You Are Forgiven!

One day, I was with a group of friends as we poured out our hearts in worship to God. Soon we entered into the manifest presence of the Lord, and I heard Jesus say, “You are forgiven!” I knew this wasn’t just for me but for everyone in the room (and you). Then He said it again, as I watched big, red-letter words floating in front of me—”YOU ARE FORGIVEN!” Tears began to well up in my eyes because I knew we all needed it!

The Thunderstorm of the Lord

I kept watching in worship and then saw (in a vision) a huge summer thunderstorm lighting up the sky at night. It was so spectacular and powerful as the lightning flashed and thunder boomed off in the distance. I felt so safe and in awe!

I asked, “Lord, this is so beautiful and amazing, but why are You showing me this?”

A minute or two passed as I waited and watched in the spirit. Then, suddenly, I was in the throne room of Heaven standing before a huge, gray, billowing cloud that thundered and flashed with intense lightning and thunder. It was Almighty God! All the heavenly host and the redeemed assembled there, bowing in the fear of the Lord as His lightning bolts flashed, followed by a mighty and continuous BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! over our heads. (See Revelation 4:5.) I fell to my knees and lay prostrate before Him! (Photo via Pxhere)

On the White Stone Bench with Jesus

While this deafening display of the power of God continued, I heard the Spirit gently say, “Get up and come forward.” Then again I heard, “You are forgiven.” I felt a whiff of the love of the Father as the intense fear of the Lord began to subside. Encouraged, I stood up and faced the “storm of the Lord.” I thought, I might die if I do that…but He said I am forgiven, and I can feel His love drawing me in. He has never failed me before, so here goes!

I took a step forward, then another, and as I was about to enter the swirling storm, the dark clouds parted, making a way for me to enter in!

I kept slowly walking forward through the stormy cloud of God with the wonder and faith of a child. Suddenly, through the heavy mist, I could see a bright light up ahead. Whew! I thought with a growing sense of relief. So I kept walking, and soon stepped into a huge area of pure, bright light. As my eyes adjusted, I could now see Jesus sitting on a very ornate, white stone bench with a big smile on His face! He beckoned me to come to Him, so I walked over and sat down by His side. Jesus gave me a hug that oozed with His love and acceptance! I never before felt such peace.

We talked a while, and He was so interested in my life—how I was doing, what I was learning—just like a loving Father or friend. How long we talked there I do not know. At one point, Jesus said, “Turn toward Me.” He looked into my eyes, kissed me on the forehead and then spoke a blessing and impartation that penetrated deep into my being. I felt so affirmed and renewed! I sensed it was something to prepare me for the days and years ahead.

The Tree of Life and the Restoration of All Things

While we sat there, I noticed what I thought were rain drops, which would occasionally fall on us, leaving some scattered wet spots on my clothing and hair. Knowing my thoughts, Jesus pointed up with a grin on His face. Without me realizing it, we had been sitting under a beautiful tree the whole time! Jesus explained, “This is the Tree of Life. The dew from its leaves has been dripping on you an impartation of ‘THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS.'”

I was stunned!

Jesus stood up, indicating it was time for us to go. He said, “Follow Me.” So I stood up too, noticing I had now turned see-through-ish in the spirit. We both walked out of the Father, who was at peace now. Jesus turned right and gently instructed, “Walk this way.” We walked over to His glorious throne where I saw countless other thrones that were a part of His. Jesus motioned to one of them, inviting me to “sit here.” I was so excited, thinking, Whoa! Jesus wants to share His throne with us…now! (See Ephesians 1:20-21; 2:6.)

A New Commissioning for Everyone Who Reads This

As the encounter began to fade, I found myself back in our group worshiping God. I was tingling all over and wondered, What just happened? Knowing my thoughts, I heard the Lord explain, “I took you there representing My Bride. What you saw, heard and felt in Heaven just now is for all of My sons and daughters in this hour. You and everyone who reads this word [will] receive a fresh, new commissioning from Me…for the ‘restoration of all things.’ (See Acts 3:21.) (Photo via Pxhere)

“The enemy has ruled this world for so long, and it is time for My purified sons and daughters to take his place. You all need My impartation from the Tree of Life for that. And with it comes new authority to rule with Me from My throne—to restore from the fall many people, places and things in the days and years ahead. You need the fear of the Lord for this. Believe and you will receive!

Thank You, Jesus! Isn’t that awesome? Each of us (and the whole world) needs this so desperately. And He chose us, His Bride, to bring it in with Him! It is time!

A Prayer and Declaration

Pray this prayer with me (out loud): Oh Father, thank You that in Christ Jesus I am forgiven! I bow to You in the fear of the Lord! Thank You, Jesus, for fresh, new impartation and authority from Heaven for “the restoration of all things”! I receive it! I choose to rule with You in Heaven from my place “in Christ”…to restore people and places in the days and years ahead!

Our Decree (say it out loud): We decree that the time for “the restoration of all things” has come!

Scott Allen

Scott Allen is a prophetic intercessor, writer, teacher and leader who loves prayer walking with God. Years ago, he asked, “What’s on Your mind, Holy Spirit?” and his life was changed forever. Visions began to flow, fueling prayer and prophecy to activate Heaven invading Earth. Scott and his wife Karen have given their “yes” to Jesus for many years, taking Scott (as an officer in the Air Force) and Karen all over America; then to China, Brazil and many times to Israel. Scott served on the Georgia State Leadership Team of Christians United for Israel, and currently serves on the board of Reflections of Trinity, a growing, local nonprofit that feeds the poor. The Allens live in Kennesaw, Georgia, raised three sons and now cheer-lead seven grandchildren.

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