The next great enlightenment from God in the ongoing progression of returning mankind to the original design of God is now beaming into our hearts.

Each step always contains and builds upon the preceding steps but moves us forward and upward into a closer reality of relationship in and with God.

Things that we are currently struggling with are often completely removed by the fresh revelation of hearing the next step from God.

One interesting thing about a fresh new revelation is that, after receiving it, we realize that we somehow have always known it. But suddenly it becomes alive within us in our spirit, soul, and body and we are changed.

The revelation of truth sometimes exposes the lies we may have been telling ourselves about ourselves. Realizing and telling the truth about ourselves to ourselves is the beginning of opening the way to hearing God, and becoming who we really are, our true identity.

Telling the truth to ourselves about ourselves may be the first step to exposing our false identity and opening the way to HEAR GOD in general and especially to hear from God about who we really are, who He made us to be as individual distinct creations.

In our false identity we cannot hear God clearly. God only deals intimately with our true identity.


If we are honest about it, many of us have struggled to achieve the reality of dying to our old self-nature and our worldly desires. Our desires for life in this world are often the number one issue for us, and it is very hard to try to lay them down and become a living sacrifice unto God. (Romans 12:1). THAT IS BECAUSE WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT BY OURSELVES!

Seeking to die to self is not something that we are given to do. We are not made for that. It is a work of God in us through Christ by the Holy Spirit. It is the work of Christ changing who we were in our fallen and false identity to who we are in the true identity that God designed us to be from the beginning.

Entering into our true God-created identity causes our false identity to be dissolved. As we truly become our true individual and unique God-given identity, our past false identity no longer exists. We truly become the manifestation of a true child of God, crucified with Christ, risen in Christ, seated with Christ at the throne of God, a living breathing active part of the Body of Christ, joint heirs with Christ, and all we were designed to be by God.

We each become who God designed us to be and who we have always been in Christ. The false identity put upon us from the fallen world is gone and our true identity begins to shine forth.

Beyond our identity as true believers in Christ, we each have a unique personal identity from God. No two people are exactly the same.

God is speaking to us not only about the identity of the Body of Christ as children of God, sons of God, crucified with Christ, seated with Christ at the throne of God and more. These are group identities that are absolutely true. However, we each also have a unique individual personal identity designed by God.

He is now speaking about our unique individual identity as a part of the whole. God does not make cookie-cutter things in creation. No two snowflakes are exactly the same. No two leaves on the same tree are exactly the same. No two people are exactly the same.

All are made to fit into the whole and be the specific part to do the specific work or works that God desires. This specific identity is fluid and mysteriously progressive and becomes what we do. It is who we are and how we serve in our part as we grow in Him. What we do comes from who we really are in God.

This mysteriously beautiful and fruitful life can only be known by clearly hearing God. Personally communing with God and becoming one with Him in love is the key to knowing our true identity and living the fullness of our lives on earth.


Only God completely knows you. He will always relate to the real you in ways that your real identity can understand. Each of us that are given spiritual ears to hear and eyes to see will hear God in the way that fits who He uniquely created us to be.

God’s love for us and in us through Christ by the Holy Spirit is the substance that establishes and transmits communication between God and His people.

Communication is an essential core part of any relationship. Communing with God in love is as important to our personal Spirit life as air is to our physical life.

Jesus walked in His incarnate body on earth in constant communion with the Father and had special times of being set apart alone with Him. Jesus always said and did what he heard and saw the Father doing and saying. (John 5:19).

In our true identity and love relationship with Father God we are uniquely equipped to be a part of doing the works that Jesus did. All things are possible and nothing of God is impossible. There is no fear and faith is abundant. Righteousness, peace, and joy are with us always and in all situations. (John 14:12) (Matthew 19:26) (Romans 14:17) (1 John 4:18).


There is not a one size fits all formula for the unique people of God. There are some common things to all aspects that some forerunners have come through. Two of these people that I have recently been made aware of are Jamie & Donna Winship.

I will add links to three powerful interview style videos of their real-life experiences and powerful practical teaching on moving from false identity to our true identity in God.

Personally, I was amazed to be connected to the fresh revelation that I am still devouring from these videos.

By the way, I am, at this point, not connected to this ministry monetarily or otherwise other than by the Spirit.

Link to three powerful videos by Jamie and Donna Winship.


Ron McGatlin

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