

The Grand Finale

In the dream I was in a large church. It was clear that the Holy Spirit had been ministering to people throughout the entire congregation. I saw people gathered in groups and huddles around the room, praying together and in deep fellowship. There was a blanket of God’s presence permeating the atmosphere as the people were ministering, one to another. I even saw one group spontaneously go to the platform and start laying hands on one another for healing. There was no focus on a speaker or special minister. I couldn’t even see a podium or any indication of a preacher that had incited this. This was a work of the Holy Spirit among the people, not led by any man.

I was so struck by this demonstration of Spirit-led ministry, I wanted to take some pictures. But when I tried to take a picture, the lens would get fuzzy. I was frustrated that I couldn’t get this on camera to share. It was at this point I noticed that people had begun to move back to their seats as if preparing for something else. I also noticed that someone had started to turn off the stage lights. At first, I thought someone was trying to disrupt what was happening. But as I looked closer, I saw the leader of the house backstage, giving the direction to turn off the stage lights. Evidently, things were being prepared for some kind of “finale.” It seemed that everyone had been expecting this. There was now a fresh anticipation as people fixed their attention on a grand procession that was soon to start. (Photo via Pxhere)

I was now positioned near the stage as if I was helping to prepare for what was to come. I distinctly knew there was an entire company backstage that had been strategically planning for this event. It was to be a grand entrance and procession with many attendants. I knew there was also a Bride that had been planning and preparing for this event for a long time. I now recognized that everything I had seen prior to this was simply the prelude for this grand event that was about to take place. THIS was the real highlight. I even knew the Bride’s name, and it meant “darling,” or “dear one.”

But, just as everything seemed to be set for this grand entrance, the Bride did something unexpected, apart from the planned procession. With great anticipation and longing, she came before the watching throng and began to lead them in spontaneous worship. Her heart was filled with joy and deep affection for this joining of hearts and lives. Though the anticipation of the wedding was great, the desire to share this profound love with the world couldn’t hold her back from expressing it and sharing it with those who came. She wanted everyone to know the depth of this union and that its reward was available to any and all who desired it.

The company backstage waited while the Bride led the throngs in worship. Her love for the Bridegroom was tangible and the spirit with which she communicated was contagious. Compared to the previous experiences that had just taken place, this newfound oneness in the Spirit brought an exponential weight of Heaven’s glory. The joy she expressed was palpable as all were caught up into glorious adoration of the One that had captured their hearts so completely.

As I continued to watch and take in this unexpected eruption of worship, I suddenly remembered the Bride’s gown as she had passed by. I had helped in the adjustments for her final fitting. I could clearly picture it in my mind because of an unusual detail. Down the side of her dress was a row of metal clasps – the kind you would see on heavy boots. I somehow knew that she had just come from battle and that this feature, often associated with military garb, had been a carefully designed part of her garment. I saw that the lower two or three clasps were open and I thought maybe they should be closed. But as I started to close them, my attention was directed to her walk, and I realized that the lower clasps had been specifically opened to give the Bride even greater freedom of movement. It was this freedom and joy that she exhibited that lingered in my spirit when the dream ended.

I knew upon waking that I had been given a preview of what is to come. Each part of the dream illustrated a profound insight and revelation into God’s purposes for the Bride of Christ in the days ahead.

What Is to Come

Even as the world around us is falling apart and darkness seems to be prevailing, there will be an increase in the presence and working power of the Holy Spirit. The Lord is taking the spotlight off of celebrity ministers and giving the platform to His people. He is doing a sovereign work in the collective. The Holy Spirit is taking center stage and ministering deeply among those who are pure of heart and hungry for His presence.

This is a time when the works and ministry of Jesus will increase exponentially as God’s people are empowered to minister, one to another. Healing and deliverance will be ministered as never before, and a love for the Body will become tangible and life giving. This will not be a time of viewing from online or critiquing through social media, but a time of face-to-face ministry and in-person fellowship. And in this time of deep ministry among the Body, the anticipation of the Lord’s return will be treasured. (Photo via Unsplash)

Then, as the lights go out and the stage is set, there will be an unexpected turn of events. The Bride of Christ, His “dear one,” will step up and lead one final and glorious demonstration of perfect love to the world. Out of a longing for all to know the power of this covenantal promise, the Bride will invite the world to know Him and join in a song of worship that is born of the Spirit and not of the flesh.

The very thing that will grant His Bride the authority to do this is the very warfare she has come through. Being uniquely fitted for the intense battles with the adversary, this Bride will come through the warfare victorious, without stain or blemish. Overcoming every scheme of the enemy, she will have gained the freedom to move without restriction, as led by the Spirit and not dictated by the systems of men. The attire that was needed for battle will be part of her wedding garments as a testament to her fortitude, perseverance, and faith-filled love for the Bridegroom.

This is what the Father intends. Before His Son’s final entrance, it is the Father’s delight for the world to see the beauty of the Bride… to reveal the glory of her transformation before all who have shamed and persecuted her; to settle, once and for all, the intention of the Bridegroom to present His Bride – not just to the Father, but to the very world that needs her. In defeating her enemies, the Bride will exhibit a love and power that can no longer be denied. The oneness of Spirit she brings will cover the entire earth and become an open door for all who desire entrance.

This is the Father’s delight, the glory of the Son, and a supernatural working of the Spirit: a glorious and overcoming Bride given authority over nations to usher in the harvest.

Wanda Alger
Email: wandaalger@gmail.com
Website: www.wandaalger.me

Wanda Alger is an ordained minister, commissioned fivefold leader, speaker, and author. She has produced numerous video and audio teaching series, and six books, including her latest, WORDS TO PRAY BY. She also hosts a YouTube and Rumble channel where she posts weekly videos of prophetic dreams, insights, and Kingdom strategies, and is active on social media. Find all her resources and writings at www.wandaalger.me. She is married to Bobby Alger, lead pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Winchester, Virginia, which they founded together in 1998. They have three grown children and a growing number of grandchildren.

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