The great mystery of the hidden wisdom of falling in love with God, literally brings us and our lives into perfect alignment with God’s creational design of order for all life and creation on earth and in heaven. God’s creative power and infinite knowledge and wisdom has set into natural creation order of function and boundaries for all things.

We call God’s created ways of natural creation laws of science or nature. Universal natural laws such as gravity are the same for everyone at all times.

Aligning properly with these universal rules makes a smooth and productive life experience for mankind. In proper alignment, we move in perfect order with the flow of God’s force of energy and design. This makes life easy as we are carried in the current of the flow of God.

This is like floating downstream in a canoe. We mostly just have to use the paddle to guide or steer the canoe. However, if we want to go upstream in the opposite direction of the natural law flow, we must employ another natural law to overcome the force of the current. In other words, we must paddle very hard for only small amounts of gain of motion against the current.

If we should allow our canoe to get crossways with the current most likely tragedy will quickly ensue. The boat will capsize and sink to the bottom of the stream and possibly be torn to pieces on natural rocks in the stream.

The same current that carried us almost effortlessly in life becomes a destroying force when we get out of alignment with the current, the flow of God. Jesus said that He only did what He saw the Father doing. (John 5:19).

Flying in an airplane is another good example of flowing with the natural laws or with much force and effort overcoming the law of gravity with the law of aerodynamics. The engines must exert vast amounts of energy or force to become airborne and carry the plane to its altitude and then across the miles to a destination.

There is however no energy required to decrease the altitude of the aircraft as the natural rules of creation seek to regain the designed proper balance of God’s creational laws.

One thing that you can always know is that if the airplane goes up and does not leave the earth’s atmosphere, it will return to earth. It will come down. We may not know if it will be a peaceful landing or a horrible crash or something in between, but it is certain that it will come down somewhere some way.

Mankind with much effort can temporally override one natural law with another. However, mankind cannot change any of the natural universal rules or limits of God’s design for creation.

Only God fully understands ALL of His natural laws of creation. And only God can change or override the universal laws of His creation. Therefore, only God can always lead us perfectly through this life.


In a pure LOVE relationship with Spirit God, our spirit becomes so immersed in God that we become one with God.

This mystery was puzzling to me for a season until God said that I was thinking too naturally. He reminded me that Jesus spoke about spirit like the wind. Spirit is like air and not like solid matter. I had known that Christ lived in me but was thinking that I, my spirit, also lived in my body. It was like here was my spirit and beside it was the Spirit of Christ.

God caused me to understand that spirit is like air and will easily mix together and become one air. The far greater Spirit of Christ then becomes the dominant character and quality of the one new Spirit. We are ONE Spirit, one air, so that I no longer live but the life I now live is Christ in me. I had to lose my life to find it.

The much greater Spirit that is Christ Jesus becomes the Spirit that now lives within us on earth. Our bodies and lives become the host for God in Christ on earth.


As one Spirit with God IN Christ, we are seated with Him in Heaven. As CHRIST IN US, we are one body with Him alive and active on earth at the same time. We are the body and He is the head of His Body on earth.  Our independent life apart from God is crucified with Christ and no longer exists. The resurrected life of Christ Jesus now is alive in us on earth and at the same time we are in Christ and with Him in heaven, seated with Christ. (Romans 12:5) (Colossians 1:26-27).

This mystery of hidden wisdom can only be seen or experienced by those who have lost their lives by falling into the all-consuming fire of the love of God. (Hebrews 12:28-29) (1 Corinthians 2:9-10).

This is a most wonderful experience of the end of our old life and the beginning of the resurrected life of Christ living in us. This is our personal experience of the marriage of the Lamb to His Bride. (Revelation 19:7-9).

This is the only way to the resurrection life of Christ Jesus the first-born Son of God being made alive in many sons to the GLORY of God on earth. It is all only by LOVE. (Hebrews 2:10) (Romans 8:14).


Maturing into the life of Christ does not mean being withdrawn from life in this world. It does not involve shutting down our business or family or job. Nor does it involve becoming a full-time paid minister of some religious structure.

It does mean becoming a son or daughter of God that serves God by serving His people.

It does involve being busy meeting the needs of mankind and the world around us.

It means becoming love and provisions of blessings from heaven on earth.

It means being the authority of God in Christ to deliver the people and the world from the control and influence of Satan and all powers of darkness.

You and I in love with God become the light of the world that removes all darkness.

The kingdom of God is fully and directly involved in every facet of life in this world. God cannot be separated from any part or portion of life in this world. There can be no continuing governance in this world apart from and against God.

Father God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit in mankind is the kingdom of God governance of this world and the heavens around it.

One God of many defining aspects of rule all deposited in the One Head, King of Glory, Christ Jesus. There is no other name in heaven or on earth in which all things consist, no matter how you say it. Every knee must bow to the name of the first-born Son of God our Savior, Lord, King, Husband, Father and our new life in the Holy Spirit. GOD IS LOVE! (Colossians 1:15-20).


All of the kingdom of God on earth works by love. By literally being IN LOVE WITH GOD!

The manifest presence of the LOVE of God overwhelms our inner being. We are consumed in His ocean of the fire of His love. The inner guts of our being are filled and overflowing with God and His love. We are one with God and only pleasing Him and loving everyone around us is of utmost importance to our being. We live to love and to serve God by serving His people on earth.

All of our hearts’ desires and passions of life are dramatically changed by His all-consuming love. We no longer need or want the things that we so needed to fulfill us before.

We are completely fulfilled in the love of God and have no need for the things of nature that had become our gods of the past. Our physical appetites and the gratification of the fulfillment of them became the gods that kept us strong and going in our Babylonian life of the past. For example, consider the gods of romance and sex:


We are about to see an example of this mystery of hidden wisdom that will help to understand how all problems of mankind on earth are dissolved by LOVE in the reset to the real kingdom of God.

The counterfeit world reset by the darkness of the knowledge and understanding of mankind without God sees and promises to alleviate some of the major problematic issues facing mankind in this season. One of those issues is the “overpopulation of the world and the need to decrease the numbers of people on earth.” We will not attempt to point out areas of madness in this program but be assured it is real and being attempted in this season.

What is the kingdom answer to this issue and all others facing mankind?

First, recognize that the entire culture of the world is based upon living life in an elevated society. A culture lifted high in the air like an airplane. It is a life of living in a super or unnatural way by overcoming laws of creation with manmade power overriding creational laws of science and nature like gravity with other laws like aerodynamics.

In a word, man is attempting to be smarter than God and keep something elevated in the air as long as possible. Life without God cannot continue , to exist forever.

Specifically, how does the love of God in the kingdom overcome the example of “overpopulation.”

Are you ready for this?

The overwhelming all-consuming love of God completely fulfills us and our flesh gods are dissolved.

Let me explain, mankind today does not have a true natural level of desire for romance and sex. This good and real design of God in men and women has become probably the number one false god of the culture in the modern world.

Most if not all natural human beings today deal with sex drives many times beyond the natural design of God. This exists because mankind has NOT been living IN LOVE WITH GOD.

The glorious fulfillment and satisfaction of God and His love in us changes our balance of appetites and desires in this natural life. In the atmosphere of the presence of GOD’S all-consuming LOVE all of our other gods fade away and our natural designed balance of appetites and needs.

We did not know that we were starved for love in this world and that we did not even know what love really was in the past. But we did know the excitement and good feeling of satisfaction in romance and sexual gratification.

One of the results of this is babies formed in wombs in great numbers of women. Thus, the darkness believes that abortion of babies is good for the world and good for their personal lives.

I hear some of you thinking, “Wow! Is he talking about sex and romance being lessened in this world? I don’t think that I want that!” That thought is evidence of the condition of over emphasis on romance and sex in our lives.

Again, it is the absolute gratification of being in real love with God that resets or rebalances our lives. The fact is that romance and sex in the kingdom of God are FAR MORE perfect and filled with pure holy love and fulfilled passion of pleasing God and fulfilling His life in pure holy romantic love without any of the stress and fear of inordinate romantic and sexual encounters. However, at the same time, romance and sex are no longer major forces driving our lives and ruling our world. It is no longer one of our false gods from which we derive a temporary sense of wellbeing.

Think about it. Almost everything we do in this world including dress, entertainment, media, movies, music and more involves romance or sex, and even sports are garland with it. More ads and sales of products than you can imagine employ romance and sex to make the sale. This is one of the biggest false gods but it is only one of many that is causing our culture to be overtaken by darkness.

All of these are exposed and dealt with in the manifest presence of falling in love with God and experiencing the fullness of His kingdom of love and perfect peace and power for living in this life now. This is the reality of heaven coming to earth now in Christ Jesus in us by the Holy Spirit.

All things are becoming possible to us as we truly become one with God in Christ Jesus.

Love is now doing what all the efforts and intelligence of man could never do.

(More on this in the next article.)

Ron McGatlin  

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