Supernatural love, wisdom, and power from God are required to save and transform this world into God’s designed destiny.

Natural human effort without God’s supernatural Spirit abilities cannot produce the victory of transforming our individual lives, our families, tribes, and nations into God’s designed order for the world and mankind.

Mankind has been given the authority to rule on earth as agents of God. There exist only two basic concepts to rule and order the world. Every technique or strategy to rule that mankind uses to order life on earth flows from one or the other of two basic concepts or sources.

One is LOVE, light, truth, life, internal self-motivation, guidance, encouragement, and righteousness (rightly aligned with the creator of all things).

The other is man-made LAWS or TYRANNY, force, darkness, death, boundaries, punishment, fear, and unrighteousness (not aligned with the creator but aligned with the destroyer of all things).

As living beings, every thought, word, belief, and action to rule in our walk of this life uses one or the other of these two sources.


Thoughts in our hearts become the words we speak, that which we believe, and eventually the actions of our walk in this life. Our walk or lives then affect the world around us affecting the condition of the world now and to some degree, the future.

To change the world for better or for worse the hearts of mankind must be changed. To change the hearts of man the thoughts must be changed.


To find this we must ask how are thoughts formed? Where do they come from.

Very simply thoughts are formed from sensory in two realms. These two realms might be called physical and spiritual or natural and supernatural.

Our mind is the primary natural or physical part of our being that is built to receive data or impressions from the five senses of seeing, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. The brain retains the received impressions for future reference. The natural mind compares incoming data with stored data and determines feelings, desires, urges or directives that trigger actions in the body.

God made mankind to be a spirit being in a natural body with a natural mind and a free will. At the time of man’s creation, Spirit God breathed life into man.

The spirit of man is designed to be influenced from the Spirit realm of God through a love relationship with Him.

The Spirit man has spiritual senses that allow personal communication from God into the mind of redeemed man. The spirit influence can set an overall mood or color that affects all inputs from the natural senses. This can cause the same input to give different impressions at different times or in different people due to the overall spirit influence.


When man broke the relationship of love and trust with God man was opened to the influence of evil spirit input from an anti-God source. At that time the spirit of man became connected to evil. Man’s ability to intimately relate to God was broken and mankind could no longer hear and commune directly with God.

Death, sickness, and evil of every sort have plagued mankind and the world since that time. Jesus has redeemed it all and man can now be completely restored in love with God.


The world has been potentially redeemed in Christ Jesus the rightful King of kings and Lord of lords of all earth.

All who will, may now come back into intimate full love relationship with God and receive the Spirit of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. The greater wisdom, understanding, and powerful influence of God can greatly change thoughts in the mind and flow into the life of man and begin to change the entire world.


Living by the Spirit and walking in the Spirit we can live above the devastation of the fallen world.

The rule or kingdom of God is manifest within us and changes how we see everything in the world.

We are lifted up with Jesus into the presence of God. The woes of the world that are being changed no longer rule over us. Our thoughts are of the victory Christ Jesus has already won for us. The enemy and all his thoughts of fear and dread no longer reach us.

We are free of the burdens of death and sin. We are eternal Spirit beings that have no part with death. All things become possible to us no matter what is going on around us. Thousands may fall at our left and right but it does not touch us in this high place with Spirit God.


In the Spirit as one with God in Christ Jesus we are untangled from the evil of the world and free to pluck those from the fires of judgment who will turn to God even as the cleansing judgments of the world are taking place.

Our words to the people in the world are as the words of God with power to do all the works of Christ Jesus to fully redeem the world to our God.

Our tears are wiped away in the glory of walking as one with God. Sorrow cannot touch us and there is no more death or sickness within us. The pains of vast destruction of all on earth that is not of God is forgotten in the beauty of the life with God.

By the Spirit, we can now become partakers of this life with God even as the cleansing judgments do their work that was first done in us and then in the world around us.


As Jesus is in the world but not of the world so are we in this world but not of the world. Lifted above in the Spirit is eternal life now and forever.

As we live by the Spirit and walk in the Spirit our minds are set on things above and we live in that higher place in God. Every thought that is not from above is taken captive by the glory surrounding us in His presence with us.

We are free to hear God and to know Christ as if face to face and the wisdom and power of God flow effortlessly into us. There is nothing to cause us any pride or self-will in our humbled life awed in His consuming love in the glory of His presence.

There are fewer and fewer highs and lows involved in daily life. The presence and glory of His love are continuous and consistent. There seems no fighting the enemy or stressing with the drama of people. The enemy is defeated and under our feet. And pure holy love washes away drama and its tortuous wrestling thoughts.

Our hard times are during the process of losing our life. It is sometimes a painful loss of our recent life to follow Jesus into our far greater Spirit life of resurrected life in this world now and forever.

Mark 8:35: “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.”

“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13.

Love never fails and,
His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin

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