Will the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus’ culture on earth, exceed the original Garden of Eden and the New Garden groups forming now?

Perhaps we can answer that question with a question.
Is a seed greater than the tree filled with much good fruit and with more seed within the fruit?

God originally made all living plants and animals including mankind with seed within them. He did not first make a seed and plant it to grow the first creation. He did not create an egg and a sperm first. He made a man male and female first. (Genesis 1).

In the sense that the entire amount of fruit in the world came from the original creation of God, all creation is a living seed for procreation. Mankind in the image and likeness of God has a major role in the procreation and care for all creation that is on or within Planet Earth.

The original Garden of Eden seed became corrupted in the fall of Adam. The new seed in Christ Jesus is the New Garden of JESUS’ CULTURE now sprouting and growing forth on earth. (Genesis 3).

Mankind with the unique design of Spiritual and natural cognizant ability is the agent or hands-on steward or manager of creation on Planet Earth in accordance with the directions and empowerment of Father God.

Creation on Earth looks unto mankind for God’s management through mankind for assistance in its procreation order and wellbeing. (Romans 8:18-22).


The whole globe of Planet Earth with all its systems of life and existence is disordered, unbalanced, and severely stressed by the corrupted leadership of mankind.

The broken and degrading condition of the natural or physical world is due to a broken connection with the Spirit realm.

The problematic failing condition of the natural world at this present time is due to the failure of mankind to accept and align with Christ Jesus the Savior, Lord, and KING of this world.

The Spirit King Redeemer is the complete provision of Father God Almighty to fully restore mankind, this world, and Planet Earth into perfect balance and alignment with Father God in Heaven. (Colossians 1:15-20).

There is absolutely nothing mankind can do by his own power or intelligence to restore and realign this world without Christ Jesus the King. However, all things are possible for mankind when fully connected by love into the Spirit realm of God through Christ Jesus. (Mark 9:23, 10:27).


It is impossible to overstate the intensity and importance of the complete change of the focus of mankind. The foundational beliefs of knowledge and assumptions now ruling the minds of the masses must be dissolved and replaced with the reality of Spirit God and the mind of Christ Jesus.

Especially the hearts and lives of the smartest and even the best of mankind that have been captivated by false beliefs in false gods and ideologies such as humanism, atheism, godless communism, and more. “Because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools.” Romans 1:21-22.

In other words, the focus of mankind upon himself and his existence without God in Jesus indwelling and ruling in us is now coming to an end.

The LOVE and LIGHT of GOD in His kingdom are pouring forth into this world. Religious church that caused the masses of Christians to make God a part of their lives is finished. God Almighty and King Jesus will now become our whole lives in and with us as the head of His body and bride in love and power that leads to wisdom and life abundantly now and forever.

God is first and there is not a close second in the kingdom of heaven come to earth. God will no longer accept the ten percent tithe of our lives as was required before His manifesting as Redemer, Lord, and King fully in place as the full Head of His Body and Bride on earth. (Matthew 6:33) (Isaiah 9:6).


We are Spirit beings from the Spirit God Almighty implanted into a created natural body to materialize Spirit God in a visible tangible production of heaven on this planet called Earth in this solar system and in this time.

Spirit life is our life and who we are. Natural life is a living demonstration of Spirit God manifesting on earth ruling and reigning in all things. It is by the Spirit that the beauty and glory of heaven prevail in all matters great and small in this world.

This is God’s way to make known to all creation the LOVE reality of His glory, power, wisdom, and knowledge above all creation in and beyond all time of existence.


God’s Spirit life of LOVE always was, is now, and forever shall be. Without God there is no love and without love there is no God. God is love! (1 John 4:7-11).

Love orders all Spirit and natural creation. The kingdom of God is the love governance of all Spirit and natural or physical creation. All laws of Spirit and creation are fulfilled and can be seen or understood only by revelation in the willing and believing heart of mankind. (Matthew 22:37-40) (Romans 13:8-10).

Being completely in love with God in Christ Jesus causes us to be willing and believing and opens the way for all God has for us to be and do in our time of life here on Earth. There is no other way it is all in Christ Jesus the one and only Redemer, Lord, and King of all, to whom is all glory and honor forever. Amen! And Amen!

You are a part of this picture of pure holy love that God is creating for a witness to all creation in the heavens and on earth. Do not sell yourself short and miss out on the fullness of the provisions of God and His kingdom!

Ron McGatlin

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